Sunday, April 6, 2008

Anticonstipation Regimen

Due to many water deficits in one's daily activities, unintentional dehydration have taken place unknowingly to those constipation victims. Many patients have be advised with drugs prescriptions to counter this dehydration-symptoms. Water cure; Drugs kill.

Here is a simple scientifically proven anti constipation regimen.
DIRECTIONS: Drink one to two glasses of cold water every morning on arising. Cold water starts peristalsis, the movement of your digestive system (the excrement organs to be specific) that propels matter through it. This simple measure has cured many lifelong cases of constipation.

Another water remedy is to drink eight glasses of water per day, interval of 90 minutes each, along with cleansing juices and herbal teas.

Figs are good natural medicine because the seeds push digested foods through to evacuation. For chronic constipation, eat one or two dried figs on an empty stomach each morning.

Aloe has been much used for both internal and external healing. Use commercially-prepared aloe juice only on occasion and in small quantities. Check package for specific direction. Aloe has two completely different abilities : it is a powerful purgative (the strongest of the laxatives), and it is a superb healer of skin bruises and scars.

"Whoever wishes to preserve his health, should eat every morning before breakfast honey and young onions." Each morning drink a glass of cold water with a tablespoon of honey on an empty stomach. First add a tablespoon of warm water to the honey to dissolve it, then add the cold water.

The Chinese discovered two foot points to press to overcome constipation.
The first point is under the nail of the big toe on the inside near the next toe. The second point is on the inside of the heel and ankle area. Press each area as needed.

A normal bowel movement every day is a must for adults and children, for normal healthy family living. Every fruit and raw vegetable has oxalic acid which will stimulate your intestine to move. But this oxalic acid is sensitive to heat treatments like cooking or modern food processing. Our body need this oxalic acid with fibers, daily, for proper bowel movement.

It is never too late or too early to revise and be wise again for the rest of our journey.......

Use Water-cure.
Rather be thankful for the timely warning, and do something about it.

Drink at least 10% of your own daily water-quota (32.53 ml multiply by your present body weight(kg), every 90 minutes. Use 1/4 teaspoon of sea-salt in your daily diet, for every 1250 ml water drank.

Pain is a sign/signal produced by dehydration in the human body. Pain may be common but it is not normal.

To simplify complications is the FIRST essential of success.

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