Monday, April 21, 2008

Old Remedies for Cold

This rule of three for Cold: "It takes three days to get a cold, three days to have a cold, and three days to get over a cold." Total of nine days in cold zone?
This adage remind us that human body signals can be "alarm bell" , in this case that a cold is brewing from inside.
If you are sensitive to your own body's signals, you can frequently stop the advance of cold which is caused by a virus -- before it emerges. Never use antibiotic drugs. Why? Antibiotics have no effect on viruses.

Try these old remedies instead:
Gingerroot or ginger is a revitalizing herb, and raw, peeled slices, or powdered ginger in hot tea, hot soup, or food will reenergize your human body.

How? A half cup of ginger tea in your your bath water increases perspiration, helps to shorten the cold.
Ginger tonic wine is also a great cold antagonist.Well in advance of the typical cold season, buy an inexpensive white table wine or red table wine. Pour off an ounce or two. wash and cut about a two-inch piece of gingerroot into the wine. Recork the bottle. Place the bottle in a dark place for a week to ten days. Strain out the ginger. Label it "Ginger Tonic Wine". At the first sign of a cold catching on you, add two tablespoons of ginger tonic wine to any hot herbal tea such as fennel, peppermint, or vervain before you are going to sleep. Do not use wines if you are sulphide sensitive, but instead, add boiling water to slices of ginger for a ginger tea and drink.

To stop a runny nose, apply strong finger pressure to the top and bottom joints of each thumb. You can use fat rubber bands to increase the pressure on the joints. How? Wind a wide band around one thumb joint at a time. Leave it on for no more than fifteen(15) minutes. Take off the rubber band if it hurts or if the area becomes purplish. repeat, again and again until your nose stops dripping fluids.

You can use certain foot point to influence colds and flu. Deeply press your sole of the foot under the fleshly part of the metatarsal that leads to the middle toe.

At the first sign of a cold coming on you, ice the two big toes. Icing seems to help.

Pou two cups boiling water over one teaspoon catnip(herb) and steep for five to seven minutes. Sip as needed.

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ArtistKaren said...

I love all your suggestions. I'm going to bookmark it so I can use it when next I feel a cold coming on. Want to make the wine tonic--what kind of wine is good, or does it make a difference?
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