Monday, April 28, 2008

German Cancer Therapies

Natural and Conventional Medicines that offer hope and healing to all cancer patients.

You may be shocked when I reveal that some of the best natural and nontoxic therapies for healing patients from cancers are not allowed to be administered in the countries' hospitals because of misguided governmental regulations.
Yet you can study educational information about cancer therapies practical openly and legally in another technically advanced Western/Eastern industrialized countries. Germany is one of those countries. Singapore is opening up to latest treatment protocols for cancer patients too.

Based on much preclinical testing and some human studies, not less than 135 natural and nontoxic cancer therapies are readily available for inhibiting cancer growths of all types. AVOID CHEMOTHERAPY OR RADIATION THERAPIES !
Check out Polyerga(trademark); Carnivora (trademark); galvano therapy; hyperthermia; noni (a fruit); Coriolus versicolor; Induced Remission Theraphy, are seven very important ones among those 135 natural therapies available to use safely and effectively. Mistletoe is the most commonly used cancer drug in Germany today, says David Riley, M.D., editor in chief of Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine.

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