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Stress and Amino Acids.

Stress and Amino acids.

Scientific explanation for DNA defects. Almost A Secret

Continued "submissive endurance of stress" deplete the human body of certain absolutely essential amino acids -- tryptophan, tyrosine, cysteine and methionine in particular. These amino acids MUST be present in CORRECT PROPORTIONS for the human body's main functions to take place in a well coordinated manner. This is known as the regulation of the human body as an integrated system. Many specialists just major in few body systems and not wisely integrating the whole human body and misdiagnosed many cases along their professional lives. Sad indeed. Let us understand the impact of stress , undue distress by drugs and invasive approach in health examination of human body and be alert to its main signals in the human body.

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There are 20 different amino acids from which proteins are made up. By selectively mixing these amino acids, some more than others, different proteins are manufactured by your human body wisdom. The rate of assimilation of one amino acid depends on the presence of the others in proportionate amounts. The excess presence of one can have a disruptive effect and alter the metabolism rate of the others. WARNING: So you beware of buying amino acids that are manufactured and sold by the bottle. Those are sterilised forms of amino acids which the human body may not use naturally.
Basic amino acids are raw materials for protein production.

Without essential amino acids, and in an "exact sufficiency" at that, the human body will not function. I use the words "exact sufficiency" to indicate that more is not better. Just because these amino acids are essential does not mean we should load the human body with them. This attitude is dangerous!

Tryptophan is highly sensitive to heat. It responds to the heat of activation produced by water. It performs certain functions more efficiently when there is more water in the human body, particularly when water is essential to activate the 'hydroelectric pump' units in the cell membrane and generate energy and heat. The consistency of blood, on the dilute side, enormously helps the passage of tryptophan into the brain and the centers of its activity.

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Tryptophan also has a natural role in recognizing and repairing damaged, unnatural, and inexact DNA structures. Cancer growth ,any place in human body , was due to prolonged dehydration . More stress spiral into more symptoms and signs misdiagnosed by today specialists. Keep simple tool in learning the basic of human body's hydration solved many so-called unknown etiology of diseases.

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