Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Histamine and prevent bone resorption

The only way to decommission histamine and prevent the bone resorption that is associated with dehydration is to adequately increase daily water intake to at least 10 per cent of personal daily water quota, which is 31.42 (ml) multiply by personal body weight (kg), every 90 minutes.

You also need sufficient exercise, like walking, at least two hour every day, to tip the balance in favor of bone formation. Exercise does strengthen the bone itself, its joints and its muscle connections, also promotes better circulation - it opens and creates a more extensive capillary bed and builds a larger blood pool to draw on when the body is in need of more water and raw materials. Never sit too long , but have a regular walk every one hour to relax and have fresh air, all desk bound workers are told to practice if desire a better quality life.

This is why well-exercised people are able to endure hardship and stress/distress with fewer detrimental effects. Your mental health is decided by your body physical exercise, as simple as regular walking.

All fresh fruits and fresh vegetable have enough amino acid pool that ultimately determines the rate of manufacture of different collagen fibers.

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