Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Water-Cure real people, Not Anecdotal

This post is dedicated to people's reports on how adjusting/increasing their daily water intake and sticking to the routine I have identified in water-cure protocol formula (given in http://theinnozablog.blogspot.com )and literature material sourced from www.watercure.com has reversed their serious health problems.

In medical research, when studying chemical compounds and drugs, the custom has been to do double-blind studies to investigate the effectiveness of the compound. Such studies are only useful for comparative evaluation of foreign-to-the body substances that might even kill the person when used in larger doses.

In studying the effects of lifestyle changes and dietary manipulations, the methodology used is called "outcome studies" when the patient participates in the research by observing the markers of changes and reporting the outcome.
The real life stories you will read fall into this category of research.

When I discovered that water is a better natural medication for a host of disease conditions than anything the drug industry has to offer, I wrote the book Your Body's Many Cries for Water for the public. Because the relevant authorities (which I had approached) don't want to disseminate this simple discovery to the public. I just left them to their own agendas and carry on this personal crusade to make known this discovery of water-cure many diseases, for free.

I asked my readers to report their personal observations on the way increased water intake improved or reversed their health problems. The letters that follow are some of the many reports I have received. They are not " anecdotal reports." They are objective observations of people whose health problems had taken them to their doctors and were dragged through the sick-care system's maze of very expensive and conflicting treatment rituals and procedures.

These real life stories are all the more genuine and valid because no exchange of money was involved and no manufactured product stood to gain from the treatment process. Just drink plain water.

Anyone has to be blind or party to the present drug industry's crime against society to brush aside these personal observations of individuals who noticed the reversal of the dis-ease process in themselves, or to dismiss their reports as merely 'anecdotal."

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