Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Not animal milk for human infants? Why?

The common killing diseases, which are directly traceable to arteriosclerosis include, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, as well as liver and kidney failures. Four fairly recent studies have shown that this high protein consumption is the reason for osteoporosis being at epidemic proportions in America. The excess protein causes an acidic leaching of the calcium out of the bones regardless of how much calcium one ingests. So the "drink your milk and get you calcium" works backwards. The blacks in Africa are 98% lactose intolerant, and we see them following the example of America with numerous milk products having been introduced. Americans are about 20% lactose intolerant — having adapted over the years. The body was not designed to digest lactose and the majority of the world’s population can’t. Cow’s milk, and the products made from it, are surprisingly a poison to the human system; whereas, mother’s milk is ambrosia to an infant, and it digests perfectly in most cases.

Looking back, we now know that the recommended use of meat and dairy everyday on the food charts in our schools was encouraged by the America Cattleman’s Association, and the American Dairyman’s Association with ulterior motives. These food charts promoted by the US education system have found there way into our suggested foods and into our welfare manuals. One of the biggest revenue makers for the power and gain, conspiratorial set, is from banking and financing all aspects of putting meat and dairy on our plates.

At the same time, the coffers of the power and gain community are filled and refilled at our expense. No thank you!

Fortunately, now, with the studies stacking up so conclusively for the benefits of a plant based diet, food charts and diet recommendations are being revisited and revised. In 1995, our oldest son, Sterling, was involved with a project at the University of Arizona at Tucson which revealed the significantly increased probability of carcinogenic run-away in the DNA replication process when it takes place in a more acidic environment. Interestingly, meat and dairy products are, on the average, acid forming foods in the body, while a plant-based diet moves the body to a basic or alkaline state of being. Not only are meat and dairy consumption the main contributors to our biggest killer in America -- arteriosclerotic diseases -- but also to the big "C," causing cancer in a large number of cases (see Robbins, DIET FOR A NEW AMERICA)[http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0915811812/allanstimetime00]. For example, prostate cancer -- the biggest cancer killer of men in America -- is 1,300% more likely in the U.S. than in the Philippines, which correlates directly with meat and dairy consumption. The numbers are even more extreme for breast cancer, which is almost a non-existent disease in Thailand.

Again, a plant based diet tends to move the body’s chemical pH factor toward basic. In other words, a Word of Wisdom diet can greatly decrease the probability of cancer — exactly the findings across the world population for many different kinds of cancer. During a May 1999 BYU forum given by Professor Kim O-Neil, he stated the conclusion that 60% of cancer could be avoided and he mentioned both meat and dairy as part of that which needs to be greatly reduced from our diets. My own personal data base indicates that it may be more than 80%.

One can get all the fat and protein one needs from a plant based diet without getting any cholesterol.
A plant based diet has zero cholesterol in it, and the body needs to ingest zero. It manufactures all that it needs. Plants have only phyto-esterol; animals and human have cholesterol for hormones production while under the sunlight.\

The brain is about 2% of our body weight, yet it uses about 20% of the circulatory oxygen . Of course, arteriosclerosis affects the whole circulation system, plugging it up. This plugging triggers a wide variety of serious side-effects, ranging from memory loss to impotency. You can imagine what it does in the tiny capillaries in the brain with 10 times the amount of blood flowing through it as compared to the average across the rest of the body. I believe that a significant cause of memory loss happens as the synapse process in the brain is impeded by being starved of oxygen -- especially in the near-term memory as we see occur in our older folks. I have seen a significant improvement in my ability to remember and to deal with complex issues in the last few years .

A gentleman, Thomas Rodgers,(http://www.lifesave.org/) who had been pulled back from death having been given some new insights. I felt impressed to hear his story. His near-death experience in June of '91 was brought on by his dietary habits. He was a dairy farmer. He made a most remarkable recovery following the guidelines given. During the summer of 1995, at age 55, he ran a marathon. He was also instructed to share his message. Thousands have heard his story and have chosen to follow a plant-centered diet. These people have seen wonderful changes that have occurred in their lives. His subsequent studies have also shown that the bodies pH level is very important and that avoiding meat and dairy products is one of the best ways to bring proper balance. Some worry about acids in fruits and vegetables, but these along with all of the rest obtainable in a plant based diet bring about the desired balance and the greatly reduced risk of all kinds of diseases by strengthening the bodies immunity system. Fresh and raw are best. Fruit juices are marvelous cleansers and immunity system builders.

That dairy products are culprits was a surprise to me. Studies have shown that they are major contributors to arteriosclerosis as well as meat. My wife loved cheese, and I was a great fan of yogurt and ice cream. When one feels so good, you loose the desire for that which makes you feel bad.

First, you feel so much better. Second, your immunity system is working to continually ward off diseases .

A few other statistics you might find interesting. For every minute a person smokes, he or she takes about 8 minutes off of his or her life; for every minute a person eats meat, he or she takes about 12 minutes off of his or her life. About half of the water in the United States is used to put meat and dairy on our plates. The earth is about 10 times more efficient in its ability to provide a plant based diet versus a meat and dairy based diet. Knowing these things, we see an excellent opportunity to extend our love towards all of our neighbors throughout the world by cutting most, if not all, the meat and dairy from our diets. By so conserving and showing respect for our environment, we also show increased love for ourselves, as well as our neighbor.

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