Sunday, June 7, 2009


Protecting ourselves from who?

If we cannot trust government, nor industry, nor science to protect us from chemical harm until that harm has been inflicted, who or what should we trust?

The answer may simply be that we must ourselves.

If we are going to be guinea pigs, let it be on our own terms. We must learn how to trust our own experience, our own powers of observation, and our own intuition. Whether that level of personal accountability in embraced or not may largely depend on your vision of the human future.

The trends in genetics and technology that will totally transform life as we know it in this 21st century are emergence of two groups of humans: the "enhanced" and the "natural."

The enhanced group will use synthetic chemicals in an attempt to increase memory, stamina, beauty, and life expectancy, while naturals group will resist anything synthetic.

Rarely does life or a historical moment present us with a clear choice about one way of being versus another. None of us may live long enough to experience a day when we would actually be confronted by a need to choose between leading a synthetic or a natural life. But we are already making innumerable small, seemingly inconsequential decisions and steps that define who we are becoming every single day of our lives.

Our most pressing practical challenge is how best to protect ourselves and those we care about.

How can we manage these multiplying risks and vectors without being stampeded by fear, or sabotaged by complacency and denial, or paralyzed by cynicism and despair?

There is a straightforward 3-step process you or anyone can use once you become serious about protecting your health and wealth.

1.Limit your exposure to synthetic chemicals of all types at all times.

2.Get yourself tested to determine your chemical body burden.

3.Develop a detox strategy ,using water-cure protocol formula, for yourself to eliminate the toxins detected in your body.

The lie we've been telling ourselves for many years - that synthetic chemicals in our food and medicine are benign - has weakened our own immune systems and made us more susceptible to every infusion of new chemical toxins or pandemic of microbes that emerges to challenge our health and survival. So long as we continue supporting this broken system with our bodies and our pocketbooks, it will propel us at an accelerating speed down a slippery slope leading to the further degeneration of our species, humankind.

As a culture we are in the throes of a death process. It will either be the death of the lie, or the death of all of our conceptions of what it means to be human.

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