Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How Some cancers Were Reversed By Water.

Andrew J. Bauman IV's malignant melanoma and lymphoma were the outcome of a number of years of symptom-producing dehydration.

His first symptoms of dehydration began with allergies at the age of eight.

He also had some breathing problems associated with his allergies.
At 14 he developed diabetes - one of the harshest of the drought-management programs of the body.

By 23 his asthma needed treatment for him to stay alive.

At 26 he development diabetic neuropathy affecting his eyesight and circulatory problems is in his feet and legs.

From the age of 20 onward, he had many bouts of glandular fever, indicating that his immune system was being suppressed.

Lump skin left flank : Biopsy Sept. 1995
Lymphoma Gallium test result : Lymphoma all over the body.

*Andrew Bauman age 42, "water Cure" November 1995
* gallium test result: March 1996, no cancer cells anywhere.

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