Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New paradigm in health care research.

The new paradigm permits an incorporation of the "fourth dimension of time" into scientific research. it will facilitate an understanding of the damaging effect of an establishing dehydration that persists and continues to increase during any duration of time. It will make it possible to forecast the physiological events that will lead to disease states in later years, including what at present appear as genetic disorders. It will transform the present "shot-in-the-dark, symptom-treating" approach to the practice of medicine into a scientifically accurate medical art ; it will make preventive forecasting possible. it will establish excellent health and reduce health care costs to individuals and to any society that fosters its spread.

However, since water shortage in different areas of the body will manifest varying symptoms, signals, and complications now labeled as diseases, people think water could not be offered as a natural solution. Water cures so many diseases? Skeptics say, No way !!

Speaking thus, they shut their minds to the new possibility of preventing and possibly even curing so many different "disease", actually dis-ease of dehydrated cells, that are produced by dehydration. It does not occur to them that the only remedy for conditions that come about when the body begins to get dehydrated is water and nothing else. A number of simple testimonials are shared in this blog to open the eyes and minds of skeptics to the fact that the greatest health discovery of all time is that water is a natural medication for a variety of health conditions.

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