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In less than 10 years, sales of bottled water surged, and most people seemed to be carrying a bottle of water when they were on the move. This change in the water-drinking habits of younger Citizens must have alarmed the sick-care system in this country, which thrives on people remaining thirsty and being drugs medicated to early death. Something that I consider a crime was done stop people from drinking water to prevent thirst set in. It could not have been the soda makers behind it,because the "big boys" in this industry make more money out of bottled water that they do from soda. Coca-cola Company now has plain bottled water Dasani on sale and it sells better than the coke. Wake up! and quit wasting our health capital, we don't need any caffeine but only plain water to be healthy wealth.

Out of nowhere reports of an article in the Journal of Physiology by Professor Heinz Valtin of Darmouth College appeared in prominent newspapers and national television programs as if it were a great breakthrough in medicine that would save the lives of millions. The article told people that they should wait and only water when they get thirsty. Such an unusually disseminated directive could only be aimed at reestablishing the past, and scientifically asinine, view of thirst - a view that would save the future of sick-care system and make the business of drug-medicine expand and grow once again, at the expense of society's health and hard-earned wealth.

I could not bear seeing my many years of research on pain and water rendered ineffective by the orchestrated spread of the erroneous and harmful views of Dr.Valtin, recommending that people should wait until they get thirsty before they drink water - the very thing they were doing in the past that caused the monster medial quagmire we are in now.

Use Water-cure. Rather be thankful for the timely warning, and do something about it.

Drink at least 10% of your own daily water-quota (31.42 ml multiply by your present body weight(kg), every 90 minutes. Use 1/4 teaspoon of sea-salt in your daily diet, for every 1250 ml water drank.

Pain is a sign/signal produced by dehydration in the human body. Pain may be common but it is not normal.

To simplify complications is the FIRST essential of success.

I wrote a scientific rebuttal to the good doctor's article and sent it to the editor of the physiology journal that had published his article. I even spoke with him in Berlin where he was teaching. He was most unenthusiastic to publish my rebuttal. After going the round of papers and journals to warn the public not to wait until they get thirsty, the Townsend Letters for Doctors and Patients, the Rolls-Royce of alternative medicine publications, published the article in its January 2003 issue.

The published article was now sent to most newspapers that had projected Dr. Valtin's view into the mind of the public. Not one of them wanted to touch the information ; they obviously did not want to rock the boat of the commercial drug pushers. The actual article was posted on the Web site for people to read and judge its validity for themselves.

I am also including it at the end of this blog. I thought there should be a limit to the fraud of treating ,read mistreating, thirsty people with drug medications that sicken and prematurely kill them. The practice of honest medicine needs to once again reconstruct itself on its earlier foundations of integrity, empathy, and honesty. Not money profits gain or growth.

Dear reader or follower of this Healthy Wealth blog, you have now have an idea of odds that are stacked against the World people immediately benefiting from my brand of truth in medicine - You Are Not Sick, You Are Thirsty , what these books are all about.
The media will do with this book what they did with the others: They will not promote it lest they lose income from the advertising dollars of the drug industry. Help your friends, share this link today. Thanks for your sincerity and love for truth in human survival today in war of health-care versus sick-care industries.

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