Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Is Your Bottled Water "Tap Water" in Disguise?

Did you know... A recent survey of 173 bottled water companies revealed that only THREE of them inform their customers where the water actually comes from?

The report goes on to say that many commercial water companies (32%) reveal NO INFORMATION on how the water they are selling is treated.

What's more shocking...

There are more regulations for tap water than even the most EXPENSIVE bottled water (the EPA requires water utilities to publish water quality tests… but there are no requirements for bottled water companies to test anything at all).

With so much misinformation regarding the regulation of the water we pay for and drink, we MUST take back our power by educating ourselves on how to make - and consume - the best water ever for ourselves and our families. In this exclusive interview with water expert Matt Bakos you will discover....

This interview will reveal...

The correct water structure we need to maximum the health of our tissue matrix, cell matrix and bones.

Discover the extraordinary substance that re-structures and re-vitalizes your water in a few hours! (this substance is safe, effective, and much less expensive that investing in fancy water purifiers!)

Learn how minerals in an ionic state are alive with bio-electrical charge vital for life and health.

David Wolfe has stated time and again "We are electrical beings before we are chemical." Hear this statement explained from the point of view of bio-electrical water.

Click here to listen http://www.thebestdayever.com/news/podcast/podcast-96-black-mica-mineral-matrix/


Sue August 29, 2011

Hello and thank you for this most informative message on water.

I would like to know how to use black mica to better my drinking water (currently living in a small town). Once I move back in the country side, how much do I need if I have a well?
Can I buy this extract in larger quantities or is it only available as the gift you are now offering?

I am also looking for good immune boosting products, as after removing cancer from my body 6 years ago at 38, I lack the energy I once had ( I’ve also developed stronger allergies, I am sure, as a result) and must take a small dose of hormones for my thyroid.

I greatly appreciate your assistance, as well as all the information you provide!

Sue Bencsics

Henry August 29, 2011

Can a organ transplant patient use this product ? Can it be used in a salt water reef tank ? THANKS ?

Gary August 29, 2011

How does Black Mica compare to Fulvic Ionic Minerials, which you previously recommended and I began taking.. What additional minerals/benefits does Black Mica have, that I’m not receiving from my Organic Fulvic Ionic Minerials??

Gary August 29, 2011

Am I better off not spending my money on a home water filter and just buy the Black Mica and add it to a container of my tap water??
Or filter the water then add the black mica, or buy bottled or distilled water and add the black mica to it.

Lucien Gauthier August 30, 2011

Black Mica is different than ionic minerals although similar. Ionic Minerals can be taken straight, in a smoothie, or in various ways. The Fulvic acid is a great delivery system and helps to move waste out of cells and nutrition into them which is why they are used quite a bit in the ‘cacao smoothie’ type beverages.

Black Mica is specifically for water you would never drink it straight. You can use about a teaspoon or even less per 5 gallons of water. I bought the big bottle last year and I am still only half way through it. It separates halogens out of the water so that they literally gas right out (like chlorine) and restructure the minerals in the water It is probably first and foremost a purification and then a great secondary function is the mineral restructure bring different minerals together.

I highly recommend listening to the interview very carefully Matt has an amazing grasp of that the black mica does in nature and through this product.

Joe August 30, 2011

Hello and thanks for the great interview. Someone asked a more practical question which I have. What kind of water should we use, regular tap , bottled etc. ?? Also is this product claiming to purify or nuetralize lead, trace prescription drugs from tap???
Thank you for taking time to answer these questions.

Lucien Gauthier August 30, 2011

David Wolfe always recommends fresh spring water. You can visit FindaSpring.com and that is an amazing resource for finding springs in your area.

Next best is glass bottled spring water from a company or at least BPA free plastic container.

Below that we really do not like to recommend any form of tap or plastic bottled water but if you have no other choice then you want to use the black mica. If you get natural spring water save your black mica for a rainy day :)

We cant make any claims about removing prescription drugs because the FDA will shut us down faster then you can say “chemo therapy urine in my tap water”

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