Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Wisdom of Water:

1. Learn why - to avoid getting fat-obese, becoming depressed and developing cancer - water should be your # 1 dietary supplement.

2. Discover how water stimulates the enzymes that burn fat and permanently reduce weight - 30 to 50 pounds without any effort.

3. Discover how water manufactures hydroelectric energy in every cell of your body, reducing your need to constantly eat food.

4. Discover why your brain prefers the "clean energy from water" than the "dirty energy from processed food."

5. Discover how most people put on extra weight because they confuse thirst with hunger.

6. Discover how water makes your brain work like an atomic clock, restores your enthusiasm, and fills you with the joys of life - the sunny side of you.

7. Discover how water is your natural anticancer medication.

8. Discover how dehydration suppresses the immune system in the bone marrow, whereas proper hydration maximizes the immune system activity.

9. Discover how water and natural healthy diet can actually send killer cancers into remission, for years - the medical norm for a cure.

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