Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Water Shortage cause Cancer.

The information on dehydration and cancer underwent serendipitous independent testing.

Let us now see why water is a preventive medication against cancer.

There is a direct relationship between dehydration -- what I perceive as lasting deep dehydration in the interior of the cells, not the traditionally understood dehydration from the environment around the body cells -- and nearly 100 major and minor health problems in the human body. You've already read that obesity and depression are complications of dehydration. Cancer is also the outcome of water shortage. Just drink 250 ml of plain water every 90 minute, for average adult body weight, in order to prevent dehydration to occur. When you feel thirsty, your body is a;ready 2% dehydrated, you know ?
To pique your interest and to show that the WaterCure works for canc er patients, let me share with you an e-mail from Patrick M, on how his prostate biopsy was cancer-free when his PSA was high.

"I want to thank you - I just got the biopsy result from the biopsy done on my prostate and they showed" absolutely no sign of cancer." My doctor had warned me that my PSA (prostate blood test) was very high and the "free factor" very low -- an indication I had cancer. I had been on the WaterCure program and so was disappointed. I know now that the program is valid and thank you for your support. I will get even more serious and never give up drinking 100 oz a day.
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