Sunday, November 18, 2012

Drive Fast, Look Cool & Get Money

Drive Fast, Look Cool & Get Money... 
Travel is cool, but there 
ain't anything like home... least when you live in
a place like this:
* Don't click here if you
like getting rich quickly
with no work involved...
...because you'll get mad
at how simple it really is,
especially if you've been
(it really is step by step, too)
Anyways, off of my 'get
rich quick' tangent for a
I wanted to tell you about
the 'hidden secret' that really
controls your success, or 
failure, at selling stuff.
Basically, there are two
kinds of sales tactics out
there in online business:
1.  Bull shit that makes 
you miserable, is boring,
and doesn't work anyways...
2.  Really, really bad-ass
stuff, that is fun to do,
makes people buy
(almost like you've got
magical powers - heck, 
they might even actually
be magical)
That's it.
Here's the interesting thing:
Most of the time, when
someone isn't making any
money in their business,
they hate it, too.
Basically, if you think what
you're doing sucks - so does
everyone else, and it causes
a response inside that says:
"That looks like it sucks, I'm
not going to buy stuff - look
how miserable that guy is."
However, when you do the
bad-ass stuff, that's fun - it 
causes the exact opposite,
and people say:
"That looks bad-ass, I'm jealous.
I don't know what this guy is
selling, and it doesn't matter, 
because my credit card is 
magnetically drawn to this
guy, almost like he has 
magical powers...  I wonder
if he has any up-sells I can
The cool thing is, it's actually
a lot funner to get response
Plus, you make a lot more 
So, the 'magical question' of
the day is:
Would you rather have lots 
of fun, travel around the world,
sell lots of stuff, and make some
fast cash now - or be boring, 
lame, and poor?
If the answer is:
"I'd like to drive fast cars, look
badass, and make money, Dave!"
Then I've got a secret for you:
Because that video explains
a 'secret' way of making money that
is more like a Ferrari than the 
Ford Escort you're probably 
driving online now...
...what do I mean?
The other night, I was on a 
call with Magnetic Sponsoring,
and a guy on there said:
"My company seems dead set
on getting me to do home meetings!
I want to get rich now!!!"
I told him the truth:
If you want to get money fast, 
sell stuff that makes you money
fast, and is easy to sell.
That's the 'real secret' on how 
we've now paid people close
to $2.9 million in the last 2.5
months online alone...
...and the real reason it's so
easy for me now, is because
I stopped doing the boring
And basically, when you 
just get in, it's like you're
stepping inside a Ferrari, 
and all you've got to do 
is turn the key...
...shift the gears in your
...and put on the gas.
Unless, of course, you're
addicted to going slow, 
hating what you do...
...and making no money
at all.
Just my two cents for the
Dave Wood
P.S.  You should automatically
assume that by reading this email,
you won't get rich quick, won't
make any money, and will never
buy a Ferrari.
Getting Rich Quickly involves a 
lot of work, a lot of skill, and a lot
of times, people quit right before
they get rich quickly.
Actually, before you get rich as
fast as you possibly can, usually
life is preceded by a bunch of things
that suck.
For example, I used to live in a van,
was homeless, got fired from Green
Peace, heard cocaine deals outside
my van that I lived in...
...and even fell out of a tree trying to
pick a coconut, when I was jobless in
One time, I was hoisting my wife up
to pick a breadfruit from a tree, and 
she fell and broke her foot.
We didn't have any medical insurance,
and generally hate the government, so
I made a card-board cast for her to help
heal her foot.
Most people would quit trying to get
rich quickly, and fall back to a job
before they reach success.
So I have to tell you, don't buy anything,
or join anything, if you don't love a
little bit of pain.
However, I think it's worth it, because
after all that - I got rich quick!
I'm sure glad I didn't quit!
Don't be a wussy! 
Just get in!

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