Saturday, November 24, 2012

PreDiabetic, Post-Diabetic, Insulin Shutdown, Pancreatic Cancers: Dehydration.

As far as I understand, during the immediately prediabetic phase of function, or its post-diabetic phase of insulin shutdown, pancreatic cancers are also associated with dehydration.

I am of the opinion that type 1 diabetes --- the kind you must inject insulin to control, even though it is classified as an autoimmune disease --- is another of the many complications of dehydration.
 Autoimmune diseases are also dehydration produced. it seems dehydration-produced cancers are more frequent in tissues that have secretory functions, like the intestinal tract, the breast, or the pancreas

Other pains are also related to dehydration:

* Arthritis pain of the hand, arm, and leg joints.

* Back and neck pain.

* Migraine headaches. These should be taken as a serious indicator of " brain thirst" that herald eventual disruption of brain function, including brain tumors or degenerative diseases such as MS, Parkinson's disease, and even Alzheimer's disease. 

* Angina.

* Fibromyalgia, denoting acid buildup in the muscles and the connective tissue --- the locomotive faculties of the body.

* And more. 

Adequate rehydration should be the first step toward pain relief. Hydration is a godsend solution for these pains. Take it from me and test water as a natural painkiller.  

 It has become an established trend to silence the pains of the body with some sort of chemical without knowing the wider physiological  implications of the pain mechanism and its significant association with the level of acidity in the body. Pain means that an area is acidic. This can cause severe damage to the DNA structure of the cells within the area.

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