Monday, November 19, 2012

The Mechanism of Pain.

When we all truly understand this mechanism of pain , then we can help ourselves to really prevent it.

The mechanism of pain production is a simple process. When there is no enough water circulation to cleanse the toxic waste of continuous function from the drought-stricken area and acid by-products of metabolism continue to build up, at a certain level of acidity --- a level that obviously eats into and hurts the gene pool --- an acid-sensitive substance in the nerve tissue called kininogen gets converted to kinin

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Kinin itself is a pain-producing substance.

The pain sensors and nerve endings in the area register their toxicity information with the brain, and the brain translate this message for the conscious mind into attention-grabbing pain.

It next stop further activity in the area of pain until the circulation opens up and more blood is brought to cleanse the area and activate the repair processes to undo the damage. This process causes a localised inflammatory reaction, be it in the joints of the hands and the legs, the spinal column, the heart muscle (angina), and all the other pains. 

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