Thursday, November 22, 2012

Many of the Major Pains of the Body ...

...denote localized thirst. Heartburn in the upper parts of the intestinal tract, and colitis pain and its companion constipation in the lower intestinal tact --- which predispose to cancers of stomach, esophagus, colon, rectum,and their pancreatic water-distributing organ --- are the most frequently seen thirst pains of the body. 

The pancreas is responsible for giving priority to the intestinal tract for its water-distribution mechanisms. Primarily, it manufactures of  a watery bicarbonate solution and injects it into the first part of the small intestine. Not only does this alkaline, enzyme-laden watery solution neutralize the acid from the stomach, but it also constantly irrigates the intestinal walls during the digestive process, As it was explained, its rate of insulin production is dependent on the amount of water that reaches the pancreas.

When the body gets more and more dehydrated,...

... insulin release is reduced until full-blown diabetes develops. With unintegrated insulin release and without considering the body's state of hydration, much water also leaves the blood along with the sugar that enters all cells of the body through their insulin receptor openings. Such an uncontrolled loss of water from blood circulation, in a dehydrated state, limits the amount of water that reaches the brain, and that is a no-no for the integrity of brain function.

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