Saturday, November 17, 2012


The human body is a satellite of water-dependent units of life --- about 100 million of them housed together in one capsule on their journey of life on land. The cells of the body, each endowed with the same genetic secrets of life, have accepted a division of labor for an orderly conduct of business in their collective land-based shelter --- the body. It has an intricate water-dependent design --- a mobile water-regulated chemical refinery that has established a foothold on dry land. Medical pundits have misunderstood the various ways the body deals with its inner cleansing processes. But nonetheless, they pontificate commerce-suited solutions to different pain sensations, without the slightest understanding of why the body, at times, manifests such diverse localized or general pains.

The new science of medicine has identified pain as a signal of  water shortage in the vicinity of where pain is felt --- the crisis thirst signals of the body. Just as a drought threatens the survival of the local vegetation, a drought in the interior of the body threatens the survival of life in the drought-stricken areas of the body. Symbolically, pain is the cry of the gene pool in the drought-stricken area that cannot be washed and cleansed from destructive local toxic waste.

Fortunately, the body possesses a strict water-rationing program that delivers some water  to preserve life, but not enough for the other toxic waste-producing functions that would cause further pain. This is the reason pain limits function until more fresh water comes on board ( when you drink a glass of water every 90 minute) and can be distributed to offset the local drought.

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