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Know If You’re Saying Affirmations Right?

Affirmations are a great way to literally change your mind.

Through repetition, any statement becomes a belief. If you heard “you’re such a good girl” when you were growing up but your sister heard, “Why can’t you be more like your sister?” then those repeated phrases became part of your individual belief systems.

And just as you picked up negative beliefs about yourself, you can override them by using affirmations and so create new empowering beliefs.

Many people use affirmations, but many also do it wrong.

How can you tell? The best way is to check your feelings. How do you feel when you say an affirmation? Do you feel good and confident? Do you believe it? Or, do you feel like you’re telling yourself a big fat lie?

If an affirmation feels like a lie, it’s most likely because you’re making one or both of these mistakes that people make on their affirmations. But never fear, you can fix them easily:

1. The use of ‘don’t’ and ‘not’

For example, you might say “I am not afraid” or “I don’t worry about money.” The problem here is that your brain thinks in pictures. There is no visual representation of negatives – no street sign style of red slash through a word, because there is no word, only a picture. So when you say “I am not afraid” your brain can only create two images based on that statement: ‘you’ and ‘afraid’. When put together, all your brain sees is, ‘I am afraid’. The same goes for “I don’t worry.” Your brain puts together a mental image of you, and a mental image of the act of worrying and a mental image of money. That equals you, worrying about money.

Get it?

Here’s how to fix that: ONLY focus on WHAT YOU WANT. Instead of “I am afraid,” say “I am confident” or “I am relaxed.”

2. The unintended use of fear-based emotions of lack. When you say affirmations about wealth and you’re currently experiencing a state of poverty, you may believe that you are telling yourself a lie because inside, you certainly don’t feel abundant. Your affirmation is infused with fear – lack – and thus your brain creates the association between money and “not having” and any statement to the contrary gets filtered out by your belief that you don’t have money.

Here’s how to fix it: only say affirmations of GRATITUDE and pile your desires and needs right in there with the experiences, people and things you appreciate that are already in your life: for example, say “I am grateful for my health and for making a comfortable living doing what I love.” Or, “I am so thankful for my creativity and for a partner who I can share my life with.”

This does two things: first, gratitude makes you feel good; and second, you don’t feel lack when you think about things you already have, so lumping the thing you want in there, is a very powerful signal to the brain that this thing (or person or experience) is ALREADY part of your life – and then, remarkably, you’ll take the kinds of actions necessary to bring it about, with no resistance, because your brain cannot distinguish between ‘reality’ and ‘imagination’. A picture/feeling is a picture/feeling, regardless of whether it came from your senses or from your imagination.

Remember that it takes time for any “I am” statement to “stick.” It’s taken you years and years to develop a belief about yourself, and it’s not going to change overnight! But – stick with it, infuse your affirmations with positivity and gratitude, and you will soon start to see the effects of your new thinking!

Your Vibration With an Attitude of Gratitude!

Have you ever noticed that happy people show gratitude when good things come to them AND when “bad” things come to them? I have put “bad” in quotes – read on and you’ll see why!

What is True Gratitude?

True gratitude is an interesting concept. It’s easy to be grateful for life’s little goodies and delights. But feeling gratitude for struggles, pain, sorrows, screw-ups and hardships, well, that takes a lot of courage. It means that you courageously come to the realization that you are the creator of your life experience and that everything that happened to you has occurred in alignment with your vibration. It also means that you have courageously accepted that everything that happens in your life does so for a reason, and that is to help you evolve.

It’s been said that we learn more from our mistakes and failures than we do from our successes. That’s so true! But it’s more than just learning how not to do things next time! Each difficulty you face is a giant flashing neon sign that screams, “WARNING – LOW VIBRATION!” When you can appreciate this incredible gift, then you can take full ownership of your life and begin consciously creating instead of unconsciously creating.

I encourage you re-read the previous paragraph and fully take in the meaning of how wonderfully transformative adversity can be!

And then, start applying gratitude to your life. Anytime you find yourself in a difficult, emotional or seemingly hopeless situation, be thankful. You have been brought a gift of awareness – “the vibration that created this was too low, and that vibration created this situation.” It’s very liberating to know that whatever thoughts you put out there, eventually come back to you in physical manifestation – liberating because you’re no longer a victim of circumstance, you are an all-powerful creator!

Your Role as Creator Consider the word “circumstance.” The literal meaning is, “stands around” meaning that you are the center, and everything created by your thought energy and vibration, stands in an endless circle around you. So look around at your life: your health, wealth, relationships, spiritual development, fun, purpose… how’s the view? Do you like what you see? Do you like some of what you see and not other aspects? Even if you don’t like what you see, give yourself credit for being a creator – and now that you know you’re a creator, you can shift your focus to creating what you want, instead of believing that you have no power! Now, imagine yourself as the center of a golden, infinite circle of life experiences, situations and people that are positive, happy, abundant and wonderful. YOU have the power to create this infinite golden circle! Look the the Love or Above Spiritual Toolkit for help. Your guides and angels are there for you, to help point you in the right direction…

It’s really exciting to know you have this power, isn’t it? To reverse any downward trends or free yourself from any rut, you can take charge of your life by raising your vibration with gratitude. The Internet contains many wonderful ways to raise your vibration and gratitude is one of the most powerful.

Reversing Trends

Imagine for example that you’re in a struggling relationship. Emotions are high, you’re both moody and communication is difficult. Things can go from bad to worse quickly but you can reverse the downward spiral just by planting a seed of gratitude. Give thanks for becoming a more compassionate listener. Be grateful for your developing ability to see things from your partner’s perspective. Change may happen overnight, or take longer, depending on the level of emotions and yours/your partner’s vibration. The more gratitude you can project at your partner, the more you will influence his/her own vibration and create an upward spiral. Of course you also need to back up your gratitude with words and actions – but imagine how different the ‘vibe’ will be between the two of you if you start looking for the good instead of the bad!

The more you can be grateful for events and circumstances in your life (past, present and future) the more you embody the principle of “believing is seeing” which is the essence of being a conscious creator. You stop focusing on the problem, and you become grateful for the lessons. You stop fearing the future, knowing that your thoughts and your vibration creates it – and those are two things you control 100%! Instead of “things are happening to me” you’ll KNOW that you are “happening to things.”

It takes a while to get used to having this power but don’t delay, you have nothing but abundance, happiness and inner peace to lose!

Start your day with gratitude. Give thanks for the things you take for granted like the air you breathe… and always, always end your day with gratitude for the miracles that occurred, for the gifts you have received (either the delightful gifts or the lessons/signposts). If you express your heartfelt gratitude every day, you will be blown away by the results, which will not be long in coming. End the day with gratitude.

Next time you’re in a difficult situation and you can’t see anything to be grateful for,  journal about it later. Start writing about it from a perspective of gratitude. Be grateful for the adversity. Say thanks for the ugly, the frightening, the bad, the difficult, the bittersweet, the absurd… everything. We don’t always see the lessons in adversity until much later – but adopting an attitude of gratitude helps those lessons come to light much quicker. Start writing and don’t stop until you see the miracle in each difficulty. See the silver lining and the lessons. Your outer reality corresponds to your inner reality; gratitude makes the inner reality so, so much more beautiful and miraculous. That radiates outward and your outer reality will inevitably change for the better!

Adopt an attitude of gratitude today, raise your vibration and change your life!

 Control Your Emotions in Any Situation

If you’ve ever blown your top, flown off the handle, lost it or stewed about anything, you know how you felt afterward. No matter who was at fault, no matter the outcome, you are still left with a very unpleasant feeling because of the outburst. And if you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a tantrum, you aren’t left feeling exactly happy either.

If you’ve ever had a thought that brought about sadness or anger, and you kept thinking that thought, you know how you can spiral down into depression really, really fast. It can be the smallest trigger. Unchecked, the thoughts and emotions can absolutely destroy any good mood you may have been in. Over time this can become so common that it seems normal. Just ask anyone going through a divorce or grieving the loss of a loved one – after a while, crying becomes part of who you are and it’s a tough place to escape.

If you’ve ever worried about something you know how stressed and anxious it makes you feel. It can be hard to let go of the temptation to obsess about a problem like a dog gnawing on a bone. It’s so easy to let your mind just run with it – but the thoughts and emotions feed on themselves becoming stronger and stronger until they consume you.

Losing your temper, sinking into depression and worrying all contribute to an unhappy life. They cause even more stress, they ruin your health, you don’t have a moment’s peace from your emotions and your whole outlook on life can sour.

Don’t forget, too, that negative emotions have a very strong effect on your personal vibration! People pick up on it subconsciously, and you’ll have a harder time keeping friends, closing deals and functioning normally in society if your vibration is very low.

How to Control Your Emotions

Reversing a downward spiral takes a bit of effort, and a little time. But you can do it. All the effort you put into controlling emotions will give you a sunnier outlook on life and teach you that you have a choice to feel good… or not.

You can take charge and control your emotions by following these simple steps.

1. Smile

2. Meditate

3. Give it a minute and a half

4. Do what you love

Smile. There is something absolutely magical about a smile. Try this for yourself – next time you are feeling blue, or red-hot with anger, SMILE. That’s all. Just force a smile onto your face. Did you know it’s physiologically impossible to have bad feelings if you are smiling? I realize it sounds a bit silly but seriously, try it. It really works. If you wake up sad, stressed or angry, smile at yourself in the mirror first thing in the morning. Just stand there and smile at yourself. Make yourself do it even if you don’t want to. Hold that smile until it’s genuine. Hold that smile until… You know what will happen? You’re going to burst out laughing whether you want to or not! ANY time you feel bad, just smile. A smile that is genuine lights you up. It’s a physical action so in harmony with Love that it can’t help but make you feel better! 

Meditate. Meditation helps you control your emotions because it takes your focus away from them. It’s not denial – it’s a shift of focus. If you insist on being grumpy, you can always return to being grumpy when you’re done meditating. But why would you? Feeling good is so much nicer! Sometimes the best way to accomplish something is to do nothing. In this case, just ‘being’ is enough to shift your mood. You can do a quick meditation anytime you need to calm yourself. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing for as long as it takes you to calm down. Feel the inhale and exhale; count your breaths if you like. Do whatever it takes to keep your focus on your breath and off the situation at hand. That’s all there is to it! This little time out will give you time to gather your thoughts and perhaps see the situation in a different light. Say these four phrases "I'm sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you" to the spirit within you, slowly, and meditate on these ten words as you repeat them as you inhale and exhale gently.

Give it a minute and a half. When a negative emotion hits you, be aware that it takes just 90 seconds for it to pass through your system. From the time your limbic system generates the emotion to the time that chemical reaction dissipates, is a minute and a half. IF you simply feel the emotion – and DO NOT get involved in the thought that generated it by repeating “I feel (angry, sad, etc.)” - it will pass and you’ll regain your equilibrium. Don’t say “I AM (angry, sad, etc.).” You are not your emotions! Try that, next time you have a sad or upsetting thought. Repeat to yourself how you are feeling but don’t allow yourself to stray from that focus. Don’t think about what made you upset. Feel the feeling and let it go.

Pretty cool stuff! Of course you want to hop on the bus of happy thoughts – you can never get too much of feeling good! Just avoid the ones that make you feel bad. Let the feeling pass and turn your thoughts to something more pleasing.

Do what you love! When you’re immersed in some activity you’re passionate about, and you’re really focused on what you’re doing, you can’t feel bad. You just can’t. Doing what you love uplifts you in so many ways! Do it, and do it often. You’ll be generally happier and more able to cope with life’s monkey wrenches when your life is meaningful and when you are doing what you love.

Emotions can rule your life or you can control them. It’s worthwhile learning to control them, just so you can respond rationally in tough situations, and not allow your thoughts to drag you down into despair and depression. It’s a much lovelier life when you’re in control!

Are you satisfied with your ability to attract or manifest?

Seminars. Classes. Hatha Yoga. Transcendental Meditation. Article after article. Hours of listening to a personal growth guru talk, talk, and talk.

Chances are you’ve tried one of these or maybe even all of them.

Maybe they’ve helped. You’ve attracted some of the things you want in life, but if you’re like 99% of the rest of the world you have plenty more goals you want to accomplish, tons more wealth to be created and a lot more joy to be had.

Perhaps you’ve invested your money, but are waiting on returns.

Maybe you have a car, but not the one you wanted.

Maybe you’ve got a great job, but it’s not your dream career.

Perhaps your healthy, but you’re not as fit as you want to be.

In other words, you’re stuck in a manifesting rut. You’ve hit a level that may be above average, but it is not nearly where you want to be or know you can be.

The reason for this is not because you haven’t worked hard enough or you haven’t attended enough seminars, and it’s not that you haven’t tried enough things.

It’s because you haven’t tried raising your vibration.

I’ll say that again because it’s so important. You haven’t tried raising your vibration. The sole reason why you are where you are is because you’re vibrating at the average human level of 207 on a scale that reaches 1000.

Even at the tiniest level, Quantum Mechanics has discovered that atoms and sub-atoms are in fact composed of packets of energy. Now, leading research on human consciousness is showing that this energy vibrates on a Scale.

The Vibration Scale operates on the discovery that each human emotion has a vibration in the exact same way that matter does.

Heavy emotions like Fear, Anger or Shame vibrate at low frequencies. But feelings like Love, Joy and Peace vibrate at high, uplifting frequencies.

One of the most interesting things discovered about energy is that your energetic frequency can affect the energetic frequencies of those around you. For example, one person operating at a level of 500, which is Love, can lift 750,000 other people to the level above 200.

Further supporting evidence, done by many other researchers and Universities, shows that it’s not just other people you can affect with your vibration… but also other objects and even your reality!

DID YOU KNOW Your Energetic Frequency Influences the Reality Around You?

Numerous other studies have shown that a conscious or sentient being, like a person, can change what happens to another object by affecting that object’s energy. Dr. William Braud’s research is one such study with very compelling evidence.

Dr. Braud and his colleagues at the Mind Science Foundation in San Antonio designed and conducted some of the most ingenious and rigorous “bio-PK” experiments (“Bio-PK” is the study of how psychokinesis affects other biological organisms).

One of Dr. Braud’s many experiments showed that people could slow down the rate that red blood cells die in a lab dish. Though the effect was small, the results proved significant beyond chance and were replicable by other scientists. This proved that our thoughts and energy directly affects the things around us!

A Simple Shift in Your Energetic Frequency Can Have an Instant and

Dramatic Impact On EVERY Aspect of Your Life

You see, it’s not just other biological organisms that people’s energetic frequency can affect. People can also positively or negatively affect the energy of objects. A stone in the room of a negative person for example, vibrates lower on the Scale than say a stone that is in the room of a Zen Master.

Another fascinating research study that shows evidence of people affecting the energy of objects, is the famous one done by Dr. Masaru Emoto.

In his spectacular study, Dr. Emoto took water and exposed it to different objects and environments. What he did was project a thought onto a glass of water, or put the water next to a specific object. Then the water was frozen and the resulting water crystals were observed under the microscope.

Amazingly, when a glass of water had a piece of paper with a written word of high energetic frequency like “Love” stuck to it, the water crystals formed beautiful patterns that were pure in color and in perfect symmetry.

Your life is the same.

After all, your body is made up of mostly water. It is involved in every bodily function, and makes up 70- 75% of your total body weight. Your thoughts are having a direct influence on your body. This we know, but the larger picture is that your thoughts are having a direct influence on everything in your life. What do you think happens to you when your thoughts and energy are primarily set to those of Love or Above?

Yes, your vibrational frequency will attract emotions and physical manifestations of things that vibrate at the same frequency.

If your energetic frequency is low, you’ll be attracting into your life disruption and difficulties.

But if you shift your energetic frequency to higher levels, you’ll start attracting a life that serves you, one aligned with your true, whole self. Life will suddenly become so much easier—and you—so much happier.

Now, while we still don’t have the specifics of how this works, the important thing is that the evidence clearly shows that it does work. Just knowing how to shift your energetic frequency to harness this power into your life is what really matters.

Here’s a shocking fact. If Enlightenment is at a level of 1,000 The average human only vibrates at 20% of that.

Vibrating at 20% is just the beginning. Like I said earlier, this is the level where a person reaches an awareness that their thoughts and actions influence their reality. However, there is still much more to go before you can become an instant attractor of your desires.

Historical figure like Mother Theresa, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and Abraham Lincoln operate at 70%

The most important level of consciousness is at the 500 level, which I have called “Living from Love or Above”. This includes vibrating from Love (50%), Peace & Compassion (60%) and everything else above towards higher consciousness. Once a person opens their awareness to this level, they’ll begin to experience an entirely different life.

Does it come as a surprise to you then, that the average human being is vibrating at 20% of their full potential? Is it any surprise that millions of people around the world don’t know how to get out of feeling stressed, anxious, sad, and fearful… leaving them unable to move forward toward truth and fulfillment?

The Choice Is Yours: Do You Want To Become
A Magnet For Your Desires Today?

The real truth is, it’s so easy for anyone to change their lives if they simply choose to connect to their true purpose and raise their vibrational frequency. Believe me, I’ve done over 20,000 
personal consultations, and I’ve seen some spectacular changes in people when they simply choose to vibrate at higher frequencies.

That’s why it’s my highest joy to help people raise their vibrational frequency to “Love or Above”. I’m really happy that you’re here with me today, and I’m as excited to be able to reach out to you as you are excited to discover how you can easily shift your energetic frequency.

Shifting to vibrations of Love , Joy, Peace & Compassion, Enlightenment and beyond isn’t just an exercise for the mind, it is a total life shift that engages the HEART and the SPIRIT.

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