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WaveRider / Science’s answer to radiation

What are the harmful effects of EMR?

EMR is regarded by many scientists as very harmful to our health. In fact, in 2011, the World Health Organization (WHO) and International Agency for research on Cancer classified EMR as a possible cancer-causing source, based on increased brain cancer associated with wireless phone use.* The WHO placed EMR in the same class as lead, chloroform and car exhaust fumes. Scientists are urging for a higher classification.
* IARC Press Release No. 208, 2011

In 2012, the Italian Supreme court ruled that a man’s brain tumor was caused by mobile phone usage. In 2008, top neurosurgeon Dr. Vini Khurana found that cell phone use increased the risk of brain tumors. The list goes on.

Chronic exposure to EMR triggers a bodily response at a cellular level: the cell membrane hardens. This prevents nutrients from getting into the cells, and causes toxin build-up in the cells. Over time, the body’s immune and other systems begin to deteriorate.

This leads to a series of health problems:

Are children at risk?

Very much so. Children are especially vulnerable because their nervous system and brain are still developing. Radiation is cumulative, and children will also have a longer lifetime of radiation exposure than adults. In particular, the risk of childhood leukemia is associated with high levels of EMR. To this end, Belgium has even issued a Royal Decree Banning sales of children-specific mobile phones. Schools in many countries have stopped or limited WiFi, while France has banned it from public schools.
As you can see, the world is only beginning to wake up to the harmful effects of chronic exposure to EMR. Fortunately, the solution is already here.

What is WaveRider?

The WaveRider is a ground-breaking resonance technology that provides a sanctuary from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

What is EMR?

All electrical equipment produce harmful electromagnetic radiation known as EMR.
Unfortunately, EMR is not something you can just avoid in the Wireless Age. The mobile phone that we carry with us almost everywhere produces EMR. Add to that WiFi routers, base stations, TVs, video displays, microwaves, etc. All these sources bombard our bodies with EMR 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How does the WaveRider work?

The WaveRider alters the effects of EMR to make it acceptable to our bodies at the cellular level. Our bodies are able to accept “natural” frequencies (found in nature) which are random and “noisy”. However, our cells react and harden against the man-made EMR produced by our cell phones and other gadgets.
With its breakthrough, patented Noise Field technology, the WaveRider counteracts man-made EMR by producing “natural” frequencies that “ride” on the waves of the EMR. The result: Our cells accept the combined “EMR plus WaveRider” frequencies.

The science behind Noise Field technology.

For many years, the US army was concerned that many of their personnel operating radio, communications and other equipment showed symptoms of radiation poisoning, and realized they needed to protect themselves from harmful electromagnetic radiation.
Eventually, they succeeded in creating a solution. They called it the Noise Field technology.

Over the years, researches in various universities have found it to be effective against an entire range of EMR-related symptoms at both the cellular and genetic level.

What makes the WaveRider unique?

The WaveRider is a proprietary Noise Field technology device that alters the harmful effects of man-made EMR without changing the EMR itself. It brings the same Noise Field technology that the US military rely on, right into the comfort of your home or office-creating a 9 metre sanctuary that protects you and your loved ones. It even enables this without affecting the transmission quality of your WiFi or mobile signals.

Some of the other “anti-EMR” products you can find on the market today simply don’t work. A few of them are just pieces of inert metal or mineral touted to “absorb radiation”. Yet others produce a powerful counter-frequency to suppress the EMR, but end up damaging the body in the long run.

Proven through science.

The WaveRider technology’s efficacy has been tested and certified by independent laboratories in the US, including Nemko Global Services, Molecular Diagnostic Services, RF Exposure Lab LLC, and MET Laboratories.

In one of the lab tests, the WaveRider was found to have reduced mobile phone SAR (radiation absorption) values by up to 40%. The many tests all conclude that it offers protection against a wide range of electromagnetic radiation. It is quite simply the best that Science can provide.

Love life and health.

As you can tell by now, what we can’t see hurt us. WaveRider is Science’s safe haven we all need to combat the unseen dangers of our modern world.
If you love life and health, you need the protection of WaveRider today.

The man behind the WaveRider

The WaveRider technology is the brainchild of Dr. Igor Smirnov. A brilliant scientist-inventor, Dr. Smirnov specializes in advanced research on the influence of low frequency electromagnetic oscillations on human cellular physiology.
Dr. Smirnov is most well-known for his pioneering invention of the Molecular Resonance Effect Technology (MRET). His MRET technology has helped heal people suffering from a wide range of diseases, from cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer disease, to psoriasis and chronic fatigue syndrome.
Dr. Smirnov is a nuclear engineering graduate from St. Petersburg Naval Academy, where he also obtained an MSc mechanical and Bioengineering. He received a PhD in Clinical Psychology from ST Petersburg State University. Dr. Smirnov has written for many international scientific publications including European Journal of Scientific Research, International Journal of Biophysics, Journal of Research in Biology, among others.

The WaveRider is a ground-breaking resonance technology that provides a sanctuary from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

Price : $1,938 USD (shipping costs included)

Product Specification
Net Weight / 650g
Weight (with packaging) / 1000g
Packaging Dimensions / 25.5cm (L) X 16.5cm (B) X 13.5cm (H)
Input Voltage / 110-240V, 50-60Hz
Output Voltage / 12V DC, 350mA
Range of Coverage / 9m Radius
Warranty / 1 year
Life Span of a WaveRider / 17,520 hours

The fee includes shipping cost.

Wave Rider has type G plug which has 3 pins, mainly used in England, Malaysia and Singapore so you may need an adapter to plug in Wave Rider in your country.

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