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The Third Dimension - Physical Reality of the Conscious Being
The Third Dimension is where energy congeals into a dark, dense pool of matter. This is the plane of thought or mind. The densest stratum of this plane contains our own more worldly and material thoughts.

Because of our Planetary coding/consciousness we are able to identify with matter and therefore become dense ourselves. The Universe allows the illusion of Free-Will on the Third and Fourth Dimensions which gives us the experience of acting like saints or demons or somewhere in between... by choice.

Beings believing that the Third is the only Dimension suffer from the illusion of separation from their Spirit. The physical senses cannot detect Spirit which is beyond form. If we are not One with Spirit then we cannot be at one with others. This Dimension of Thought has the ability to interpenetrate all of life, like a sort of etheric river of water. It is not confined to the brain, which actually acts more like a kind of telephone switching station to all the thoughts that pass through it. Our ability to experience beauty while in such density, shows that we live in a loving Universe.

That is why if we can contact the higher strata of the mind-world by training the corresponding parts of our brain, as all seekers have attempted to do, we shall gain inconceivable knowledge.

The practice of Remote Viewing attempts to tap into this holographic practice. Humans possess a body made up of the material of the Physical Plane world...a body containing chemicals in liquid, solid and gaseous states. This body is interpenetrated by another body, which is its counterpart, known as the Etheric Body. It constitutes a fine web through which the Electromagnetic Life-forces are fed into the physical body from the outer Universe.

The combination of these two bodies contain the conscious knowledge of all 12 Dimensions... The Sacred Hologram

THE MATERIAL WORLD(The Third Dimension).

Is the dominant Mode in which Humanity
And other species Live and Operate
The motivating or driving Forces in this World
Are called "Instincts"
Most beings on the planet Today base their Actions
Predominantly on information they Receive
From their survival, sexual, hierarchical, and territorial Instincts
Acting on these instructions makes statements to the Universe
About what is Real to the Actor

For the most part... these pictures of Reality
Stem from information that is Encoded
In the DNA of the Physical Body
These Physical-Body Pictures of Reality May Imply:

I am Mortal
I need a Mate
I need Personal Power to rule Others
I need to own certain Things
I need another person to make me Happy
I need Control of my Space

The Mental body... too... generates pictures of Reality
It creates pictures that say things Like
"I must figure it all Out"
"I need to be Right"
"It's okay to lie if I have a good enough Reason"
"I am better than they Are"
"She's going to say this... and then I'll say that...."
For various reasons... Western Civilization
Has elevated the Mental Body
To a Male God-like Status

There are several methodologies which contend that by controlling the mental body, negative experiences can be transcended, and that we can even obtain enlightenmentand Nirvana.

The rationale goes:

"I create my own reality with my thoughts. Therefore, if I eliminate negative thoughts and only think positive ones, then my life will change for the better."

This implies that negative thoughts are the source of one's negative experiences, and the work then becomes to eradicate them.

You become your own thought Police
And... since Whatever you're fascinated With
...You get more Of...
Then being fascinated with negative Thoughts
Just brings more of them!

Plus... there is another aspect to Consider
The Universe rearranges itself to Accommodate
Your picture of Reality
The "think-only-positive- thoughts" Strategy
Assumes that the Mental body is the sole Composer
Of one's picture of reality - but it is Not
The Physical Body has its own Views and Convictions
Of What is Real
As does the Emotional Body
As well as the Spiritual Body...the I AM

Here is a simple story to illustrate This...

There was a mighty lion, Janro, who was born in a small zoo. As she grew, she made it a point to investigate, as best as she could, all of the aspects of the world around her. All of the other lions in this zoo had been born in captivity, as well. Their cages were indoors.

One day, another lion was added to the group, but she was captured in the wild. When she spoke of the vast savannas, the tall, spreading trees, the birds in the sky, and the other wonders she knew of, Janro and the others scoffed. "How could this be!" they would exclaim.

We've had plenty of time to investigate this world. We know precisely the limits of our cages, what other kinds of animals there are, where we came from, and how we get fed. "What you are telling us is preposterous! Prove it!"

Beings who are exploring the Material World
And taking a Stand for its Validity
Suffer from the Illusion of Separation
From their Spirit

This should be obvious - the Physical Senses cannot detect Spirit, which is beyond form. Consequently, if we are not at one with our Spirit, then we cannot be at one with others, because Oneness is an attribute of the spiritual body. They believe they must fight and struggle to exist, courtesy of the animal instincts. They perceive enemies.

Their actions are a series of strategies being played out. They fear lack and condemnation, both which lurk in the background of their consciousness like hungry cheetahs. They need outside authorities to tell them how to reach God/dess and to tell them what is real.

Today... Scientists are the Priests of What's Real...
When we find ourselves acting out and identifying with any of these pictures of reality and agreeing that they are real, you may say with confidence... "I am Living in a Material World."

Other experiences of this Domain are:
  • Being caught up in a stream of Thought
  • Planning sexual Strategies
  • Mentally rehearsing what you're going to say when you confront Someone (which you never end up saying, anyway, when the time comes)
  • Being Sarcastic
  • Being Obnoxious
  • Being Critical
  • Physically or verbally attacking Someone
  • Proving you're right...or the other Wrong
  • Defending or claiming your Space
The way that we Perceive and Define Ourselves
Implies which World we are living In
A few Identities that take a Stand
For the validity of The Material World are:
"I am A:..."
  • hard worker
  • smart person
  • honest person
  • business person, (or, name a profession)
  • parent/spouse/child
  • awesome/inadequate lover
  • responsible person
  • funny person
  • student/teacher
  • clever/shrewd
There is nothing wrong with these identities or with exploring the Material World; we all do it to some degree or another; let's face it -we're all in human forms.

It's an option that our Spirits
Have chosen to Explore, for whatever reason.
The important Point
Is not what we are Exploring
But the Position that our Consciousness is In
With Relation to the Action

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