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we are One Forever

With our endless dream of one peaceful world 
arising from the infinite ocean of the universe, 
this e-book is dedicated to all brothers and sisters
who have come to this earth, manifest as human
beings at this time, sharing the same social and 
natural environment for our health and happiness
as well as physical, mental and spiritual develop

This dedication is shared by the ancient spiritual 
minded people who developed and practiced the
various ways of harmony-humanity, and by the 
many people who have passed away who 
devoted their lives to human development, 
including all my global friends together with all 
my friendly readers throughout the world who 
are learning and pursuing the order of the uni-
verse to be realized upon the earth among 
mankind, in one peaceful world.

We Are One Forever 

We have come from the infinite ocean of the universe. 

We have manifested from endless oneness into millions and billions. 

We have realized ourselves into human beings upon this planet at this time. 

We are playing, with endless dream, enjoying the
vicissitudes of relative waves upon this earth. 

Our human life is ephemeral, yet our dream is 

We live with day and night, health and sickness,
misery and happiness, sadness and joy—rise and
fall, continuously; 

Yet our dream never changes, our universal 
origin never ends. 

Let us enjoy together with everyone else while 
we are on this planet. 

When we return to the infinite universe, let us say
to each other: 

We are always one in the infinite ocean, 

And let us meet again 

When we manifest in this relative world.


(Michio Kushi helped to introduce modern
macrobiotics to the United States in the early 1950s. He lectured all over the
world at conferences and seminars about philosophy, spiritual development,
health, food, and diseases.
Born: May 17, 1926, Japan
Died: December 28, 2014, Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Education: Columbia University, University of Tokyo)

In the creation of The Do-In Way: Gentle Exercises
to Liberate the Body, Mind, and Spirit, I wish to 
extend my acknowledgment and gratitude to those 
whose studies and teachings have contributed to 
certain parts of the contents: 

In Part One of the book, the general introduction 
on the order of the universe, the macrobiotic way 
of life, and the physical and spiritual constitution 
of man, I appreciate the inspiration received from 
various discourses, articles, books, and teachings 
of ancient wisdom from many parts of the world 
including Japan, Korea, China, India, and Egypt as 
well as ancient Europe and America. I also 
appreciate the inspiration received over the past 
many years through our own practice of the 
macrobiotic way of life, from the Infinite Universe
—the source of memory and dream, the beginning
and end of our life. 

In Part Two, the Exercises of Do-In, I dedicate my 
appreciation for the following teachings: 

Special Exercises 

Traditional teachings and exercises descended 
from centuries ago as the heritage of ancient 
human customs, including those religious and 
spiritual practices of Shintoism, Buddhism, 
Hinduism and Taoism remaining mainly in the 
oriental countries. Some of these are still being 
exercised within a comparatively small group of 
seekers for spiritual development in the Far East
and other areas of the Orient. 

Daily Spiritual Exercises

Teachings and exercises practiced mainly in 
Shintoism, Hinduism and Taoism, as well as other
spiritual practices, still remaining in some oriental 
countries among an inner circle of religious 

Daily Exercises 

Morning and Evening Exercises: The teachings of 
basic Do-In exercises as daily practice by 
Sen-Do-Ren (Association for the Study of the Tao
of Free Man, Tokyo, Japan). 
For further studies of these practices, it is
recommended communicate with this association: 
1-27-12 Kaminoge 
Tokyo 158 


Meridian Exercises: Various exercises related to 
meridians, developed and practiced during many 
centuries; and among them, especially those 
introduced by Mr. Shizuto Masunaga as Meridian 
Exercises in the book, Zen Shiatsu, published in 
Tokyo, Japan by Japan Publications, Inc., pages 
100-102. In order to study further, it is 
recommended to communicate with the following:

Shizuto Masunaga 
5-9-8 Tokiwa, Urawa-shi, 
Saitama-ken 336 


I-O-Kai Shiatsu Center 
1-8-9 Higashi-Ueno, 
Taito-ku , Tokyo 110 

Additional Exercises: Various teachings and 
exercises traditionally practiced in connection
with breathing, which have appeared in the way 
of health in the ancient physical training of 
Shintoism and Buddhism. 

About this Ebook 

Do-In has its origins in the ancient traditions of the
Far East, but today it is practiced by increasing 
numbers of people in both the Eastern and Western

The introduction of Do-In the West is largely due 
to the teaching of Michio Kushi and his contempo-
raries and students. Mr. Kushi's practice of Do-In 
and a natural, macrobiotic way of life for over 
twenty-five years, along with his study of the 
traditions of healing of many cultures, has given 
him a profound comprehension in this field; and 
his remarkable ability as a teacher and consultant 
has enabled him to spread this ancient oriental 
understanding among modern people of many 

While practicing Do-In and the macrobiotic way of
life for the past nine years, I have consistently 
experienced its value in developing sound physical
health and a sense of mental well-being. As an 
assistant to Mr. and Mrs. Kushi in their educational
activities, I have been impressed with the 
beneficial changes not only in myself, but also in 
thousands of people who have come to them for 
advice, attended their classes and read their 

The Do-In Way, with Mr. Kushi's original drawings
, offers a clear explanation of the basic exercises 
of Do-In and the natural and traditional way of life
within which Do-In may be most effectively 
practiced. The already-experienced student will 
find a wealth of new and advanced material for 
further studies. 

I would like to thank Mr. Kushi for the opportunity
to assist in producing this book. I hope that many 
people will enjoy reading it, and will find their 
lives enriched through the practice of Do-In. 
OLIVIA OREDSON ,Brookline, Massachusetts

During my life, I have experienced and observed 
the miseries of world war, together with the 
misery of present-day society—the various 
diseases and poverty, greed and selfishness, 
failure and difficulties, anger and hatred,
discrimination and prejudice. 

In my youth, I was inspired with the dream of 
realizing world peace through many possible 
measures, including the establishment of a World 
Federation. However, through the process of 
maturing, I have become able to see that world 
peace can be achieved only through the 
reconstruction of humanity, or the resurrection of 
man, from current degenerative trends which 
have prevailed throughout the world, increasing 
with the development of modern civilization. 

At the same time, I was able to have an 
enlightening experience during meditation, which 
revealed universal and eternal life. I have also 
had the opportunity to deepen my understanding 
of ancient oriental philosophies and religions, 
which should be combined together with the 
modern occidental thought and way of life. In this
regard I am grateful for the inspired teaching of
George Ohsawa and many other present-day 
philosophers, as well as ancient spiritual, 
philosophical and scientific thinkers. 

All miseries in human affairs come from our 
personal incomprehension of the order of the 
universe, or we may say, our ignorance of our-
selves. From this ignorance we misguide our daily
way of life in our dietary practice, social relations,
and mental attitude as well as spiritual 

Life is one infinite universe itself, and our way of 
life should be simple and practical, according to 
the order of the infinite universe. Realization of 
health and happiness is the easiest and simplest 
way. On the basis of this understanding, I have 
begun to spread the way of life which everyone 
can practice at any time as the simplest means to 
achieve health and happiness, freedom and peace
—known as the macrobiotic way of life. 

Together with the spread of the way of life for 
humanity for one peaceful world, I have 
encouraged the adaptation of several traditional 
ways of physical, mental and spiritual 
development, namely, oriental medicine, 
acupuncture, moxibustion, shiatsu massage, palm-
healing, meditation, and mental and spiritual 
exercises. In order to reinforce our own develop-
ment, I also began to introduce an ancient macro-
biotic practice, Do-In, in the United States about 
thirty years ago. I am grateful to Mr. Jacques 
DeLangre and Mr. Jean Bernard Rishi for their 
respective books on Do-In, which introduced part
of these exercises. However, the Do-In which I 
introduced was a partial exercise, mainly related 
to energizing our physical and mental vitality, and
did not fully explain other aspects of Do-In which
are more spiritually oriented. I have been obliged 
for the past several years to introduce the general
scale of the entire scope of Do-In exercises. 

It has been necessary to rediscover and 
reconstitute the Do-In exercises because these 
ancient macrobiotic exercises were largely lost 
in many areas, although some of them have been 
practiced among a limited society of seekers in 
the Far East. The entire scale of Do-In exercise 
is not limited to the several series of exercises 
introduced in this book. These ancient macro-
biotic exercises were actually the origin of all 
physical, mental and spiritual exercises which 
are currently differentiated into various kinds 
of meditation, chanting, yoga exercise, 
physiopsychological training, the martial arts, as 
well as other methods of self-development. 

The origin of Do-In exercise is simply our intuitive self-adjustment to maintain and develop ourselves, within the ocean of universal life or the infinite universe. Therefore, the 
beginning of Do-In exercise is historically unknown, but it has always existed with human 
life, throughout all generations of mankind. However, it was over 10,000 years ago when 
Do-In exercises were actively adapted in the ancient way of physical, mental and spiritual development to produce free man—the Tao of Shin-Sen, the Way of Spiritual Free Man. 

The uniqueness of these exercises is that anyone can practice them at any time as daily 
exercises under ordinary circumstances, without requiring any partner or special technique. 
In this sense, all races, all ages, man and woman, can practice them easily for health and hap-
piness. Some of the exercises introduced in this book are my own modification in the hope 
that they may benefit everyone. 
I sincerely hope that everyone throughout the world will freely practice these exercises for 
his or her own physical health, beauty, and spiritual happiness.

Part One

The Creation of the Universe 
In the beginningless beginning, the infinite universe did not manifest as phenomena. 
There was no time nor space, no light nor darkness, no form nor dimension. From this 
oneness, there was only endless motion which moved with infinite speed in all directions. 
Because of this infinite speed, there was no past nor future, nor any relative phenomena 

However, whenever and wherever the infinite motion, which moves in all directions, 
intersecs, spirallic movements begin to form in a process of differentiation. Forces producing 
spirals from the periphery toward the center, and forces decomposing spirals from the center toward the periphery, are the two primary forces in the world of spirals, the world of all 
relative phenomena. 

From the motion of galaxies to the motion of preatomic particles, from invisible spiritual 
movement to visible physical constitutions, all are spirallically formed and governed by two 
antagonistic, complementary forces: yin (V), the centrifugal and expanding force, tendency 
and direction; and yang (A), the centripetal and contracting force, tendency and direction. 

All phenomena manifested in this infinite ocean of the universe are governed, directed and 
destined by these two forces. All change and movements are either more yin, centrifugal, or 
more yang, centripetal. There is nothing that is not governed by these two tendencies and 
directions. All phenomena differ from each other because of the different degrees of these 
two forces working within and without them. 

Accordingly, yin and yang manifest into everything—every phenomenon within the universe as well as upon the earth. The relation between these two forces, tendencies and direc-
tions can be figured as Figure 1 at next page. 

The yang force, the course of contraction and physicalization, is the course of materializa-
tion; while the yin force, the course of expansion and dephysicalization, is the course of 
spiritualization. When the yang course accelerates, matter is formed. The molecules composing matter move faster, generating a faster spinning motion of preatomic particles such as 
electrons, resulting in the production of higher temperatures (Course A). Conversely, the course 
of spiritualization expands and decomposes matter, making the speed of the motion of molecules 
and preatomic particles increasingly slower, producing a lower temperature (Course B).

 The Do-In Way(Page 6)

Figure I. I. The Eternal and Universal Cycle of Change 

When the course of materialization produces a high temperature, matter starts to expand, 
turning its course from materialization to spiritualization (Course C); and when the course 
of spiritualization produces a cold temperature, matter begins to contract, turning its course 
to materialization (Course D). That yang (A) course of contraction changes into a yin (V) 
course of expansion, and the yin (V) course of expansion changes into a yang (A) course of 
contraction, alternating between yin and yang perpetually. 

Contraction changes into expansion, and expansion changes into contraction; physicaliza-
tion changes to spiritualization, and spiritualization to physicalization; movement changes 
to rest, and rest to movement; solidification changes to decomposition, and decomposition 
changes to solidification; prosperity ends in poverty, and poverty in prosperity; success 
changes into failure, and failure into success; joy changes into misery, and misery into joy; 
love becomes hate, and hate becomes love; pleasure changes to displeasure, and displeasure 
changes to pleasure. Day becomes night, night becomes day; winter turns into summer, sum-
mer turns into winter; darkness turns into light, light turns into darkness; health changes to 
sickness, and sickness changes to health. The rise of civilization brings about its decline. Difficulties produce strength and happiness. Tears lead to smiles. War results in peace; life turns into death; and death turns into life. 

The Order of the Universe and the Macrobiotic Way of Life (7) 

Examples of Yin and Yang 

Attribute; Centrifugal Force; Centripetal Force 
Tendency Expansion Contraction 
Function Diffusion Fusion 
Dispersion Assimilation 
Separation Gathering 
Movement More inactive, slower More active, faster 
Vibration Shorter wave and higher frequency Longer wave and lower frequency 
Direction Ascent and vertical Descent and horizontal 
Position More outward and peripheral More inward and central 
Weight Lighter Heavier 
Light Darker Brighter 
Humidity More wet More dry 
Density Thinner Thicker 
Size Longer Smaller 
Shape More expansive and fragile More contractive and harder 
Form Longer Shorter 
Texture Softer Harder 
Atomic particle Electron Proton 
Elements N, O, K, P, Ca, etc. H, C, Na, As, Mg, etc. 
Environment Vibration... Air... Water... Earth 
Climatic effects Tropical climate Colder climate 
Biological More vegetable quality More animal quality 
Sex Female Male 
Organ structure More hollow and expansive More compacted and condensed 
Nerves More peripheral, orthosympathetic More central, parasympathetic 
Attitude, emotion More gentle, negative, defensive More active, positive, aggressive 
Work More psychological and mental More physical and social 
Consciousness More universal More specific 
Mental function Dealing more with the future Dealing more with the past 
Culture More spiritually oriented More materially oriented 
Dimension Space Time 

All spirals forming the various relative worlds appear and disappear constantly in the 
ocean of the infinite universe, throughout which the perpetual movement from yin (V) to 
yang (A) and yang (A) to yin (V) is operating everywhere, at all times. This motion between 
yin and yang is infinity itself, which we may call One Wholeness, God, or the order of the 
universe, which is eternal and universal. There are no natural phenomena which are not 
manifested within this order of the universe according to yin (V) and yang (A), and there are 
no human affairs which do not represent this eternal and universal law of change. Whatever 
and whoever does not realize this infinite order sees his existence in this universe only in its relative worlds. 

8 The Do-In Way 

There are several fundamental laws in the movement of the universe, including all changes 
of natural phenomena in this relative world: 

The yin (V) centrifugal and expanding force and tendency attracts the yang (A) 
centripetal and contracting force and tendency, and vice versa. 

In order to realize and maintain the harmony of one infinite universe, opposing forces and ten-
dencies attract each other to achieve a harmonious state. The creation and dissolution of the 
universe, continually developing in almost infinite dimensions of time and space, constantly 
produces numerous varieties of phenomena. Among those phenomena, visible and invisible, 
small and large, physical and spiritual, movements to achieve harmony are continuously work-
ing. This movement of universal attraction among different forces and tendencies is called, in 
our human expression, "love." Love is therefore universal and permanent, arising everywhere 
and at all times, between man and woman, carbon and oxygen, electron and proton, low pres-
sure and high pressure, cold and hot, slow and fast, plus (+) and minus (-) in electricity and 
magnetism, dark and bright, North and South, East and West, spirit and matter, short wave and 
long wave—whenever and wherever all relative phenomena of opposite tendencies attract 
each other to produce harmony. 

The yin (V) centrifugal and expanding force and tendency repels similar yin forces 
and tendencies, and the yang (A) centripetal and contracting force and tendency repels 
similar yang forces and tendencies. 

In order to maintain universal harmony in this infinite ocean of the universe, while opposite 
tendencies attract each other, all similar forces and tendencies repel each other. In order to 
avoid possible disharmony, similar phenomena drive apart and remain apart from each 
other, avoiding excessive accumulation of the same forces and tendencies. No marriage takes 
place between the same sex; no melody is composed by the continuation of the same sound; 
no respiration occurs by either inhalation or exhalation alone; and no movement continues 
without nest. 

Similar plus (+) poles repel each other as do similar minus (-) poles. Oil and water, which 
have like tendencies in a natural state, do not mix with each other; and among solid particles 
such as sand, condensation does not occur unless liquid acts as a binding agent. People of 
similar aggressive and outgoing character often create misunderstandings and arguments 
among themselves, as do people of similar gentle and withdrawn character. 

This movement of repulsion between similar forces and tendencies is universally and per-
manently working throughout all relative phenomena. In more analytical terms, it may be 
called "separation;" and in more emotional terms, "hate." These, as well as love and har-
mony, are major principles of this endlessly changing universe. 

An excessive condition of the yin (V) centrifugal force and tendency, or the 
yang (A) centripetal force and tendency, produces and changes into the opposite 
yang (A) centripetal and contracting force and tendency, or yin (V) centrifugal 
and expanding force and tendency. 

Every relative phenomenon arising in the ocean of the infinite universe develops to its peak, 
and then turns to the opposite, declining course. All life has its beginning and end, passing

The Order of the Universe and the Macrobiotic Way of Life (9) 

through its most prosperous state. Any individual who continues to grow after his birth, starts 
to decay toward death after having his most active period during middle age. All civilizations 
rise and fall; all countries develop and decline; and all families prosper and perish. Higher 
pressures as well as lower temperatures usually produce a contraction of matter; but under 
their extreme conditions, expansion is produced instead. 

Day changes into night and night into day; summer changes into winter and winter into 
summer; peace changes into war and war into peace; tranquility changes into excitement and 
excitement into tranquility; health changes into sickness and sickness into health; life changes 
into death and death into life; spirit changes into body and body into spirit; matter changes 
into energy and energy into matter. 

In this infinite ocean of the universe there is nothing static. All phenomena are 
constantly changing from yin to yang and yang to yin, from the invisible to the visible, and 
from the visible to the invisible. Because of this universal and permanent order of change, 
everything in this universe is temporary and ephemeral. Because of this eternal cycle of move-
ment from one to the other between the opposite tendencies, everything reincarnates endlessly. 

These three major principles govern everywhere throughout the universe. Wherever, 
whenever, and whatever—everything changes according to these laws. The destiny of this 
Milky Way Galaxy and of our solar system, and the destiny of the earth upon which 
we are living are not excepted from this order. All our human destinies, personal and collec-
tive, are also changing according to these principles. Our physical, mental and spiritual 
manifestations as well as our social activities are also changing according to this order. 

Those who know these orders working within and without us are able to attain health and 
peace. On the other hand, those who do not understand these orders suffer confusion and 
chaos, conflict and misery. 

Those who know these orders and change themselves to adapt to the changing circum-
stances are able to achieve happiness; while those who do not know these orders are 
incapable of adapting themselves and suffer despair and disappointment, discontent and 

Those who know these orders and actively take the initiative to lead the changing circum-
stances are able to attain freedom. On the other hand, those who do not know these orders 
and therefore are unable to take the initiative in their surroundings, lose their freedom and 
enslave themselves, suffering endless struggles. 

In order to live in health, happiness, peace and freedom, it is absolutely essential to under-
stand these eternal and universal orders of the infinite movement of the universe. 

Materialization and Spiritualization 

In the infinite ocean of the universe, spirals arise, forming the entire phenomenal world. The 
formation of the relative world is promoted by the yang centripetal contracting force, which 
forms a spirallic movement from the periphery toward the center. This process of the creation 
of the relative world on the larger scale generally takes seven orbital stages: 

The First Stage: One Infinity, beginningless and endless. God, the Whole and Absolute, 
which is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient. The infinite ocean of endless movement which continually expands in all directions with infinite speed.

(Page10) The Do-In Way 

The Second Stage: The beginning of the poles, yin (V) and yang (A). All antagonistic and 
complemental forces and tendencies result from the formation of spirallic movement which 
has come from the intersection of infinitely expanding forces. The beginning of time and 
space, directions and dimensions; the differentiation of speed, frequency, and forces. The beginning of all relative phenomena. 

The Third Stage: Movement, energy, and vibration, waving between the poles which result 
from the differentiation of the second stage. Invisible, but phenomena. An infinitesimal 
part of this world is perceivable within the scale of human awareness as spiritual and 
mental phenomena, and a further smaller part is perceivable to the human senses. This 
world includes the infinite length of all vibrations, from the shortest waves to the longest 

The Fourth Stage: The world of preatomic movement, the beginning of the physical and 
material world. A condensed mass of the spirallic motion of energy, appearing as particles. 
A few of those numerous varieties of particles are known on this earth as electrons, neutrons 
and other preatomic particles.

The Fifth Stage: The world of elements, resulting from the spirallic molecular gathering 
of preatomic particles. Composing the world of nature—soil, water and air—the components 
of this stage include more than one hundred elements, from the lightest ones such as 
hydrogen and helium to the heavy and radioactive elements, insofar as this earth is 

The Sixth Stage: The world of plant organisms—the vegetable kingdom. Molecules of 
elements changed electromagnetically develop into this world, especially when accelerated 
by the centrifugal expanding forces of the earth. Thousands of species have prevailed upon 
the planet, transformed from soil, water and air, and nourished by solar and other celestial 

The Seventh Stage: The world of the animal kingdom, transformed and developed from the 
world of plant organisms, the vegetable kingdom. Their development has been influenced 
more by the centripetal contracting forces which the earth receives from heaven—outer space. 
There are a hundred thousand species, and each is highly charged electromagnetically, pro-
ducing active independent movement. There are two major categories of species; water ani-
mals and land animals. Among them, seven major evolutionary developments have taken 
place: from the primitive cellular organism, passing through the stages of invertebrate, amphib-
ian, reptile, bird, and mammal, toward man. The human being is the latest, most developed 
manifestation of this stage. 

From the invisible ocean of the universe to the appearance of human beings upon the 
planet, seven orbital stages of creation have taken place. This is the course of physicalization 
and materialization, an inward course of the spirallic movement of creation which has arisen 
in the infinite ocean. There are no borderlines between these progressive stages: each pre-
ceding stage becomes the environment of the following stage. The seventh stage, the animal 
kingdom, is a manifestation transformed from a part of the sixth stage, the vegetable kingdom 
The sixth stage, the vegetable kingdom, is a manifestation transformed from a part of 
the fifth stage, the world of elements. The fifth stage, the world of elements, is a manifesta-
tion transformed from a part of the fourth stage, the preatomic world. The fourth stage, the 
preatomic world, is a manifestation transformed from a part of the third stage, the world of 
vibration and energy. The third stage, the world of vibration and energy, is a manifestation 
transformed from a part of the second stage, the world of polarization. The second stage, the 
world of polarization, is a differentiated appearance of One Infinity. 

The infinite world of the first stage is the origin of all, yet it does not have manifestation in 
itself. The world of polarization is the principle of all movement, the whole phenomenal 
world, the order of the universe. The world of the third stage is the invisible spiritual world 
of which an infinitesimal part is perceivable as our sensory and mental experience. The 
worlds from the fourth to the seventh stages are the relative phenomenal worlds, some of 
which are increasingly perceivable through our daily experiences. Among them, the fourth 
and fifth worlds are the natural physical and chemical worlds, and the sixth and seventh 
stages are the worlds of organic life. 

As this huge spinal of seven-orbited creation proceeds inward in its course of physicaliza-
tion and materialization, the varieties of phenomena and manifestations in each stage 
become increasingly large in number. The first stage is the stage of oneness. The second stage 
is the stage of two—yin (V) and yang (A). Developing through the stages, the number of 
variations increases rapidly: in the world of elements, about one hundred; in the world of 
vegetables, thousands of species; in the world of animals, millions of species. In the last 
stage—human beings—in our present society and in this century, more than four billion 
different manifestations are currently acting independently. 

This huge spirallic inward movement of creation, which has arisen in the ocean of the 
infinite universe, naturally has as its destiny to reverse its inward spirallic movement toward 
the direction of dissolving the entire spiral. In other words, the yang centripetal inward 
course of physicalization and materialization turns its direction at the center of the spiral 
toward the periphery, the infinite ocean, by the yin, centrifugal decomposing course. This 
yin, centrifugal decomposing course of dissolution by spirallic movement, returning to the 
endless ocean of the infinite universe, may be called dephysicalization on dematerialization, 
on the course of spiritualization. This course of dematerialization progresses in seven orbital 
stages, beginning from the center and moving toward the periphery of the spiral: 

The First Stage: The world of organic life, the most condensed manifestation of vibration 
and energy, highly charged with electromagnetic activity, living actively and independently. 
The animal kingdom, especially the physical constitution of the human being, is the highest 
manifestation of this world. 

The Second Stage: The world of physical vibrations and energy, discharged and radiated 
from the activity and decomposition of cellular organisms, namely, the body on physical con-
stitution. Massive movements of caloric energy and heat vibrations together with massive 
evaporation of liquid molecules, and atmospheric motion between the body and the 
surroundings. Most of the moving phenomena in this level can be identified by our sensory 
and emotional perceptions. 

The Third Stage: The world of vibrations and energy of shorter waves. The world of 
consciousness, vibrating and manifesting in various thoughts and ideas. A massive manifestation of thoughts and ideas in this world is often called the "astral body," and this world is
called the earth's "astral world." The dimensions of this world are a thousand times larger 
than the world which is perceivable through our sensory and emotional experiences.

The Fourth Stage: The world of electromagnetic activity. All movements of high frequency 
forming currents between differentiated poles—plus-minus or yin-yang—throughout the 
dimensions of the universe. This world is a thousand times larger than the previous world 
from which all relative consciousness, thoughts, and ideas come, and in which all physical 
manifestations and phenomena of the previous stages result. The visible universe is a mere 
geometric point of this world.

The Fifth Stage: The world of radiation, streaming with high velocity throughout the infinite 
ocean of the universe. From this world, various spiritual manifestations and activities are 
born. The dimensions of this world are a thousand times bigger than the previous world.

The Sixth Stage: The world of centripetality and centrifugality, the primary forces of all 
spiritual, physical and material manifestations and phenomena; covering the entire scope of 
the infinite ocean of the universe, producing and diminishing all universes and all phenom-
ena therein. This world is manifested throughout all movements, beyond time and space, as 
antagonistic and complementary tendencies whenever, wherever and in whatever is in this 
universe. This world may be called the Universal Spirit. 

The Seventh Stage: One Infinity, endless and boundless. The world of constant expansion 
with infinite speed in all directions. The dimensions of this world are infinitely larger than 
all previous relative worlds. The everlasting origin of all, of every country of God and his 
manifestations in all beings. The home country for all lives and phenomena, forever. The 
past, the present, and the future of all relative worlds. The world of Nirvana—absolute 
freedom and absolute justice, absolute love and absolute peace. Everything has come out 
from this world and returns to this world, then comes out from this world again. 

These stages of the yin, centrifugal returning course from the infinitesimal stage of life to 
the infinite ocean of life have no boundaries between them: there is continuous, progressive 
change in the decomposing process of the spirallic universe, which has arisen in the ocean of 
infinity. Each world becomes progressively larger in dimension in comparison with each 
previous world, in logarithmic progression. 

Our human body, our massive physical manifestation, is the beginning of this returning 
course toward the infinite ocean of life. We have come from infinity; we are living within 
infinity; and we return to infinity. We are experiencing this journey of life of a hundred thousand million billion years, stage to stage, changing and adapting our constitution to the 
particular nature of each stage. The experience of human life is a mere blink of the eye in 
comparison with this long journey of life. 

Human life is ephemeral, and whatever we do during this lifetime is in vain if we consider 
our human life as existing separately from this long journey of life. However, human life on 
this tiny planet, the earth, is a stage between the yang course of physicalization and materi-
alization, and the yin course of dephysicalization, which takes place on the scale of the infi-
nite universe, with an infinite length of time and with infinite dimensions of spiritual, 
mental, and physical phenomena. Human life is the result of a past journey of life of millions 
and billions of years. Human life is a result of all past experiences which have arisen in this
universe, and it represents a burning wish, hope, and dream for the endless future, to become 
one with infinity, with absolute justice and freedom, with absolute peace and love. Our daily 
life is the process by which we are accumulating our physical, mental and spiritual 
development in preparation for the forthcoming stage in the journey of life. Whatever we do, 
whatever we think, will result in our life in the next stage, just as our present life has been 
influenced by whatever we did and whatever we thought in the previous life. 

Those who understand the endless journey of life are wise to design and manage their 
human life, day to day, to develop their physical, mental and spiritual qualities, preparing 
themselves for the forthcoming stage of the journey. Those who do not understand this 
endless journey of life are unwise in the orientation of their daily life, wasting their life on 
this earth for trifling, invaluable matters, seeking ephemeral contentment and satisfaction. 

The Eternal Journey of Life

In the long journey of life which has temporal dimensions of hundreds, thousands, millions 
and billions of years and spatial dimensions of almost infinite scope, human life is a stage 
which begins our returning course to the infinite ocean of life, the eternal home country of all 
lives and phenomena. Throughout our lives, day and night, we are all experiencing a part of 
this returning course. 

Various stages of this returning course are experienced through our physical, mental and 
spiritual activities and remain in our memory. Practically speaking, we generally experience 
the various stages of the returning journey as follows: 

The First Period of Life: The beginning of the returning journey occurs as our forms from the 
previous stages differentiate into two antagonistic and complementary reproductive cells— 
the mother's egg and the father's sperm. Both of these have come from the parents' blood 
cells, which have come from the vegetable kingdom. The reproductive cells which are active 
in the mother's womb are the result of a journey of life-transmutations of hundreds of bil-
lions of years, which began from the infinite ocean of the universe an almost unknown time 
ago. They have reached the stage of organic life as the primary constitution of animal life, 
highly charged electromagnetic vibration. When these antagonistic and complementary 
reproductive cells, the yang egg and the yin sperm, combine and fuse with each other, it is 
the beginning of the returning course of a hundred billion years toward the infinite ocean of 
life. Each of them carries its past memories and the vision of its future. When they fuse with 
each other—though their recent journeys separated them into different species of vegetables, different kinds of molecules and different blood cells of the father and mother—their memory that they have come from the same origin, one infinity, and their vision toward the future 
when they shall become one infinity, has never been forgotten. When they fuse with each 
other, memories and visions become manifested in one organism which succeeds them as an 
imperishable dream to accomplish the returning journey of life, in order to continue to real-
ize absolute freedom, justice, love and peace. 

Physically, the fertilized egg is a replica of the earth, which is rotating, therefore producing electromagnetic belts around itself and periodically undergoing axis shifts. Furthermore, the

fertilized egg is nourished by electromagnetic currents which pass spirallically through the 
spiritual channel of the mother's body: the force of heaven, yang (A), descending from 
heaven to the center of the earth; and another electromagnetic force coming from the earth, 
vertically passing through the mother's uterus—the force of earth, yin (V)—ascending cen-
trifugally from the center of the earth toward heaven. By those two forces—one centripetal 
and the other centrifugal—the fertilized egg is continuously balanced between the heavenly 
motion of the constellations and the movement of the earth. The descending force of heaven 
passing through the mother's spiritual channel is also nourished by the mother's emotions, 
thoughts, ideas, and images. While it passes through the mother's brain, it is reoriented and 
reformed by her various thoughts and images into a new quality of energizing force. 

The Second Period of Life: Life succeeding fertilization covers a period of about seven days. 
During this period the new life travels through the Fallopian tube in the mother's uterus, its 
cellular organisms multiplying rapidly through the movement of constant rotation and fre-
quent axis shifts. This life period is a repetition of the primary growth of life toward multiple 
cellular organisms, in the ancient gaseous state of the primordial earth nearly four billion 
years ago. In this period, the life travels rapidly away from the ovarian region toward another 
pole which has been newly developed by the intensive charge of heaven and earth's forces at 
the innermost depths of the uterus where the placenta is to grow. Primary mechanical con-
sciousness governs and directs this life. The memories and visions, which were carried by the 
parents' reproductive cells and fused into one by fertilization, are distributed to each of the 
rapidly-growing individual cells. Each cell carries the same memories and visions, and all 
cells comprehensively carry the same memory and the same vision as a whole. During this 
period, life is nourished by the flow of invisible electromagnetic charges which originate from 
the descending force of heaven and the ascending force of earth; and it is also nourished by 
the forces charging between the two poles, the ovary and the inner depths of the uterus—the 
region known as the Hara—as well as by the forces generated by its own rotation and axis shifts. 

The Third Period of Life: The third stage of the returning process toward infinity begins with 
implantation at the inner depths of the mother's uterus and the growth of the placenta. This 
period continues until delivery, repeating the biological evolution of life in water. The 
amniotic sac, within which the embryo floats and receives nourishment from the placenta 
through the umbilical cord, represents the ancient sea which covered the entire surface of the 
earth until the formation of land. During this period the embryo develops its systems, 
organs, and glands, as well as all auxiliary parts of the body. Besides the nourishment 
received through the placenta and umbilical cord, primarily the filtered blood of the mother, 
the embryo continuously receives invisible vibrational energy passing through the mother's 
spiritual channel—the forces of heaven and earth together with the influence of energy 
passing through the meridians running along the wall of the uterus. The embryo rotates and 
repeats axis shifts, its memory and visions becoming further differentiated and distributed to the constantly increasing cells. In this period, the embryo develops nearly three billion times 
in weight compared with the original weight of the fertilized egg. 

This life in water is the preparatory stage for the next stage, life in the air. During this 
embryonic period in water, cellular organisms are growing constantly, and the physical foun-
dation for the following life in air is accomplished. In other words, the main purpose of this 
stage of life is the formation of the physical constitution, preparing a ground for mental
spiritual development in the next stage of life. Embryonic life in water proceeds by mechan-
ical judgment, and almost no objective consciousness participates in the development until 
toward the last period of pregnancy. The constitution developed during this time is a foun-
dation for the destiny of the next stage, and therefore it is of fundamental importance what 
quality of nourishment the embryo receives, what kind of energy it receives from the 
mother's activity, what kind of vibrations of consciousness it receives from the mother's 
thoughts and images. All of these things comprehensively accomplish the embryonic 
development and decide what kind of life in the forthcoming air world the new baby will 

The Fourth Period of Life: The returning course toward infinity further proceeds from life in 
the water to more expanded surroundings: life in the air. After an average of 280 days of 
water life in darkness, birth occurs with repeated contractions of the uterus, and a flood of 
water. The new life begins in an atmosphere which is half bright and half dark—day and 
night. The process of birth is a repetition of the occurrences on earth about 400 million years 
ago: repeated catastrophes in land formation, and large-scale flooding. In order to adapt to 
the new, expanded atmospheric environment, the newborn baby must experience contrac-
tion—yangization—by delivery through the narrow passage, by breathing out excessive sub-
stances, and by drinking yellow liquid through the mother's breast before starting to take 
normal milk. Loss of weight therefore arises within several days immediately after birth. 
The life in air upon the earth is our human life, leaving behind the placenta and umbilical cord, 
and with all cellular organisms—the body—continuing further the returning journey toward 
infinity. The beginning period of approximately one year, however, repeats biological evolution 
on land, from the stage of amphibians, passing through the stages of reptiles, mammals and apes, reaching finally the stage of man. This process is accomplished by the time of erect posture— 
standing—together with the development of sensory and emotional consciousness, which has 
advanced along with the physical evolution from birth until the time of erectness. 

With the ability to stand, real human life begins. Although physical growth continues dur-
ing the first twenty years of this human life, succeeding the development made in the water 
life or embryonic period, most of our human life is used for the development of conscious-
ness. The ratio between the period used for physical and mental development and the period 
used for mental and spiritual development is roughly one to five or one to seven. 

The main objective of human life is the development of mental and spiritual consciousness 
upon the physical foundation. In other words, human life, physically speaking, aims to con-
tinuously refine its quality in order to secure the maximum capability for the maximum men-
tal and spiritual development; and, spiritually speaking, to achieve, until the end of human 
life, the largest possible dimensions of universal understanding and consciousness. 

The development of understanding and consciousness generally takes place during this 
human life in seven stages, which develop in a centrifugal, logarithmic spiral: 

The First Level: Mechanical and Spontaneous Judgment. Most physical movement, espe-
cially that governed by the autonomic nervous activities, including all basic physical func-
tions such as digestion, respiration, circulation, excretion, nervous reactions, and others. 

The Second Level: Sensory Judgment. With the developing five senses—touching, tasting,
smelling, hearing, seeing—together with the sense of direction and sense of balance, this level of judgment grows during the time of infancy and early childhood. It continues to be
refined through the improvement in quality of these sensory organs as well as through the
widening of experiences throughout life.
The Third Level: Sentimental and Emotional Judgment. Soon after the sensory function
begins to work, sentimental judgment starts to grow, recognizing joy and sadness, comfort
and discomfort, like and dislike; and it continue to grow toward larger dimensions that we
generally term emotional activity, including the recognition of love and hate, beauty and
ugliness, excitement and tranquility, aggressiveness and passivity, and other mental phenomena.
This sentimental and emotional judgment continues to grow with constant refinement
until the end of human life.
The Fourth Level: Intellectual Judgment. At about the age of three, soon after sentimental judgment
starts to work, a new judgment, intellect ual, begins to grow. Identifying, counting,
figuring, forming, numbering, organizing, analyzing, dividing, assimilating, synthesizing and
other conceptual and mental activities increase. Through experience and training this intellectual
judgment grows, becoming able to use logic and form theories, evaluations, and assumptions.
It continues to grow through experience and training until the end of human life.
The Fifth Level: Social Judgment. As intellectual judgment grows, observation of the relations
within the family, the society, the country, and eventually the world, starts to develop.
The determination to maintain harmonious relations with others, to improve social conditions
and community living, to realize well-being, love and peace, begins to orient the way
of life and the way of expression. This social consciousness is the sign of adulthood in human
life, and includes respect for tradition, as well as planning for the future. This social judgment
also continues to develop, with constant improvement, until the end of human life.
The Sixth Level: Ideological Judgment. As social judgment develops with the experience of various
conflicts that constantly arise among people and within society, philosophical and ideological
questions begin to grow to reveal what man is, what life is, how the way of life should
be conducted, how society is changing, why man is here, and for what purpose our life is to be
directed. The understanding of these fundamental questions of human life ultimately inspires
us to discover the endless order of the universe and its universal mechanism; and from this the
following, ultimate level of judgment starts to grow.
The Seventh Level: Supreme and Cosmological Judgment. After all previous stages of judgment
have been fully experienced, exercised and trained, an understanding of life, man, and
the universe starts to develop. As it grows, all phenomena are understood as complementary
manifestations of the one infinite ocean of the universe. We see that there is nothing antagonistic
and that everything is moving and changing, according to the universal order, to
achieve and maintain the endless harmony of infinity. In this level of consciousness all problems
of health, war and peace, poverty and sickness, happiness and unhappiness, misery and
prosperity, find their solution as varying manifestations of continuous change arising in the
ocean of the universe. 

Such development of understanding and consciousness which has continued during the
period of human life, our life in air, is preparing the foundation for our forthcoming life.
When death from the human life occurs, we discard the physical body, the cellular organism,
which originated during the life in water—the embryonic age—and proceed to the next life
with our vibrational mass of understanding and consciousness.
The Fifth Period of Life: The new life begins with the death from human life, which is the
birth to the new environment. The environment of the pre-human life was water; the environment
of human life was air; and the environment of the new life born out of the air is the
world of vibration. While darkness was the environment for life in the water, and alternating
brightness and darkness—day and night—was the environment for the human life in air, the
new environment is full of constant brightness. Similarly, while space in the embryonic life
was very limited, and space in the human life was hundreds of billions of times larger, covering
the entire surface of the earth, the new life in the vibrational world experiences a far
greater dimension—trillions of times larger than before, covering the entire scope of the solar
However, in this huge dimension, the newborn life of consciousness—you may call it the
"soul"—experiences various levels according to its quality. Those that are a mass of delusional,
heavy vibrations wander at the lower level of this new dimension of space, often
attaching to the atmosphere surrounding a human being, and sometimes even becoming
physically visible to people who have unusually sharp perception, under certain conditions.
Those whose mass of vibrations is more refined, composed of shorter waves, travel and settle
in the middle region of the huge vibrational world where their quality continues to
develop further. From this level some proceed toward a higher dimension of the vibrational
sphere and others descend to the atmospheric level, achieving rebirth through fusion with
physical materials in the world of water and air. Those who have a highly refined vibrational
mass gravitate to the higher level of the vibrational sphere, preparing for further refinement
to advance to the next life by changing their vibrational mass toward waves and rays.
In this world all vibrational masses, commonly termed "souls," carry understanding and
consciousness different from physical perception, but the same or similar to that experienced
as mental and spiritual consciousness during human life. From this life, the previous life
can be observed, just as during human life we can understand the previous embryonic
life. Happiness and unhappiness in this vibrational life largely depend upon the degree
of understanding and consciousness developed in the previous human life, just as our
destiny in human life is largely owing to the period of embryonic development. Whether
clear or unclear, higher or lower, all depends upon how our level of judgment and
consciousness has developed during human life, as well as how its refinement continues in
the vibrational life.
The Sixth Period of Life: Death from the vibrational life occurs with the dissolution of the
vibrational mass, which is the birth to the next life as an entity of waves and rays moving
with high velocity. The environment of this next stage of life is the world of radiation, which
covers the entire galactic dimension of space. The living body is transferred at birth into this
world of radiation, into sparkling light—you may say "spirit"—carrying thoughts and

images, traveling within the scope of hundreds of thousands of light years. 

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