Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Words Your Life

“I want to earn more money, and be a multi-millionaire, easily, effortlessly and joyously." 

“I want to feed more poor children, and be a multi-billionaire, easily, effortlessly and joyously."

“I want to mentor more willing learners to be a multi-trillionaire, easily, effortlessly and joyously."

Positive Words

Words are a reflection of our thoughts. Positive words come from positive thoughts, negative words from negative thoughts. It is really that simple. Watch the words that come out of your mouth and you will have a good idea of the direction your thoughts are facing, and as a result, your life.

It is important to always choose our words wisely, but especially vital when we are doing affirmations. Our words are taken literally by our minds. I heard a story that illustrated this exact point! A few years back, a woman shared with me a story about her daughter. Her daughter wanted to increase her wealth. The affirmation she used was: “I want to earn more money.” Well, earn it she did. Her work load doubled. Yes, she was wealthier, but she had to EARN that increase in wealth. Bummer. What started out as a positive intention went honestly awry with an unintended consequence. Think about the words you choose for your affirmations.

How do they describe the results you want? How do they make you feel? Really use your words to accurately portray exactly the results you intend to achieve.

If you want your results to come easily, effortlessly and joyously, say that. If you want to feel light, relaxed, peaceful, content, blessed, say that. Include it all!

Below you will find a list of over 350 positive words for your perusing. As you look over the list, pay attention to how you feel. Imagine having that word in your life as a reality. Which words do you get excited by? Which words move you? Which words bring you to tears? Include those in your affirmations.

Positive Words – The Complete List

Absolutely Abundant Accept
Acclaimed Accomplishment Achievement
Action Active Activist
Acumen Adjust Admire
Adopt Adorable Adored
Adventure Affirmation Affirmative
Affluent Agree Airy
Alive Alliance Ally
Alter Amaze Amity
Animated Answer Appreciation
Approve Aptitude Artistic
Assertive Astonish Astounding
Astute Attractive Authentic
Basic Beaming Beautiful
Believe Benefactor Benefit
Bighearted Blessed Bliss
Bloom Bountiful Bounty
Brave Bright Brilliant
Bubbly Bunch Burgeon
Calm Care Celebrate
Certain Change Character
Charitable Charming Cheer
Cherish Clarity Classy
Clean Clever Closeness
Commend Companionship Complete
Comradeship Confident Connect
Connected Constant Content
Conviction Copious Core
Coupled Courageous Creative
Cuddle Cultivate Cure
Curious Cute Dazzling
Delight Direct Discover
Distinguished Divine Donate
Each Day Eager Earnest
Easy Ecstasy Effervescent
Efficient Effortless Electrifying
Elegance Embrace Encompassing
Encourage Endorse Energized
Energy Enjoy Enormous
Enthuse Enthusiastic Entirely
Essence Established Esteem
Everyday Everyone Excited
Exciting Exhilarating Expand
Explore Express Exquisite
Exultant Faith Familiar
Family Famous Feat
Fit Flourish Fortunate
Fortune Freedom Fresh
Friendship Full Funny
Gather Generous Genius
Genuine Give Glad
Glow Good Gorgeous
Grace Graceful Gratitude
Green Grin Group
Grow Handsome Happy
Harmony Healed Healing
Healthful Healthy Heart
Hearty Heavenly Helpful
Here Highest Good Hold
Holy Honest Honor
Hug I affirm I allow
I am willing I am. I Can
I choose I create I follow
I know I know, without a doubt I make
I realize I take action I trust
Idea Ideal Imaginative
Increase Incredible Independent
Ingenious Innate Innovate
Inspire Instantaneous Instinct
Intellectual Intelligence Intuitive
Inventive Joined Jovial
Joy Jubilation Keen
Key Kind Kiss
Knowledge Laugh Leader
Learn Legendary Let Go
Light Lively Love
Loveliness Lucidity Lucrative
Luminous Maintain Marvelous
Master Meaningful Meditate
Mend Metamorphosis Mind-Blowing
Miracle Mission Modify
Motivate Moving Natural
Nature Nourish Nourished
Novel Now Nurture
Nutritious One Open
Openhanded Optimistic Paradise
Party Peace Perfect
Phenomenon Pleasure Plenteous
Plentiful Plenty Plethora
Poise Polish Popular
Positive Powerful Prepared
Pretty Principle Productive
Project Prominent Prosperous
Protect Proud Purpose
Quest Quick Quiet
Ready Recognize Refinement
Refresh Rejoice Rejuvenate
Relax Reliance Rely
Remarkable Renew Renowned
Replenish Resolution Resound
Resources Respect Restore
Revere Revolutionize Rewarding
Rich Robust Rousing
Safe Secure See
Sensation Serenity Shift
Shine Show Silence
Simple Sincerity Smart
Smile Smooth Solution
Soul Sparkling Spirit
Spirited Spiritual Splendid
Spontaneous Still Stir
Strong Style Success
Sunny Support Sure
Surprise Sustain Synchronized
Team Thankful Therapeutic
Thorough Thrilled Thrive
Today Together Tranquil
Transform Triumph Trust
Truth Unity Unusual
Unwavering Upbeat Value
Vary Venerate Venture
Very Vibrant Victory
Vigorous Vision Visualize
Vital Vivacious Voyage
Wealthy Welcome Well
Whole Wholesome Willing
Wonder Wonderful Wondrous
Xanadu Yes Yippee
Young Youth Youthful
Zeal Zest Zing


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