Sunday, May 28, 2017

Maintenance Fluid Calculation for Children

For infants 3.5 to 10 kg the daily fluid requirement is 100 mL/kg.

For children 11-20 kg the daily fluid requirement is 1000 mL + 50 mL/kg for every kg over 10.

For children > 20 kg the daily fluid requirement is 1500 mL + 20 mL/kg for every kg over 20, up to a maximum of 2400 mL daily.

Please note that this calculation does not apply to newborn infants (ie, from 0 to 28 days after full term delivery).


Fluid Rate = Daily Vol / 24
Input:Weight is 3.5 kg

Results: Daily Volume 350(mL)

Fluid Rate: 15 mL/hour.

Weight(W) 4 kg; Daily Volume(DV) 400 mL; Fluid Rate(FR) 17 mL/Hr.

W-4.5 kg; DV-450 mL; FR-19 mL/Hr

W-5 kg; DV-500 mL; FR-21 mL/Hr
W-5.5 kg; DV-550 mL; FR-23 mL/Hr

W-6 kg; DV-600 mL; FR-25 mL/Hr
W-6.5 kg; DV-650 mL; FR-27 mL/Hr

W-7 kg; DV-700 mL; FR-29 mL/Hr
W-7.5 kg; DV-750 mL; FR-31 mL/Hr

W-8 kg; DV-800 mL; FR-33 mL/Hr
W-8.5 kg; DV-850 mL; FR-35 mL/Hr

W-9 kg; DV-900 mL; FR-38 mL/Hr
W-9.5 kg; DV-950 mL; FR-40 mL/Hr

W-10 kg; DV-1000 mL; FR-42 mL/Hr
W-10.5 kg; DV-1025 mL; FR-43 mL/Hr

W-11 kg; DV-1050 mL; FR-44 mL/Hr
W-11.5 kg; DV-1075 mL; FR-45 mL/Hr

W-12 kg; DV-1100 mL; FR-46 mL/Hr
W-12.5 kg; DV-1125 mL; FR-47 mL/Hr

W-13 kg; DV-1150 mL; FR-48 mL/Hr
W-13.5 kg; DV-1175 mL; FR-49 mL/Hr

W-14 kg; DV-1200 mL; FR-50 mL/Hr
W-14.5 kg; DV-1225 mL; FR-51 mL/Hr

W-15 kg; DV-1250 mL; FR-52 mL/Hr
W-15.5 kg; DV-1275 mL; FR-53 mL/Hr

W-16 kg; DV-1300 mL; FR-54 mL/Hr
W-16.5 kg; DV-1325 mL; FR-55 mL/Hr

W-17 kg; DV-1350 mL; FR-56 mL/Hr
W-17.5 kg; DV-1375 mL; FR-57 mL/Hr

W-18 kg; DV-1400 mL; FR-58 mL/Hr
W-18.5 kg; DV-1425 mL; FR-59 mL/Hr

W-19 kg; DV-1450 mL; FR-60 mL/Hr

W-19.5 kg; DV-1475 mL; FR-61 mL/Hr

W-20 kg; DV-1500 mL; FR-63 mL/Hr
W-25 kg; DV-1600 mL; FR-67 mL/Hr

W-30 kg; DV-1700 mL; FR-71 mL/Hr

W-35 kg; DV-1800 mL; FR-75 mL/Hr

W-40 kg; DV-1900 mL; FR-79 mL/Hr
W-45 kg; DV-2000 mL; FR-83 mL/Hr

W-50 kg; DV-2100 mL; FR-88 mL/Hr
W-55 kg; DV-2200 mL; FR-92 mL/Hr

W-60 kg; DV-2300 mL; FR-96 mL/Hr

W-65 kg; DV-2400 mL; FR-100 mL/Hr

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