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An important principle of Inner Feng Shui is that inner energy that comes from your mind has the power to actualize everything you wish for into reality.

All your wishes can come true and all the outcomes you want can take place. You have the power within you to manifest anything into your life. What you need to do is to focus your mind single-pointedly on what you want.

This is the most important part of the technique. You must believe that you have the power to mentally manifest what you want into reality.

You must believe that you deserve what you are asking for, that you have a right to it and that you do not need to feel guilty about having it or need to suffer for wanting to get it. To believe intensely in your self and simultaneously stay calm and relaxed requires practice. It cannot happen instantly. But this is the first part of the training and you need to gain control and to subdue your random thoughts, stabilize your mind and focus. This will lead to steady and positive concentration.

You must have a goal whenever you wish to engage your mind to manifest a reality you want. This is a very important part of the technique. Many people are not sure what they really want; their goals tend to be vague and uncertain. So think through your life at this moment and ask yourself what will make you really happy. If you are doing this for the first time, keep your wishes simple, easy to manifest and definitely not absurd or outrageous. The idea is to slowly convince your mind you can do it, so keep your wishes small. The best wishes are specific, focused and something you can visualize in your mind.

Always define your wants and your goals in the present tense, not in future tense. Aim to say “I am successful at my job” instead of “I will be successful at my job” – “I am rich, I have abundance” , "I am enjoying my new house, my new car, my new television set.”

Remember that Objects of Desire are easier to manifest than abstract wishes involving other people. For instance, wishing to win the love of someone, to win a court case, to pass a certain exam, to be successful in a job application are aspirations that require more practice. But…… once you get the hang of it and your wishes start to come true, this will increasingly encourage you and eventually take you on the road to great success until it becomes a habitual part of your living.

Use the words “I desire” or “I want” or “I wish to become” as often as possible. This makes the manifesting process easier; desiring, wanting, wishing are important empowering words and this is because your subconscious mind, the inner higher self of YOU, will go to great lengths to actualize what you want simply to make you happy.

Better to go for prosperity programming than poverty programming.

It is wise and beneficial to keep all your wishes to yourself. Never spell out your goals to others. Any negative thoughts or doubts they may have regarding what you wish for can well block your own effort at actualizing. Remember, they too have the power to manifest reality, and while your wishes may be stronger and more powerful, you do not need any obstacles to your success. Any negative thought sent your way which directly targets your own efforts to manifest is sure to hamper your efforts. Make an effort to keep your wishes secret. You may, if you wish, share your success as soon as what you wish for materializes for you.

5. NEVER wish anything that harm others 
Keep all your wishes positive and make it a point never to wish harm to befall anyone. If you inadvertently harm someone intentionally, the same negative thing will eventually boomerang back on you. Use cosmic energy to offer love to another person. It is a lot more powerful.

It is possible that sometimes your higher self resists your efforts to actualize some particular outcome. This can come as a strong inner message that you should stop all attempts to actualize some outcome or something. Trust this message. It is probable that what you are trying to manifest is not in your own best interest or could in the long term harm you or harm someone you love. It benefits to trust your inner guide.

Successful Mental Manifestation helps your life becomes happy, successful, healthy, wealthy and stable, it is then that you will benefit even more by going to the next stage, which is to access in to a more meaningful life. Seek out the Higher Purpose of your life is to connect with your higher self who always knows what is best for you.

Over time, you will begin to notice that your pattern of wants and needs and desires take on a new rhythm and that you will be working towards attaining and achieving things that will bring you to even higher happiness levels… and these may not necessarily be associated with material-type goals or objects. GO with FLOW for you are being guided by your inner self, who is always watching over you!

8. HOW to COPE with STRESS? Your journey into self-discovery must take into account the stress level under which you operate. Look within to see what causes you to feel stressed. Consider the following stress-inducing situations and see if anything is causing you anxiety.

In attempting to dissect the causes of stress in your life, you will come to recognize your level of stress tolerance.

Different people have different levels of tolerance. Invariably, the cause of all stress can be reduced to three sources:

People around you who cause you to become emotionally stressed

External events which cause you to become physically stressed

Lifestyle-related issues that cause you to be psychologically stressed

If you examine these three main causes of stress, you will see that they all have to do with the way your mind reacts. The key to dealing successfully with stress starts with pinpointing the root of stress. Everything that causes us to feel stressed comes from the mind.

Generate a sense of mental calmness. Slow down your reaction to people, events and circumstances that cause you stress. Learn to reverse the negatives in life. Try some physical relaxation methods by starting with deep breathing exercises and create powerful and positive word affirmations. Think up short, powerful statements that continually enhance your confidence, build you up and convince you of positive outcomes.

ALLOW the POWER of FENG SHUI to surprise you with positive results!

KEEP THE CHI MOVING and the GOOD FORTUNE will flow in!

Why Salt Lamps are Bad Feng Shui

So I started searching “salt lamp feng shui” and read as much as possible. Could it be that salt lamps are bad feng shui? Or that they should not be used in bedrooms? I had never considered this before.

Luckily the search didn’t take long.

Lillian Too (my favorite feng shui teacher) explains that salt lamps, while pretty, are bad bad bad.

Salt is a great cleansing agent especially if you are moving into a new home or when used in space clearing rituals. It’s particularly good when you need to remove stagnant energy from a piece of old furniture or next to your bedside as described above.

Salt lamps on the other hand are very harmful and do not have the power to cleanse. In fact, salt lamps will soak up all of your chi energy and you will feel tired and listless. They absorb all the good energy from the room including yours! Best to remove them if you are using them now. source

Kathryn Weber, another Feng Shui practitioner, has this to say:

Like the salt cures, these lamps too are quite drying. When they’re heated with a light element, it makes them even more drying. It’s the drying effect of salt lamps that creates problems such as lethargy and despondency, and a lethargic, despondent atmosphere in your home.

Unless you’re a side of ham, you don’t need to be dried out, or live in a drying atmosphere. Most houses (and often people) suffer from is not having enough water and water energy — and the salt just dries them out more. This means your wealth, like your skin, dries up too, as well as your opportunities. Have a salt lamp? Throw it away. source

Final Thoughts
Salt represents earth energy and should only be used sparingly as a cleansing cure. It’s too strong to be used as a regular staple because it absorbs all energy, good and bad.

If everything in your life is going harmoniously and you’re using a salt lamp, then no need to change anything. If life isn’t going as well as you want, try getting rid of that salt lamp and see if things turn around. It’s a very simple and free experiment to conduct.

I removed mine this evening and will report later how it goes. To be honest, I already kinda feel better.

Conscious parenting, family, and relationships.


And it can be extremely frightening, especially when being yourself can put you in danger.

I’ve struggled with this my entire life.

Only letting the world see but a fraction of who I was for fear of being ostracized or in some cases verbally or physically attacked.

However I kept flexing my courage muscle because the more I kept myself hidden the more I suffered.

The pain of hiding who I was, was worse than the fear of what I’d face by coming out.

So slowly I began to unveil myself.

First to those who were close to me and eventually to the world.

Not without literal blood, sweat and tears but regardless I felt I owed it to myself and to others who may be like me.

I stood up, wiped off the dirt, wiped off the blood, wiped my tears and like Socrates when asked to leave Athens or die for speaking his truth…

“You are asking birds not to sing in the morning, trees not to blossom when it’s time to blossom? You are asking me not to speak the truth? And that is my only joy: to share my truth with those who are groping in the dark. I am going to be here and I am going to continue teaching my truth”

and the judges said “Then we are helpless, because the mob , with a majority, wants you poisoned and killed”

and Socrates replied “That’s perfectly okay. You can kill me, but you cannot kill my spirit…”

and by spirit he meant his courage and his truth.

and I have learned to speak that truth even if my voice shakes because living outside that space is like being dead while you’re still alive.

Every act of courage to be yourself is creating a freer world because when you’re brave enough to speak your truth you give others permission to do the same.


 “Love is not about possession. Love is about appreciation.”

As we look into each others eyes, we appreciate each other for who we are, for what we bring to each other and the world.

We work together as a team, sometimes feeling like there’s no place where one begins and the other ends.

Constantly mirroring the truth within each other.

Holding space for our most vulnerable and authentic selves and helping each other navigate that in a complex world.

Not afraid to break free from our conditioned idea of love and open to wherever it leads.

Open to loving what is, as oppose to the way we want it to be.


I am in a portal in the mythical land called Chana, where the gods of the world are trying to take over her mind. I’m posting this monologue for its very fitting in this age and time.

Dear Gods of Chana,

I don’t understand. Why are you doing this? Why am I such a threat? Why are all these people trapped here threats to you? All we believe in is love. We have felt the power within us move and connect us to a universal force that is peaceful, not competitive and judgmental. How can you be afraid of this? You have created a land of war; where children are dulled down to conform to buying things, to listening to what corrupt officials tell them to believe, to work for elites who only get rich off our labors, who hate each other, judge and seek to destroy.

This power offers freedom. This power offers a way for all of us to get along, where everyone can connect to their highest potentials and make this world beautiful.

You are nothing but greed and malice. You want us to become you. You want us to not think. Not feel. I know what you are doing. You want us to obey, to work for you, to adore you, to be afraid, which goes against everything inside of us. You are selfish. You want us to be walking dead, where anything that makes us special is dead within us, so we can make you rich.

I will fight this. I can feel how you are making my mind tell me things to do; to make me believe that my mind and what I see in front of me is real. But you cannot destroy what my heart has felt, that power within me is the only real thing. And I will remain connected to it no matter how hard you try to beat it out of me. It will survive even if that means you have to kill me.

I can feel it. Whatever you’ve put in here, in this portal, is making me angry, making me think things, like that you are an enemy, that the other people in here with me are my foes. But I want you to know that I remember when I was told the secret. I remember my mother’s eyes, pale like the sky on a mid winter’s day and full of warmth. My mother, with warm hands, told me to close my eyes. She placed a finger on my forehead and suddenly my mind was still and I felt that force that moves from my heart up to a God much higher than you.

You cannot take that away from me, you have no right. I just want to make this world better. This secret should be no threat to you. Everyday I see people so unhappy and so consumed by their mind.

But I’m sorry for you because even if you kill me, you can never destroy this power. It will only grow and spread and one day chill the coals of destruction.



I’ve often struggled on my path, sometimes more than I’ve triumphed.

Each time was painful, sometimes seeming like beyond relief.

But there always seemed to be a light, someone who was there to listen, to remind me of my greatness and to lift me higher.

I’m grateful for those people, and my only wish, is that in some way I can pay that forward.


True story.

At least for me it is.

I remember being somewhere around the age of 18.

I lived with a few friends in a dodgy apartment, AMK 420.

“The crack building” it was called.

We had barely any food; popcorn, a bag of potatoes and coffee (no sugar or cream) to be precise.

But it didn’t matter to me.

I was comfortable.

Because it tasted like freedom.

23 years later as I sit in my 650 square foot condo on the water, sipping fresh coconut water, just about to make a smoothie.

“It doesn’t matter where it leads” because I’m comfortable right where I’m at.

Because this feels like freedom.

The ultimate luxury.

You see, when we are present and overflowing with gratitude, by some miraculous force….

Some call it God, some call it the Universe.

Some will say it’s a cliche, but it’s always true for me…

God/The Universe presents us exactly what we need to get where we’re going.


the feeling of being free of the opinion of others is just speechless amazing 

Your feet so rooted in the earth that nothing or no one can make you budge.

You know who you are, what you want and where you’re going.

That’s freedom.

Once you’ve tasted it you can’t help but desire more and when momentarily the shadow of the person who once allowed them self to be manipulated by the will of others creeps in.

As Cher did to Nicolas Cage in the movie ‘Moonstruck’ you give yourself a virtual smack in the face and say ‘snap out of it’

"The greatest fear in the world is of the opinion of others and the moment you are unafraid of the crowd you are no longer a sheep, you become a lion. A great roar arises in your heart, the roar of freedom" – Osho

Your Personal Lucky Directions (Feng Shui)

Something new and interesting happened.

I told you that I’ve been rearranging my furniture. For example, there was this couch that was in the middle of my living room that always felt off. I kept bumping into it. It looked out of place. But it stayed there for many years.

Recently, I had a flash of idea to move it to the opposite side. And it felt perfect. Even sitting on it felt more comfortable. My apartment flows better. All is well in my world.

It was after I did this that I discovered something called your Kua number. It’s from feng shui and is based on your birthdate and the chinese lunar year.

What you do is take the last two digits of your birth year, add them together.
Mine is 1981. Thus, I get 8+1 = 9.
Then, for males, you subtract this number from 10.
10-9 = 1. That’s my Kua number.

It’s different for women. You will add 5 to your number. 9+5 = 14. Keep adding til you get a single digit: 1+4=5.

And know that the lunar year doesn’t start with January 1. For example, if you were born in Jan 1981, it’s considered 1980.

Confusing, I know.

To make it easier, you can use this Kua calculator from Lillian Too (famous feng shui teacher).

And depending on your kua number, you have four lucky directions and four unlucky directions.

I realized the way my couch was positioned before, I was facing West while seated. An unlucky direction for me. And coincidentally, it’s now facing East, a lucky direction.

If it simply stopped there, I wouldn’t have minded much about this.

But there are more examples.

Usually, I journal while lying in bed in a certain favorite position. I’ve tried many others but this one direction was where it felt freeing.

It turns out, that direction is the #1 favored position for Kua 1 people. South-East. Cool!

The other day, I was hanging out at a friends house. There were three seating options, each facing a different direction. I was not thinking about lucky directions. I kept moving until something felt good. The couch didn’t feel right. The one chair didn’t feel right. And the last chair was just right. I opened up my compass, and I was facing South-East!


I wish I had a chart of all of my favorite positions over the years to see if they match up with my lucky directions.

Anyways, this is a cool little fun thing to try out and I wanted to share it with you. I have no idea why it works. If it works. How it works. Nothing except that it seems I naturally favor my lucky directions.


Kua Descriptions – this has detailed info on each kua number: your personality, traits, lucky directions. It feels like a Chinese version of astrology.

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