Monday, May 1, 2017


{hi damien} Can Thought Field Therapy really work for you? You will soon find out. The algorithms consistently work for 75 to 80 percent of people -- a success rate many, many times greater than traditional psychotherapy. One of the most amazing features of Thought Field Therapy (TFT) is that because it produces results so quickly, you'll know almost instantly whether the treatment has been successful.

  Over the years, the rapidity with which this TFT works has also provided me with wonderful opportunities to refine the treatment. when I was a traditional practitioner, I was like other therapists, engaged in something like throwing darts at a dartboard but never really seeing where they landed. no wonder it is so hard for mainstream psychotherapists to truly help anyone. but with TFT, if I'm not on target, I know immediately. When I'm not hitting the bull-s-eye, I can make adjustments and refinement that, over time, have raised the success rate of TFT to unprecedented levels.

  Today, Thought Field Therapy works for people of all ages, across all social and cultural lines, and even for the most severe problems , it has also been effective in dogs, cats, and horses! One of my patients -- I'll call her Linda -- had experienced one of the most horrible trauma imaginable. She had been repeatedly and brutally raped by four gang members who had broken into her apartment and held her prisoner for a week while they took turns sexually assaulting her. When she came to see me, she was still haunted and constantly distressed by this monstrous event in her life, even though it had happened 10 years earlier. Over that time, she had been unable to date or even be alone with a man. She was a divorcee, and her son had been four years old when the rape  occurred. Linda said the worst part of that horrific week was that her child was in the apartment with her when the rape happened, and the intruders repeatedly threatened to kill both her and the terrified boy.

  Linda's reaction to what had happened was thoroughly appropriate. Who wouldn't be traumatized by such a horrible experience? This was a real-life event, not an irrational fear. Despite the enormity of her emotional distress, could she be helped to move beyond it? Could she lead a normal life again? Most mental health professional would answer these questions negatively, insisting that this trauma would haunt her forever. I knew that Linda's case would be a real test of Thought Field Therapy (TFT).

  Like most TFT treatment, Linda's took only about five minutes. And sure enough, Linda seemed immediately relieved. her level of distress had plummeted from a SUD score of 10 to a score of 1 (on a 10-point scale). Although the horrible reality of the rape could not be erased, all traces of her emotional turmoil were gone. I continued to follow her for two years. Her upset never returned. The nightmares vanished for good. And, by the way, after I treated her son as well, he had no apparent emotional upset remaining.

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