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One of the most interesting aspects of this process is that the perturbation is isolable. I use that term because the algorithm will collapse the perturbation in the problem. Thought Field, but in doing so, it won't affect the Thought Field in any other way. If you were  in an automobile accident in which a loved one was seriously injured, for example, you'd still recall the incident in detail. Any profound life experience will always be with you. But thanks to TFT, its emotional charge will be defused. it will no longer trigger excruciating, debilitating distress. When you think about the event, the details might even become clearer once the disruptive emotions are eliminated. nevertheless, there will be no discomfort, no pain. 

  Again, it is not the automobile accident itself that causes the emotional upset but the perturbation. Fortunately, the perturbation is automatically isolated from the rest of the Thought Field and can be eliminated. Everything else in that Thought Field will remain just as it was. After the treatment, when you think about the event that had triggered such psychological upset just minutes earlier, it will cause no such emotional response. If you had been having nightmares associated with the emotional problems, they should disappear as well. Since the perturbation is gone, so are all remnants of the psychological turmoil associated with it.

  Of course, most traditional psychotherapists will tell you that when you lose a loved one, for example, you should go through a long grieving process. they may even say that feeling that grief is necessary, even desirable. But I've always thought this was a rationalization. They simply don't know how to get rid of the pain, so they tell patients, " The pain you're feeling is normal and healthy." No, the pain is neither normal nor healthy.
  As a family physician who was mourning the death of a loved one said, "The most compassionate advice I get from friends and professional colleagues who are unfamiliar with TFT is to go into my pain, feel it, and that it will take a year. Well, I found that it doesn't take a year. It can take only minutes, in fact."

   If people want to suffer, well, that's their choice. But I can help them eradicate those negative emotions for good!

  One of my earliest patients was a woman named Julia. She was in her thirties and had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Of course, her grim prognosis was a devastating blow to her and her family. She traveled to California from her home in Chicago to get a second opinion, which turned out to be no more encouraging than the original one: she was given less than a year to live. 
  Julia was referred to me by her physician in hopes that I could help her deal with the emotional devastating she was feeling.  She had been crying uncontrollably during most of her waking hours. She experienced panic attacks throughout the day. Julia's reaction to her uncertain future was completely understandable and even appropriate. I never considered her to have a psychological problem; after all, who wouldn't react to a situation like hers with fear and distress? So treating her was completely different than treating someone with, say, a fear of spiders, which is an inappropriate response to a harmless bug. Still, the emotional devastating that kept Julia on the brink of hysteria was making it impossible for her to function and enjoy the remaining time she had with her husband and young children.
I treated Julia with Thought Field Therapy (TFT). There was no real need to ask her to tune the Thought Field; she could think of nothing else. Nevertheless, I asked her to focus upon the terrible disease that threatened her life. The I guided her through the rest of the therapy.
  Within minutes, Julia said she felt like a different person. Her cancer had not been affected by Thought Field Therapy. But after the treatment, when I asked her to think about her illness and how it might end her life prematurely, she did not become upset. She began talking about the disease matter-of-factly, free of the emotional charge that had been there minutes earlier. To confirm in my own mind that I hadn't merely distracted Julia from her illness, i asked her to explain what she was feeling about the ominous reality of her life circumstances. "Well," she said, "I don't like it at all, that's for sure. But my upset and fear seem to be gone. I feel surprisingly strong right now in the face of this terrible diagnosis." Almost instantly, her outlook on life was dramatically altered. Of course, she would have preferred that her circumstances were very different. But the emotional anguish that had overwhelmed her was gone. 

  What had happened to Julia? by now, you should know the answer. Thanks to TFT, the perturbation in the treated Thought Field had been eliminated; the powerful emotions that had so incapacitated her had collapsed.

  Consider this fact: when the Thought Field is tuned before therapy, it creates enormous distress; after treatment, the same attuned Thought Field produces no upset. I take this as clear evidence that something in the Thought Field has changed as a result of the treatment. Now, thanks to the technology of Heart Rate Variability, we are able to concretely measure the transformation that is occurring in the autonomic nervous system as a result of TFT. Real, verifiable, physiological and emotional changes take place. We are addressing the fundamental cause of an individual's upset -- the perturbation -- and eliminating or removing it during therapy. There is no trace of the distress left. It is a predictable process, occurring in patient after patient.

  When I have followed up with patients like Julia, in some cases over many years, the benefits of the treatment typically persist. In fact, the troubling thoughts have completely lost their ability to trigger psychological turmoil. Even if you try to get back in touch with all that emotional upset, you won't be able to.

  Remember, TFT won't change the reality of the event that might be causing your distress. For example, it won't bring back the spouse who abandoned you and make everything right again. Or if your child has died, you will have to live with that reality for the rest of your life; there is no way to erase that tragedy. But TFT will eliminate the hurt and the pain that have surrounded that terrible event for so long. It will allow you to begin leading and even enjoying your life again. 

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