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The Human Liver

Today , we're going to be discussing your "project manager" which is your liver. 

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Your liver lives under your right rib. And a very good liver function test is just to poke your liver. Just push it, push it very hard. And if it's not happy, what will it say to you? "Don't!" 
If you want to know what it should look like, push the other side. And if it's a little tender, don't be concern because it's recoverable organ. The only organ in the human body that has the ability to regrow , totally regrow. Like a shark's teeth constantly regrowing. When they do a liver transplant, they can actually just do a part of the liver because the liver will grow. When you consider what we're going to be considering this morning you will understand why Creator-God made that liver to be a recoverable organ. Because many people would not be living today if it wasn't a recoverable organ. Being a recoverable organ, the liver is able to regenerate and it is able to regrow.

So let's have a look at the human liver because if the project manager is happy, the job site is running well. And by the way, cancer cannot get a hold on your body when your liver is working well. So it is very important to understand the liver. 

To understand what your liver is doing today, we need to go way back to that time when you wait solid food. Do you remember? Few days ago we're going to feed you again tomorrow. We need to have a look at what your liver does with the food that you eat. Because every single thing that goes into your body goes through your liver. Everything that's coming out of your body goes through the liver first and under the jurisdiction of the liver.  And that's what we're going to be having a look at today. After we have a look at what happens when food goes in. 

  Never in the history of mankind,human beings consumed so many carbohydrates.  Never. Let's have a look at what people consume. What would most people have had for breakfast? 
~Cereal is a very popular food. There's a whole aisle devoted to cereal in the supermarkets, so it must be popular. Very easy for such a fast society; open cereal boxes, pour into bowl, add milk on, scoop and eat. And especially when the milk goes on and it all goes like wet tissue paper, you don't even have to chew it down and it's enough to work.

 I remember when muesli first hit the scene, I was talking to my cousin. I was about 16, I said , "What do you think of muesli?" 
He said, "I don't like it." 
I said , "Why not?" 
He said, "I have to chew and I haven't got time for that."

~ Bread.
Cereal or toast bread. Tell you what, in every corner shop, you'll find bread , don't you. 
~ Cakes, etc.
Mid-morning , cakes, biscuits. I am trained as a psychiatric nurse. Nurses are some of the unhealthiest people. Not all nurses but a lot are. I would wake at five to seven o'clock , I got to be on duty at 7 o'clock, running down the nurses home stairs, doing my buttons up in the ward just on the dot of 7. Hadn't drunk water, hadn't no nothing to eat. What would we nurses do in our coffee break mid-morning, whole packet of Arnott's assorted biscuits, dunking in cups of tea. We become big cakes, biscuits consumers and if you notice the size of most nurses, they're big and we will show you why in a minute. 
~ Pasta. 
I didn't know what pasta was as a child. I'm a fifth generation citizen of this country. We didn't know what pasta was. We has sausages, mashed potato, peas, or beans every night of the week except for Sunday. Roast meat. 
~ Rice. 
I didn't know what rice was till I was about age 15. And a new product came on the market called Rice-A-Riso (click here to watch Youtube), mum bought that home, we started to have rice.
I don't think I knew what pizza was thirty (30) years ago. But it's a popular food now.
Well, pies have always been around. There's even a song about it. Isn't it meat pies, kangaroos and Holden car. 
I'm married to an Irishman. What must every meal contain? Well, every main meal, potatoes. 
  And last and definitely least on the list is the pure crystallized acid that's been extracted from the sugarcane plant. Why do I say least? Because there's no such thing as nourishment in that food. I'm sorry, it's not a food, it is a drug. Would you agree with me that all these are a high carbohydrate consumers. All of these food come under the carbohydrates list and when they break down in the gastroinstestinal tract. They break down to glucose. 
Glucose is a single structure and it's only as a single structure then it can be absorbed into your blood. Do you know that you have a hollow tube in your body? It's your gastrointestinal tract. And everything that goes in there is not part of you until it gets absorbed into the blood . Then it becomes part of you. And it can only be absorbed into the blood when it is broken down into singular structures. So these foods, the carbohydrates listed above, get broken down as a singular structure-glucose, gets absorbed into the blood, goes on the M1 main highway straight to the 'project manager'- liver. The liver is orchestrating the job site. That is what the liver doing. So the glucose goes to the liver. And the liver determines where the glucose goes. 

1. The glucose is sent to the cell, to be burnt as fuel. It is the main fuel used by every cell in the body. 

2. It is stored as glycogen. Glycogen is a name given to quick release glucose stores. You'll never store some bit only. Can store a little, your working muscles store some. When you walked up the hill this morning,  do you know how you got up the hill? It was your glycogen stores. And the glycogen stored in your working muscles is like it's in a prison. It can only be used by your working muscles, but the glycogen stored in your liver, it can be sent all over the body. But only so much glycogen can be stored and on a high carbohydrate diet, high glucose is released into the bloodstream. And there's a lot of glucose still left over from being used as the cell and stored as glycogen and so that excess glucose is stored in the most effective way it can be stored in that is as flat.
This is the fact that many people are unaware of and when someone wants to lose weight what part of the diet do they stop? The fat, yeah the fat and do they lose weight? Not much. 

  And fat is an essential nutrient. And fat is one of the substances that helps to give a person the satiation feeling or the feeling of satisfaction. And that is why when people are fat free diets, you'll find they got to eat all day long because they never get the satisfaction feeling. One guy when he heard this, he said, "My girlfriend, she has a cup of coffee with skim milk and three teaspoons of sugar." What would she be better to have actually? No sugar and full cream milk. Actually better to have none. You see, it's a misconception. When I was in New York in April, I consulted with a couple who asked for a consultation and it surprised me. Because they were both in their 60s . Both obvious professionals, when I consulted with them, I found out they were both doctors of chiropractor. They were both qualified nutritionists, by the way, amazing musicians. He was a head of music in the whole of the New York area. I said , " Why are you coming to see me?" And they said, "We used to be Dr. Atkins patients. Wow! I was very excited to eat meat." We've all heard of Atkins, yeah. What was Atkins famous for? A diet that no one had ever dare put forth before. What was it? It was high meat, high fat, no carbohydrates.  

They said, " We went to Atkins." That seemed probably early 90s, so probably 20 years ago. They went and saw Atkins. We'd heard of his fame. Well, his book was number 1 on the New York Times Book list four years running. Someone loved him. Nutritionists hated him. Why did the people love him? It's very simple. It worked. And isn't that what everyone's interested? It worked.  They said, "Atkins took us off our high carbohydrate diet." They said, " We're vegetarians." By the way he said, " We went to him because we were putting on weight, we're pre-diabetic . We had no energy. We were not happy with our life.  And we heard that he'd got fantastic results. So, we began to eat meat. You see, the Atkins diet, he suggests  20 grams of carbohydrate a day. Now, the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for carbohydrate is 300 grams a day. So, that's quite a drop. But Atkins had done his research and he knew that you can actually live without carbohydrates. I don't suggest you do. And there's a huge difference between refined carbohydrate and whole grain carbohydrate. So, they said, "We went on the Atkins diet, we dropped our carbohydrates down to 20 grams a day. Here's four stages:

Stage 1. is 20. They said, "Our energy levels skyrocketed. The weight just fell off us. Our blood sugar levels came back to normal. Wow! They said, "The results were absolutely amazing. I said, " I said why have you come to see me?" They said to me, "We're not happy with the meat, we don't like it. We're starting to get a bit of arthritis. You are the first nutritionist that hasn't totally crucified Atkins. And don't most people do . I said, "I don't crucify him because I believe he was a hero. I believe he was a man of his time. Because his theory worked. 

This was his theory. When too much carbohydrate goes in your stomach, it stores as fat. You stopped the carbohydrates, what does the body now live on now?  Fat. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to work that one out, do you? His story is interesting. He didn't experiment on himself because he was a bit overweight, sluggish. He stopped his carbohydrates. What did he eat? He chose a food that had no  carbohydrates, meats chicken, fish , all your red meats. Dairy products very low in carbohydrates. Then he chose a food that is very low which has vegetables with the exclusion of the potato. The weight just fell off him. His energy levels were great. That's why started to put his patients on and that's why and the results he saw in his patients amazed. His diabetics were coming off their insulin. Wow! 

You see a high carbohydrate diet releasing high glucose, it puts a huge strain on the pancreas. Because this pancreas under your 
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left rib . Pancreas has a high demand of insulin when high glucose comes into the blood. So, when someone's on this high carbohydrate diet, the pancreas is just about getting screamed at all day, MORE INSULIN!  MORE INSULIN! MORE INSULIN!
How would you feel if you were yelled at like that all day ? You will come to a stage , and say, "I'm not coming to work anymore." And that's what pancreas does. 400 diabetics diagnosed daily in Australia, in 2012. Hmmm. And what are these eating carbohydrates, tell you the amount of sugar that citizens are eating now is almost quadrupled to what it was 50 years ago, in 1962.   

What are kids getting today? What I just described and if my generation, I'm a baby boomer in my 50s, if my generation is coming up with 400 new diabetics diagnosed  daily in Australia, by the way I think when you were here last time died, I was saying 300. It's a bit scary what will it be in a year or two , 5 to 6 hundred doesn't seem to be slowing down because there's a lot of advertising around  this guy. What do they say on the television , sugar a natural part of life. That's like saying heroin a natural part of life. Huh. Nothing wrong with sugarcane, nothing wrong with the poppy plant. It's the acid that's extracted. 

Atkins found his diabetics for coming off their medication, their pancreas were getting a break and they were starting to revive. 
One lady said ," My pancreas is dead." 
I said , "is a gangrene." Hmm. Isn't that what dead is. If there's  blood going through the pancreas, there's life going through the pancreas and it can revive. 

We has a young man with Type-1 diabetes, 22 years of age. Depend on injection-insulin since he was 7, came to our program. At the end of the week, he'd reduced his insulin injection by three-quarters. Wow! We weren't giving him bags of lollies every day. Hmm.

When the guy who discovered insulin, discovered or found out what medicine was doing with it, he was horrified. Because insulin , basically, allows people to eat,  keep this list of carbohydrates! But people died from diabetes, actually it's not a cure. And he knew it wasn't a cure. Atkins also found when he began to put his patients on it within about the year, not only were the diabetics coming off their medication but his cancer patients were going into remission. Do you remember the link between cancer and fungus? What's fungus favorite food? Sugar . Glucose. 

And it is neck-to-neck with heart disease today is number one killer in Australia. On this high carbohydrate diet, giving cancer the fuel it loves. On the Atkins diet down to 20 grams of carbohydrates a day, his cancer patients were going into remission.  Well, his patients with high cholesterol levels were coming back to normal. 

Your liver makes cholesterol. And your liver will make as much cholesterol as your body asks it to make. You see that. And if you heard that LDL (Low-Density Lipoprotein) is the bad one , low-density lipoprotein you know what low-density lipoprotein is , it's the rebuilder and the repairer. That's what it does in the body. So where are you going to find it. You're going to find it wherever there's damage. A smoker's arteries, their artery wall gets very thin and when that wall gets very thin it's very for a hole to develop. And so who do you think is sent to plug it up ? The rebuilder and the repairer comes along and plugs the hole up now. 

What's supposed to happen then is high nourishment coming into the body gives the body the tools to repair the hole. And then HDL (High-Density Lipoprotein) comes along, once the hole is repaired and helps to take LDL away and out of the body. But what's happening is the smokings is not stopping, the nourishment is not coming in so what happens , the LDL basically has to stay there to keep that hole plugged up. And it keeps happening. It's called atherosclerosis. Arteriosclerosis you see that to say that LDLs the  

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Image result for atherosclerosis

Image result for atherosclerosis

problem is like saying the band-aids . The problem that you just put on your salt, you just put it there because you've it there because you've got us all the body doesn't make bad things. If they're out of balance, if they're too high, or too low , one has to ask why . What Atkins found that when someone's on a high carbohydrate diet consuming high glucose, the pancreas is releasing high insulin. And when high insulin keeps being released , it triggers an enzyme in the liver to make more cholesterol. Well, so it's not the butter on the bread, it's the bread under the butter. The wrong guy's been shot. That's not the problem at all. And what do most people what most people get put on when they have too high cholesterol , lipid or well, you can buy a book called The Human Cost of Lipitor. Because what lipitor does, what the statin drugs do, they inhibit the biochemical pathway in the liver that the liver uses to make cholesterol so it doesn't make so much. But that same pathway is the pathway that the liver uses to make coenzyme Q10. And coenzyme Q10 is your heart protective enzyme. Wow!

I've got a book you might like to look at. It's only little one, wouldn't take long to read. It's by Dr. Peter Dingle. It's called The Great Cholesterol Deception . At the back of the book there are a whole lot of books you can get , The Great Cholesterol Con, The Great Cholesterol Lie . By the way, that one was written by a cardiovascular surgeon who has performed 5000 bypasses. And he's written a book The Great Cholesterol Lie . By Dr. Dwight Lundell. (click here) You can even log into a website for the website for cholesterol skeptics. 

Quote From "The Great Cholesterol Lie", By Dr. Lundell

I'd be in the midst of surgery, looking down at a patient, thinking, this man should not by lying on my table. He doesn't have the typical risk factors for heart disease. His cholesterol is in check, doesn't drink or smoke and he is not obese. Yet, he had the same condition I saw in each and every surgical patient - inflammation.

You see, after performing 5,000 open heart surgeries, Dr. Lundell, one of the first heart surgeons to operate on a beating heart, began developing theories of his own born out of the death and tragedy he saw on his operating table everyday for over 25 years.

And, he had to find out for himself, test his theories and he left the operating room to open his clinic to TEST those theories on REAL people in controlled settings.

"After Reading Your Book, We Changed Our Lifestyle"

Just want to tell you how much I needed your book and how much we enjoyed it. I was wounded in the military a number of years ago and have been using a wheelchair ever since. That type of Lifestyle limits my exercise so I was starting to run into real problems including heart disease. After reading your book we changed our life style. Got a few pounds to come off and need to lose some more. Thanks for your time you spent writing this book, and I'm looking forward to your next one. R. Rice, Arizona

"Your Book Has Completely Inspired Me... I Loved Your Book!"

First I loved your book! I teach anatomy and physiology at the college level, have a master's degree in exercise science, and have been a conditioning specialist for over 25 years. Your book has completely inspired me to continue to try to change lives w/ healthy living w/ the proper education. I definitely will be sharing a great deal of what you have written so that I too can change lives and help others! D. Johnson

"I Am Putting All Your Recommendations Into Practice Now"

First of all, thank you for a great book with great wisdom. Thank you for your approach to preventive and integrative medicine. I am about two thirds through your book and cannot put it down. I am putting all your recommendations into practice now. S. Koker

This Book Is A Result Of Those Case Studies Proving Inflammation Is The REAL Cause of Heart Disease And Inflammation Is Easily Treated!!

Dr. Lundell proved, beyond any doubt, that YOU can cure heart disease! When you follow this simple, proven, health changing program, you'll STOP - and REVERSE the inflammation that's damaging your arteries causing heart disease. It really is that simple. And now he's written a book to show you how!

"Your Book Enlightened Me and Gave Us Much Hope"

My 57 yr old husband had a heart attack & emergency bypass (6) surgery, a complete shock! He has low blood pressure, normal cholesterol, normal weight, but sedentary lifestyle. Your book enlightened me and gave us much hope but I am afraid to talk to our cardiologist who I think will not agree with your approach. Can you recommend someone? THANK YOU! D. Wills

What Will You Learn Inside
"The Great Cholesterol Lie" }

There's another one that says who will tell the people it's not cholesterol . Well, two pages of books you can get on the subject cholesterol is not the problem. One has to ask why if the cholesterol levels are high .

Atkins found on his dietary program where the people are eating bit cream, butter, cheese, eggs, meat, their cholesterol levels went down . He found his patients with high triglyceride levels came down. he was so excited about this. He went into the medical journals to see if there was research to prove what he was finding and there was. In fact, in the 1980s, there was research that proved the dietary cholesterol and the food had little or no effect on blood cholesterol levels.  Atkins found and this you might find this interesting. He found that fiber was an essential nutrient. These are the three (3) essentials. Fiber is essential in what ways fiber essential, our gastrointestinal tract needs to be swept every day. And it is fiber that sweeps it. Our gastrointestinal tract doesn't work without the movement. If the sewerage system slows down, the whole body gets poisoned. But it is in the fiber part of the food , in your whole grain pastas, whole grain rice, breads, grains, That's where most of your B vitamins are. Once you throw the fiber away, you throw a lot of the essential vitamins. Atkins also found that protein is an essential nutrient. 

In what ways protein essential? The membrane around every cell in your body is 50% protein . Remember the double helix strand of the DNA ,the crossword bands are amino acids. What are amino acids?    

Let me show you. This is what protein looks like under a microscope. 
Image result for What are amino acids?

In your gastrointestinal tract, enzymes break that protein down to peptides and polypeptides. And then those peptides and polypeptides come down into your small intestine. And enzymes from your pancreas break them down into amino acids. Only as amino acids can they be then absorbed out of your hollow tube and into your blood and become part of your body. 

So, basically, protein is made up of amino acids. I found it interesting when I read of Florence Nightingale that when she had very sick and weak patients, she would give them raw milk or beef tea. What the raw milk or beef tea contain? Both contain protein in a very simple usable form. Your body cannot heal without protein. On a low protein diet, the body cannot heal. I've had very sick people come to our health retreat who've been on raw food or fasting for a couple of years. They haven't had enough protein to heal. So you know what I do ? I blast them with protein. You cannot build muscle without the protein.

Atkins also found that fat is an essential nutrient. You know what that means? We cannot function properly without it. And the membrane around every cell in the body is 50% protein , 50% fat. The membrane around the nucleus , the membrane around the ribosome , the membrane around the little mitochondria, all these little functions inside every cell in the body is 50% protein, 50% fat. Does that make it pretty essential ? It does! We need to be greased and oiled. And every lady that comes here on a fat-free diet, she's got a whole bag full of moisturizers because what's happening to her skin. It's just drying out and it gets really dry the moisturizers go on, how does it feel half an hour later? It's the same. And they say, "Barbara what do you put on your skin?" I say, " Nothing." I think not a single cent do I spent on anything I put on my skin. But you know what I eat. A nice amount of fat. Okay. I'd rather spent money on beautiful olive oil, beautiful coconut oil, top quality nuts and seeds , chia seeds, avocados.  I'd much rather do that. I'd much rather my dollar go there. Because we like eating, don't we? The food should taste fantastic and be of good quality. If it is, your hair will shine. If it is, your skin will work. Your eyes will see, your ears will hear . The whole of the human body is an illustration of the integrity and the strength and the nutritional value of every cell. And remember that's what we are, just a bunch of cells. 

That's why we have to heal from the cellular level. Atkins found that these are three (3) essentials and his diet was high in them. Well, where was the fiber? His patients had to eat three (3) cups of vegetables a day. And one cup had to be all greens. And on Thursday, we are going to look at the acid-alkaline balance. And you'll see the most alkaline food is your greens. A lot of greens go into your broth at night and a lot of greens go into your 12 o'clock juice, where it's cucumber, apple and greens. Highly alkalizing as you will see. So, that's where the fibre was happening in the Atkins Diet. Where's the protein? Well, that's obvious , it's in the meats and the fats. What Atkins found in his research was that carbohydrates are actually non-essential. Now, this is not my opinion. This is fact. 
Non-essential. Do you know that means you can actually live without  them carbohydrates and I very quickly say I don't suggest you do, because we like them, carbohydrates food such as cereal, bread, cakes, pasta, rice, pizza, potatoes, sugary products. 

The biggest danger is when they're refined  and  when they're overdone.  Carbohydrates in nature state aren't bad. It's only when they're overdone. And only when they're refined. But I must say, I've even met some vegetarians who are overdoing the whole grain. Carbohydrate, again, doesn't mean they're bad. We enjoy them and they're high in nourishment but they can be over done. I've given you two illustrations: 
 One is this carbohydrate and  the other is the Atkins diet which is down to 20 grams of carbohydrates a day. That's extreme ! Where do you think we should be? Some where in the middle between these two extremes. Yeah. 

Your carbohydrate, part of your meal is your negotiating part of  the meal. And the negotiations change depending on your age, your size, your fitness, your physical, mental output through the day. It can change. Don't negotiate the fibre, the protein and the fat. It's the carbohydrate part that you negotiate. It can be as simple as this. Instead of having a whole load of pasta with garlic and oil and parsley, you can choose to have half a plate full of pasta with a very nice source with , maybe, lentils and lots of parsley and a big salad. See, it's just changing the ratios. Instead of three (3) cups of rice and a little bit of duck, you have one cup of rice, a lot of duck in a big salad. You see, you can just change the ratios like that. 

Four weeks ago, we had a guide to our program. He was 33, he just walk across Australia , from the most Western to the most Eastern. Took him five (5) months I think, 5.,600 kilometers. He said by the end he could eat five (5) times the food that he was eating at the beginning. The amazing thing is and you'll hear about this when I speak about excellent exercise. When you start moving the body, you change the metabolic rate. And those little muscle cells start consuming more and more. And the more you put into this fire, the more energy that you get. But when a person's metabolic rate has changed to storing fat, the more they put food in, the bigger size they get. It's all to do with the way that the cells run.  

I was reading recently, one author said in weight loss and in fitness, he said 80% is due to diet.  Wow. All the top bodybuilders recognize what I'm explaining to you. Get that carbohydrate down. Here are your essentials; fibre, protein, and fat. 

How do we get our protein as a vegetarian? Let me show you. On a vegetarian diet, it's impossible to go down to 20 grams of carbohydrates a day. But there is no need. Let's have a look at the vegetarian protein. Let's have a look at the oldest history book we have which is the Bible. We'll go to the book of Genesis 1:29 , where God saying to Adam and Eve what to eat. And this is what God said to Adam and Eve. God said the herb bearing seed, every herb bearing seed which is on the face of the earth . What's herb bearing seed? Let's have a look at the food. We'll have a look at the food's protein content and the carbohydrate content. Herb bearing seed, grain. Grain is a herb bearing seed. There's your wheat, oats, rye, barley, millet, emmer.    
Image result for wheat, oats, rye, barley

Image result for wheat, oats, rye, barley

Grains are high in protein, but they are also high in carbohydrate. How many on our carbohydrate list are from the the grain department? Cereal, bread, cakes, pasta, rice, pizza, etcs. Most of them, are from the grain department which is where your high carb comes from. 

Another herb bearing  seed is the legume. In the legume list are your lentil, chickpea, lima beans, black-eyed beans, kidney beans, soy beans. Legumes are high in protein, but they are medium to low in carbohydrates. They're about the third the carbohydrate that you will find in the grain. Most nutritionists lump these two, grain and legumes, together. But it is not so. We have a nutrition almanaque in our book shelf which show you every food and every protein and every carbo behind every nutrient in any food. And you can look for yourself. Another herb bearing seed is the seed. When I'm saying the seed I'm referring to pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds or linseed. These seeds are high in protein and they are quite low in carbohydrate. So that every herb bearing seed which is on the face of the earth , and the tree in which of fruit yielding seed. There's another kind of seed. What fruit yields a seed. The nut. We live on a wonderful part of the planet, there are so many type of nuts. Get rid of your peanut butter and start the macadamia butter, beautiful. Macadamia, cashew, almond, Brazil nut, hazel nut, picken, walnuts, so many nuts. Nuts are high in protein and they are low in carbohydrate.   And then the final thing that God says in that verse 29 of Genesis 1, He says the seed to you it shall be for meat. Interesting. The seed to you it shall be for meat. What does it mean by meat? The  main substance of our food. It is the seed that is high in your fibers, proteins and fats; the three (3) essentials, low in the carbohydrate.

What is the seed? The seed is like the the chicken's egg. It's the reproductive part of the plant. And for that seed to reproduce itself, it must contain all the essential amino acids. And it does. Have you heard that they don't? We'll open the Nutrition Almanac and see for yourself.  (Click Here to view Nutrition Almanac) Every single one of these foods has every amino acid needed for life in the human body. Interesting. And yet we're told only animal meat has it, is that right. 

To maintain, to ensure you are getting enough of your essentials and to ensure you don't overdo your carbohydrate, my suggestion is that you decrease the grain part of your meal and increase the legumes, nuts, seeds part of the meal. That's an easy way to do it. A very easy way to do it. 

So, what's your body doing today? Now that we have established the importance of the liver, we've looked at how the liver deals with the food that you're eating. What is your liver doing today? And today is your second day of detox program. 

We are not giving you enough glucose to run on and some of your fat stores are getting broken down to release some excess glucose. But as those fat stores get broken down, they're releasing something a little bit more sinister. They're releasing the fat soluble toxins that have been building up in our bodies over many a years. Environmental poisons, we are subjected to all of them. Every time you fly in an aeroplane , you are subjected to them. Every time you're in the city, you are subjected to them. The good news is we've been given a liver that can deal with them, poisons. And I'm going to show you how it deals with them. 

The fat cells are getting broken down to give a little bit more glucose to run on. The fat soluble toxins are once again released into the bloodstream. They once again go to the liver . The liver says, "Are not this nasty guy again?" You see, every time fat soluble toxins come into our body systems and come to the liver, often the liver says, "This is a nasty guy. Wrap him up and fat, and store him." Then during detox program, as the fat stores get released to release the glucose, also this fat soluble toxins released back again into the bloodstream up again to the liver, The liver says, "Not this nasty guy again, wrap him up in fat and store , hang on, (in health retreat) they're getting high nourishment , I think we can break this fat soluble toxin down to a water-soluble state, then it can be released out." 

Phase 1 began yesterday, on your first day of your juice fast. During phase 1, the liver took this fat soluble toxin and broke it down to a metabolite. That metabolite is a nasty guy. That metabolite is sometimes a hundred times more toxic that it originally was. That metabolite creates a lot of free-radicals. That metabolite is sometimes often very volatile , highly volatile. Then you might say, what's the body doing? It's just created something worse! That is true, but it is a process.  Why does it do that? Well, it can be explained by what happens when you're going to clean up the garage. What does it look like halfway through? The garage looks a 100 times messier. It's just a halfway through process. And your liver has certain needs to protect your body from this metabolite at this stage. It needs antioxidants. Antioxidants are free-radical scavengers. Antioxidants come along with a  lot of extra electrons. And a free radical is missing an electron, 

What are the best antioxidants? The most potent antioxidant is beta carotene. And beta carotene is found in all your green coloured and all your orange colour vegetables. So your green carrot, green green barley are very high antioxidant. Your orange carrot juice very high antioxidant. Green herbs are very high in antioxidants. During detox retreat, we are giving you vitamin C with every dose of green barley that you have. Vitamin C is very famous, probably the most famous antioxidant. And we know vitamin C as ascorbic acid but in the last 10 years researchers have found when ascorbic acid gives all of its electrons away, it can become a free radical itself. But in nature, ascorbic acid comes hand in hand with bio-flavonoids. And those bio-flavonoids  continually feed extra electrons back to ascorbic acid to protect it from becoming a free radical. So the bottom line is if you buy vitamin C supplements, make sure it's ascorbic acid with bio-flavonoids. And most of your reputable brands will have that .
Vitamin E : It is a fat soluble vitamin so it's only found in the nuts, seeds , and grains. Where are you getting vitamin E at the moment? At health retreat, we are giving you in your protein drink. Your protein drink contains soy, soy is high in vitamin E. Your protein drink also contains coconut cream which also has a little vitamin in it.

Phase 1, also requires minerals and   vitamin B's. I put them sideways because they are not antioxidants, so to speak, but they are also required at this stage 1 which we are giving you. Within 36 hours of  starting a detox program , phase 2 kicks in. 

Phase 2  begin in your bodies this morning. During phase 2 , the liver took this highly volatile free radical creating metabolite and joined it together with amino acids. The union of this highly toxic metabolites with the amino acids together creates the water-soluble state. And it's the water-soluble state we've all been waiting for because it's as a water-soluble state it can be easily released out of your body. And here's the little symbol for the water-soluble state wave in a box. 

Phase 3 : This phase 3 happens in conjunction with phase 2. During phase 3, the liver takes this water-soluble state and it releases back into the bloodstream where it can be easily urinated out, or sweat it out from your body. Your most important steam bath is tonight, because you will have more of these water-soluble metabolites being released out of your body today. Because this morning your body went into phase 2 of the liver detox.That explains why 8 o'clock this morning we gave you a protein drink. We'll be giving you 3 protein drinks today to help your body cope with these highly volatile metabolites that are being released today. That protein drink provides the amino acid that the liver needs to to use to join together with the toxic metabolite. The medical term is conjugate : joins them together. And it creates the water-soluble state. Tomorrow we will giving you solid food and the detox will slow down a little bit. You'll still be detoxing a little bit because you'll be having an 18 hours fast every 24 hours. We'll be serving your breakfast like a king, lunch like q queen and we'll be giving you broth at night. So you'll be fasting from lunchtime every day through the breakfast the next morning. People say to me, "Do you ever go on a fast ?" I say, " I do an 18 hours fast most days." I have lunch and breakfast like a king and queen respectively, and then I don't eat again till the next morning. How I got energy to climb up my hills in the morning? My glycogen stores and they will be built up again as I ate my breakfast and that's ready for my extra activity, riding my bicycle to work, running up the hill. You see, the food that you're eating, it doesn't give you energy often until quite later because it has to go into your liver, your liver has to send it, has to store it . And that's why you can go two days without eating; because there are stores. And you will see when you see this that we are nutritionally supporting your liver. We are giving you the beta carotenes, the minerals, the B's-vitamins, that explains why your urine colour is fluorescent yellow because we're giving you a super beans mix with every green barley and we're providing you the amino acids so that you can effectively detox. We need more protein today than any generation hat has ever lived because we are dealing with more fat soluble toxins than any generation that has ever lived on planet Earth. 

We look at the slips and the oils spills. We have a look that they stopped all fishing in Sydney Harbor, was 18 months ago, because the children of the fishermen had mercury and dioxin levels in their blood. Little kids far higher. 

So this information is very important. This information has only been around since 2002. I gave this lecture in America one year and a man came up and said that's very interesting. He said, "But it is not for your laypeople , that's for your academics." 
I said, "Lay people have livers, too, you know." And isn't that true? In my book that I'm writing, I'm spending a whole chapter on the liver because that is vital information. It also explain why Florence Nightingale noticed her sick men responded to beet tea and raw milk, because of the protein . It also explains why Atkins got the results. I think Atkins had passed away before this information was known, but it also shows why he was getting the results that he did. Do you remember what I said yesterday, truth never changes. It's always the same. It might be built upon but it's always there and he was the man of his time. But I believe you can do superior to the Atkins Diet by dong a vegetarian version. 
By the way, if someone wanted to lose weight, what would they drastically drop? The carbohydrates. If someone wanted to put on weight, what would they increase in their diet? Not the carbohydrates because I don't know anyone that wants to put that fat on. I find on this diet which is high fiber, substantial protein , sufficient fat , under weight put it on, overweight lose it, right weight stayed the same. So it's a balancing diet. 

I has two people come here for health retreat , the man was 46 kilograms, the lady was 36 kilograms. They were gorging themselves on carbohydrates to try and put on weight. They said, "Please don't put us on 2-day fast." I said, "I got it."  
Your stomach is so overworked, it's not, you're not absorbing any of your nutrients. I said to them,"I'll give you protein drink every juice." Atkins proved that if you're having sufficient protein you will never lose muscle. No one wants to lose that. I gave them protein juice drink, their stomachs got to rest . They actually had put on weight by the end of the program. 

Sometimes overweight and underweight people have the same problem , digestion is not working well. And all how the stomach loves a couple of days break. 
Retreat driver said, "I don't know what you do to those people in there," but he said, " The people I pick up, are different to the people I drop off." He wants his wife book in, they want to know what was happening in health retreat here.  Laughter. What's happened? You've had a break. What we do to you this week, the results you get would take six(6) months on a very good lifestyle program . That's a bargain, isn't it? We just high-speed and zoom everything up. When you the body the right conditions , it responds. It desperately desires to heal you. It definitely desires to balance you and have you living life at its best. That's the good news. All we're going to do is work with it. 

We are going to look have a look at the wonders of those little chemicals messengers called hormones.   

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