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TFT Algorithm for Jet Lag (Flight from East To West)


1. Tune the Thought Field -- that is, intentionally think about the jet lag that produces such upset in your life. If you are performing this algorithm while in flight, and thus not yet experiencing jet lag symptoms, simply turn your attention to the rapid travel you're doing. 

2. Using the Subjective Units of Distress (SUD) scale, rate your distress level at this moment . On this scale, 10 is the worst you could possibly feel, and 1 indicates absolutely no trace of upset. Write down the SUD rating before you continue to the next step.

3.  Tap solidly five times under the arm, about four inches directly below the armpit, using rigid fingers. In men, this spot is under the arm about even with the nipple. Women can locate this spot by tapping at about the center of the bra under the arm.

Image result for TFT tapping under the eye

4. Tap the "collarbone point." To locate it, take two fingers of either hand and run them down the center of the throat to the top of the center collarbone notch. This is approximately even with the spot where a man would knot his tie. From there, move straight down an additional inch. Then move to the right one inch. Tap this point five times. 

5. Take a second SUD rating and write it down. If the SUD has decreased 2 or more points (which will be the case for most people), then continue with step 6 below. If there was no change, however, or if the change in the SUD was only 1 point, perform the correction for a psychological reversal, using the technique described in this post (CLICK HERE). Then repeat steps 1 through 5.

6. Perform the nine-gamut treatments. Locate the gamut spot on the back of the hand, about an inch below the raised knuckles of the ring finger and little finger when making a fist. Begin tapping the gamut spot with two fingers of the opposite hand, about three to five times per second, and continue tapping while performing all nine steps below ( tap five or six times for each of the nine-gamut positions). It is very important to tap the gamut spot throughout all nine of these gamut treatments:

G1~ Open the eyes.

G2~ Close the eyes.

G3~ Open the eyes and point eyeball down and to the left.

G4~ Point the eyeballs down and to the right. 

Image result for 9 gamut technique tapping

G5~ Whirl the eyeballs around in a circle in one direction (clockwise).

G6~ Whirl the eyeballs around in the opposite direction (counter clockwise).

G7~ Hum a few bars of any tune aloud (more than a single note;
rest the eyes).

G8~ Count aloud from one to five.

G9~ Hum the tune again.

7. Tap under the arm five times again.

8. Tap the collarbone point five times again.

9. Take still another SUD rating and write it down. If it has declined to 1 (which will happen with most people), move to step 10 below. But if it has decreased significantly yet is still not a 1, perform the MINI PR correction as described below, and then repeat the treatment steps above.

10. To ensure that the improvements you've made are complete, perform the floor-to-ceiling eye roll (when the SUD is 2 or lower): Hold the head level and move your eyes down. Then begin tapping the gamut point as you move your eyes upward.


 A related procedure, called a mini psychological reversal correction, can be used when you decrease your SUD to a 3 or 4 but can't seem to get it any lower.  In other words, you've achieved substantial improvement, but you can't get to the finish line.  A block exists that is keeping you from reducing the SUD any further

In the algorithm for your particular emotional problem, you'll be instructed on whether and when to use this technique. here is the  procedure to follow:

~ Find the PR spot mentioned above,  located on the outside edge of the  hand, between the wrist and the  base of the little finger.

 ~ Tap about fifteen (15) times with two fingers of the opposite hand.
 Image result for tapping PR spot
   Image for tapping PR spot

As long as a psychological reversal persists, TFT ( or any other treatment) won't be able to get the SUD to a 1.  The PR or mini PR correction will open the door that allows TFT to eradicate your problem.


Whether YOU'RE TRAVELING ACROSS TIME ZONES FOR BUSINESS OR VACATION, jet lag can leave you feeling fatigued and run-down. when your biological clock is disrupted, friends might suggest all kinds of stopgap measures to ease the symptoms, ranging from changes in diet to shifting your sleep/ wake cycle several days before departure. But rarely do these eliminate the problem.

  Most experts believe that jet lag is caused by changes in the traveler's eating and sleeping schedules. I can confirm the difficulty I once had constantly changing eating and sleeping patterns when I was a student and also worked on the graveyard shift at an automobile plant in Detroit. But I think there's more to jet lag than radical disruptions of the circadian rhythms. The earth's electro-magnetic environment affects all living things, and I believe that the primary cause of jet lag is the rapid crossing of the north-south electromagnetic lines of force surrounding the earth as we travel in an easterly or westerly direction.

  Traveling in an eastward direction had always been particularly difficult for me ( others find westward travel more difficulty). In the past, I would need several days --- sometimes as much as a full week --- of adjustment when jetting to Europe, no matter what strategies I tried. But since I've been using the Thought Field Therapy algorithm above, I have been able to eliminate all traces of jet lag in minutes. As you'll see, there are separate algorithms for traveling from west to east, and from east to west.

  Four important points: TAKE NOTE:

1. PERFORM THE ALGORITHM EVERY WAKING HOUR DURING YOUR FLIGHT. IF YOU PLAN TO NAP ON THE PLANE, do the treatment before going to sleep and after awakening. if you've slept during most or all of the flight, perform the algorithm after your arrival to minimize jet lag ; you can also repeat the "recipe" again and again at your destination if you should ever feel symptoms.

2. If you're performing the algorithm on the flight itself, you won't be feeling any symptoms of jet lag yet, so you won't be able to determine an SUD rating at that time. However, when you're using the algorithms at your destination , and you're feeling symptoms associated with the travel, then you can arrive at SUD ratings during the algorithms to evaluate how well the treatments are working.

3. Although the algorithms are effective for the vast majority of people, if they don't work for you, reverse them -- that is, perform the east to west algorithm when traveling west to east, and vice versa.

4. If you're particular susceptible to jet lag problems, avoid consuming alcohol during the flight. Airline cabins are pressurized at an altitude comparable to about 8,000 feet, which can complicate adaptation problems for some people who drink alcoholic products. 

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