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Shuai Chu Jian Kang, 甩出健康,
Shuai Chu Xing Fu, 甩出幸福。
Swing Everyday, Happiness Everyway.
Healthy Living For A Better Tomorrow.
Health Is Wealth.
Think Healthy, Be Healthy.
What is 平甩功 Ping Shuai Gong? Who can practice Ping Shuai Gong?
Ping Shuai Gong 平甩功 is a very simple qigong exercise, also known as swing hands exercise that can be practiced by anyone, anywhere and anytime. It's very easy to come up with excuses in today's busy lifestyle to turn away from one of the most important things in our life ~ our health! You can no longer give excuses for not exercising.
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believes that all illnesses result from the blocking of qi. The key to long term health therefore lies in enhancing the free circulation of qi to increase stability and peacefulness of mind. Master Lee Feng San has been promoting a basic Qigong exercise ~ Ping Shuai Gong. It is easy to learn and will produce quickly visible benefits, including improvement in bodily circulation, balance, detoxification and replenishment. It is believed that daily practice of this exercise will produce lifelong health benefits. For everyone who wants to have a better life and towards better health in body, mind and spirit and for anyone who wants to stay healthy. Ping Shuai Gong is known to cure many ailments and helpful in improving a number of medical conditions ~ skin rashes, high blood pressure, diabetes, mini strokes, heart diseases, liver, kidney, lung, pains, numbness, cold hands and feet, etc., including cancer with many reported successful cases in Taiwan.

Ping Shuai Gong populates very quickly in Taiwan and has been introduced to more than 80 countries today.

Wear loose and comfortable clothing and flat soled shoes or barefoot while practicing Ping Shuai Gong.

A very simple swing hands exercise 
Ping Shuai Gong is very simple but very useful. First, relax and breathe smoothly. Feel your shoulders, keep them in balance. Standing with both legs apart at a width roughly equal to that of the shoulder, slowly raise your hands to the height of the shoulders.

 Ping Shuai Gong  involves in moving both arms in parallel, swinging first to the front of the body until they are the same height as the shoulder, then swinging the arms back with a little effort until both arms are behind the body. The upper body should maintain straight. On every fifth swing, the knee should slightly bend down and spring back quickly ~ once when the arms are swinging towards the back of the body and another on the return swing to the front of the body. Depending on your health, you may squat deeper or higher, both are fine. Remember to stay relaxed and pay attention on the body's balance, the upper body should maintain straightTake it easy. Feel the resonance. No matter to what extent you can swing your hands, just do it happily. When you swing, don't let it go faster and faster. keep a certain pace. If you let it go faster and faster, you will feel agitated and the qi and blood flow will be disturbed. Maintain the same rhythm and our inside and outside will be balanced. Focus on the swing, let go of all trivial thoughts. The more you swing, the longer you will benefit. It is important to perform the movements with accuracy to enhance effectiveness of the exercise. Do not go above shoulder height while swinging forward. Swing backwards as far as you can without being forceful. Swing gently.

In the first 10 minutes, it will active your basic circulation. In the second 10 minutes, it will start to work inside your internal organs and it will also bear some effects on your brain. It can open up and unlock the thick arteries. It can also open up the fine blood vessels. In the third 10 minutes or about half hour, you will discover that some of the hidden sickness inside your body will be uncovered. This kind of circulation will bring balance and harmony inside your body. And the hidden old sickness will naturally be cured and you will feel very comfortable. The best exercise is the one which can active the peripheral nerves and vessels.

If you practice this Ping Shuai Gong and after you are finished, you will feel different sensations at your fingers. There are five kinds of sensations ~ acidic, pain, numb, itching and swollen. Sometimes you will feel acidic or sometimes you will feel tingly pain or numb or itchy. They appear naturally and you can feel the condition of your body.
Perform this exercise daily 3 times a day, 30 minutes each time and you will see delighting results. It doesn't need too much time a day, 10 minutes to 30 minutes workout daily.
Beginners may take a rest after a 10 minutes swing. For seriously ill patients, 2 to 3 hours of Ping Shuai a day is necessary. They may break up the practice to 4 or 5 sessions.

Every 10 minutes is a phase. Normally, a person should do it for half an hour (30 minutes). This gives even better results. If you don't have enough time, you should do it for at least 10 minutes. It will keep you fresh through out the day, it also help to improve the blood circulation, starts the healing process if there are any ailments and make you healthy. It's not difficult for people to persist in exercising Ping Shuai Gong everyday.

This movements allows the chi energy to flow to the finger tips. Finger tips are connected to the heart and when the chi energy bounced back, it helps to cleanse the internal organs, poor circulation, nerve pain, back and joint problems, general physical disease, clear energy blocks, rid the body of problems in the process, etcIt can help calm an agitated mind and your negative emotions and strengthen the nerves.

Ping Shuai Gong means to pay attention to evenness.

Slow down and gradually come to a stop. Relax the hands, allow them to return to the sides of your body naturally.Please note that when you stop, the rhythm is also important. Every move is important. The preparation and the ending gestures are all important. Buffer is important. Finishing slowly, don't use too much force. Remain relax and keep smiling. Keep balanced and adjust your breath. Exercise your fingers and legs a little bit and you will feel very comfortable all over your body. 

After the exercise, drink a glass of warm water. Slowly promote the circulation and storing of qi on it's principles.
Have patience and practice Ping Shuai Gong daily, your returning flow will improve and so will your health.

The ultimate goal is to help people of all ages to embrace an eternal health in both the mind and the body, thus leading to a peaceful and better world.

Most people wonder this simple exercise can really help our body that much? As a result, most people will give up the exercise because of faithless. Some people think that Ping Shuai Gong is simple. They ask, "Can it be really effective?" Simplicity is not easy to achieve.

Follow the instructions. Practice it everyday. You'll be healthy in both body and mind and in good shape. Let's swing for endurance and physical well being. Swing with all your heart. Achievement depends on your own efforts.

 Is there any shortcut for qigong practice? Master Lee once said, "Learning from a wise master and in a correct method is the shortcut." He also said, "Exercise doesn't require perseverance, but rather daily practice."

"When you have total control of yourself, you will discover you will have a better and better control of things surroundings you. That is the secret that I've discovered. But when I lose control of everything surrounding me outside... I will first control myself" ~ Lee Feng San Shifu.

As an instructor, I realized the benefits of these exercises, but fall short of providing a simple but effective regime that anybody can do.  Recently, through my Internet research, I came upon this unique form of Qigong that I'm going to say, after 45 plus years of martial arts training, answers the question of being simple and effective.  One thing though: It's boring but no worse than jogging.  Like such exercises you can offset the boredom by either watching television or listening to music.

With that said, I highly recommend it.

The video above is pretty cool with subtitles of all the languages imaginable (like watching a kung fu video).  As you watch, grand master, Lee Feng Sheng,  explains a mindset as the girls go through the movements which I like because it's informative, complete and inspirational. 

The goal is to do three sets of ten minutes.  The reason.  See below.

Every 10 minutes is a phase.

In the first 10 minutes, it will activate your basic circulation.

In the second 10 minutes, it will start the work inside your internal organs and will also bear some effects on your brain.

In the third 10 minutes, or about 1/2 hour, you will discover that some of the hidden sickness inside your body will be uncovered.

This kind of circulation will bring balance and harmony inside your body. Ant the hidden old sickness will naturally be cure and you will feel very comfortable. ~ Taiwanese Wushu and Qigong Master Lee Fend San.

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