Monday, June 27, 2011

Deep Unto Deep

"Deep calleth unto deep - Psalmist 42:7 sings.

YES, "deep calleth unto deep".
The deep of God's Word in the Scriptures calls to the deep of human intuition. Wonderful as is the reasoning faculty in man (female gender inclusive), there is something deeper and profounder than that in our human nature. Mind, soul, reason, intellect, all these terms are distinctively expressive of elements in the spiritual nature of man ; but there is that which , in contradistinction to all else , we call the "spirit"

Answering Depths

THOSE answering deeps of the sky above and the sea beneath remind us of other great deeps which call to each other. The deep of Creator-God's work in creation calls to the deep of the creature-human intellect.

Ever since the beginning of human history, Creator-God's voice in the universe has been calling to the soul of man, and has awakened an answering call. We open our eyes to this wonderful world , its mountains, oceans, seas, forest, jungle, rivers, brooks, and as we look we hear a voice calling to something deep within us . Surely all these material phenomena are not the products of a blank void ! It is unthinkable that everything came into being from nothing and leads nowhere. These vast and verifiable realities of the physical universe must be the work of Master-Creator-God. These three title names depend upon your relationship with the One. If and when we are true to the deepest and most native within us, must we not say , "This is the house of Master-Creator-God"?

Amid the bright light of the morning we lift our gaze to the heavens, to the draping clouds, the vast blue, the flashing sun ; or amid the awing hush of night we look up to the friendly moon, the neighbour planets, the mysterious stars hung out like silver lamps in the dark vastness ; and that same voice calls from the baffling deep out yonder to the inquisitive deep of our own minds, "Lo, Master-Creator-God is here!"

Even more , as man's ability to explore and apprehend increases, so does the universe increase in its magnitudinousness and wonder. We sweep the heavens with our powerful nuclear telescopes, and see constellation after constellation, profuse thoroughfares of stellar systems ; or we take the microscope, and see the perfection of a snowflake and no one is alike since the first snow descent , the exquisite beauty of a wayside flower, or the explosive universe concentrated inside an atom ; everywhere we see the touch of the Master Creator hand ; and everywhere we hear a voice from the deep of creation to an answering deep in our own being.

If we will simply listen as "deep calleth unto deep", we shall know that Master-Creator-God is. He is therefore i am. If and when we are honest with ourselves we shall humbly admit that atheism is madness and foolish. Men's unbelief in God Deity is a matter of their opinions, not of their intuitions ; that is why atheists pray when in trouble or in the solemn crisis of death. Intellectually warped by prejudice, the atheist says, "God is nowhere"' but the innate instinct of his/her soul splits the word "nowhere" into now here". In real creation there is no vacuum or spacing in between and only your spirit can know the beginning and the ending of these spelling "Godisnowhere". The deep of Master-Creator-God's work in creation calls to the deep within man's own intellect, and evokes an answering call despite all speculative evasions. When we are true to our own nature, we hear and sense and know that God is ; that he is almighty , all-wise, all-seeing, all-knowing, omnipresent, beautiful in His thoughts, good in His purpose, and all-covering in His care.

The remarkable testimony of Lady Hope concerning Charles Darwin's return to the Bible faith in the later months of his life on earth. This blogger wish everyone knew that the 'father' of the modern theory of organic evolution had thus returned. Darwin wistfully reflected, " I was a young man with unformed ideas. I threw our queries, suggestions ; and to my astonishment the ideas took like wildfire." He asked Lady Hope would she address the servants, tenants, and some neighbours, at a little meeting the next day. "What shall I speak about ?"
Darwin replied, "Christ Jesus - and His salvation." In the end, convictions overcame opinions.

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