Friday, June 10, 2011

How you learn as a commoner-layperson-scientist?

A scientist's work is to observe a phenomenon, collect data on it, attempt to DISCERN patterns in that data and then develop a co-herent explanation for those patterns. No pre-conceived notion, just sincere honesty in explanation.

This is an example par excellence of careful observation, meticulous data capture and logical analysis of data, which then led to irrefutable conclusions.

Perhaps there is something doctors can learn from .....Healthy Wealth readers. Many readers find the whole experience therapeutic, offering something more than a busy doctor can.

This blogger is no doctor-mechanic, but this blogger is a mechanic-doctor.
A doctor-mechanic approaches the human body with the mindset of mechanical science, while a mechanic-doctor appreciates the human body with a mindset of natural physiological science.

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