Friday, June 3, 2011

E. coli bacteria , a killer food bug

Antibiotics not the way to go to curb the spread of E.coli toxic bacteria that has sickened more than 1,500 people in Germany and elsewhere. Berlin, 19 people killed, latest to die was an 80-year-old woman on June 3 Friday 2011.

This blogger is sympathetic to the healthcare challenges faced by world health authorities in tracing the source of the outbreak (bacteria detected early May , making it possibly the deadliest-ever outbreak), because such detailed micro investigations worldwide have been just as lengthy and confused .

There are,as yet, no antibiotic that can treat it.
Toxic E coli bacteria cause illness by releasing a poison in the gut that gets absorbed into the bloodstream and injures tiny blood vessels throughout the human body. In response , the human body produces clot that clog those vessels. That natural defense of body I
immunity system kicked in. The kidneys, where such vessels abound, are particularly vulnerable to this type of clogging, and could slow or shutt down entirely during a toxic attack - a life threatening complication.

DO NOT use antibiotics any further. Many studies show antibiotics increase the chances of KIDNEY FAILURE while doing little to shorten the duration of the infection. The best treatment is actually the use of intravenous fluids, which help to keep the kidney functioning. In short, drink clean water. Most victims infected with E.coli suffer painful diarrhoea, vomiting and fever within three days . The diarrhoea turns bloody 1to 3 days later, but usually resolves within a week of when the illness began. Diarrhoea is just a normal but emergency way of the human body to excrete any poisonous element which pass through the digestion system and victims MUST increase water and salinity intake to prevent cellular dehydration from setting in the body. Hi
Human body wisdom triggers vomiting in order to safeguard the digestion stomach system from poisonous elements to disrupt further possible damage in the gut. Fever is due to increased red blood cells which the human body will produce naturally to combat the invaders-toxic . These red blood cells only fight well in temperature above the normal body core temperature(37C). Water intake and salinity must be increased during this 'battle' .

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