Thursday, June 16, 2011


The human body uses the sensation to avoid dehydration.

THIRST is an alarm signal that goes off every time the human body begins to experience a lack of water. Babies never wait for you to postpone his/her water intake and cry till this basic need is satisfied. But adults can postpone this urge to drink water , and matter gets worsen when water is substituted with other liquid such as coffee, coke, alcohol, wine, canned products, etc...but plain water.

Thirst compels us not only to drink, but to drink as much as is necessary to correct the hydric imbalance.

Use this simple formula to review your water deficiency . Every one kilogram of your present body weight need at least 31.42 milliliter of plain water per day/nigh i.e. 24 hours. Assuming your present body weight is 65 kilograms, so your daily water quota is 65 multiply 31.42 equals

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