Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Why Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain and the remedy : Water

Low back pain.

Millions people suffer from some form of arthritis, millions more are suffering from low back pain, millions suffer from arthritis neck pain and hundred thousand children are affected by the juvenile form of arthritis. Once any of these conditions establishes in an individual's life , it becomes a sentence of suffering for the rest of that individual's life - unless the simplicity of the root cause of the problem is really fully understood. 

Initially, rheumatoid arthritis joints and their pain are to be viewed as indicators of water deficiency on the affected joint cartilage surfaces. Arthritis pain is another of the regional thirst signals of the body . In some arthritis pain, salt shortage may be a contributing factor . Get the formula free from to see whether how much water you should drink daily to reverse those painful joints. 

The cartilage surfaces of bones in a joint contain much water . The lubricating property of this "held water" is utilized in the cartilage , allowing the two opposing surfaces to freely glide over one another during joint movement. 

While bone cells are needed in calcium deposits, cartilage cells are immersed in a matrix containing a high quantity of water. It is the water deficits in the joints which caused the pain signal to be triggered; not so much of calcium deficiency as touted by calcium supplement promoters . 

As the cartilage surfaces glide over one another, dome exposed cells die and peel away. This is a normal body physiology . New cells take their place from the growing ends that are attached to the none surface on the two sides. In a well-hydrated cartilage, the rate of friction damage is minimal. 

In a dehydrated cartilage , the rate of abrasive damage is increased. The ratio between the rate of regeneration of cartilage cells to their "abrasive peel" is the index of joint efficiency.

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