Thursday, September 29, 2011

100 per cent Healthy?

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Are you presently 100% healthy? Do you want or love to turn your life around and enjoy levels of health and energy most people only think or dream of? This inspiring and practical blog reveals 10 'secrets' that can add years to your present life and good life to your present years.

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'I did the online report. I thought I was a healthy person. It showed that I wasn't. I feel absolutely fantastic. It has changed my life. I feel better ; I have got more energy. it is amazing.' -Karen S

'You have saved my life, or at least made it worth living again.' - Chris K

'I feel much better. I am very busy right now, and in the past I'd feel overwhelmed and not able to cope, both mentally and physically, but now I feel great. My mood is very positive - no panic or depression. I feel buoyant, energetic and enthusiastic.' - Amanda.

Karen's health was 36% before the programme, then after the programme it was at 86% healthy.

The 100% Health Programme is the most comprehensive and genuinely effective way of taking a major step towards 100% Health.
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to get your free online health check. This will tell you just how healthy you are in the present. This is the ultimate online personal health profile, showing you what your perfect diet and daily supplement programme is and which lifestyle changes will make the most difference.

Secret 1 : Perfect Your Digestion - Discover Your Best and Worst Foods.

Secret 2 : Balance Your Blood Sugar - the Key to Gaining Energy and Losing extra Weight.

Secret 3 : Get Connected - How to Sharpen Your Mind, Improve Your Mood and Keep Your Body's Chemistry in Tune.

Secret 4 : Increase the Anti-ageing Antioxidants - 20 Foods that Will Add Good Years to Your present Life .

Secret 5 : Eat Essential Fats - Keep Your Mind and Body Well Oiled.

Secret 6 : Keep Yourself Hydrated - Water is Your Most Vital Nutrient .

Secret 7 :

Secret 8 :

Secret 9 :

Secret 10 : Finding Your Purpose - Becoming Clear on the Bigger Picture.

The secret of secrets of being 100% healthy self (heal-thy-self) is not by studying sick people, but by imitating healthy people all around the world. - says this blogger.

To date , over 55,000 (year 2009 figure) people have completed the 100% Health Questionnaire, making our 100% Health Survey the largest ever comprehensive health-and-diet survey in Britain,and possibly in the world.

Three kinds of Logic. When you make a decision in life or about life, whether you are ware of it or not, you use 3 different kinds of logic.
1. This is the Logic of analogy, comparisons and relationships :what healthy people have in common.
2.Logic of analysis : breaking things down to see what the mechanism is, and how the thing works.
3.Logic of experience : lastly and most important, is your direct first hand experience. If you try it and it works for you, that's the most convincing.

Let me give you an example: You've read about studies that people who take large amounts of vitamin C have shorter and less severe colds. You've also met people who swear by vitamin C, saying that it really works for them. That's logic of analogy.
You read that scientists have proved the mechanism by which vitamin C specifically kills viruses and boosts the body's own immune system. That's logic of analysis.
You got cold, took 1 g vitamin C an hour (that's what the science shows works) and, six hours later, your cold symptoms had gone. That's logic of experience. Of course, if you took less, as most people do, your experience might have taught you that it doesn't work.

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