Monday, September 26, 2011

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"Poems for the common man"

I feel compelled to write my rhymes.
But I have longed, so many times,
For just a touch of eloquence,
Instead of my incompetence
At being able to express
Majestic thoughts with great finesse.
Though maybe not the way I plan,
My poems are for the Common Man,
With phrases such as "saved by grace,"
And seeing Jesus "face to face."
Just simple words to touch a life,
And help to heal heart-rending strife.

I'm sure the critics will agree
That no great poet I'll ever be.
Yet still I'll write about my Lord,
And seek His blessing as reward.
For I could have no greater gain
Than knowing I have eased some pain,
Or helped someone who's gone astray,
To come to Christ, the only way.
And so words flow-each one a prayer
That God might somehow use, somewhere,
To do His will, and fill a need.
Ah, that would bring me joy indeed!

-Betty Jo Mings

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