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Meridian Tapping and The Law of Attraction - A Perfect Match (Part 1)

Meridian Tapping and The Law of
Attraction - A Perfect Match (Part 1)
By Carol Look, PhD

(16) You’ve written down your wish list, you know what you
want and what date you want it by, and you’ve patiently
been waiting for the “stuff” to fall into your lap.

So where is it?

What’s the missing piece, and why hasn’t it come to you
yet? According to the popular philosophy of the Law of
Attraction, you haven’t yet allowed it into your life. How
do you allow it into your life? You relax, feel more joy,
appreciate what you have and choose positive thoughts
instead of dwelling on fear or scarcity. This raises your
vibration. Your job is to raise your vibration.

How can you possibly focus on joy and appreciation when
your life is full of pain, strife, angst or past memories that
scare you? You use Tapping! We’ve all done plenty of
asking, plenty of telling the universe who and what we
want in our lives. The missing piece is that we don’t
know how to get out of our own way and open the
door. Enter Meridian Tapping…


The Law of Attraction is ALWAYS working for us. For
those of you who’ve seen The Secret, What the Bleep
Do We Know, or been following the Abraham-Hicks work,
(just to name a few) you know what the Law of
Attraction is --- the popular term to describe why we
have what we have or experience in our lives. It means
“like attracts like” no matter what. If you vibrate in
fear, you will be delivered more experiences that cause
fear. If you vibrate in a joyful place, you will bump into
more experiences that bring you joy. Pretend your
thoughts and vibrations are like slow moving
boomerangs…they always come back to you.


The theory of this metaphysical “Law” of the Universe
states that whatever we are feeling or vibrating (not what
we are saying) is what is communicating our energetic
“position” or posture to the Universe. The Universe then
“hears” this vibration we are emitting, and then matches
it by returning to us similar experiences to produce more
of the same feeling and vibration. (This is why I have
been obsessed with using the Gratitude List and Gratitude
Walk that I talk about in my book. When I use these tools
along with Meridian Tapping, I immediately improve my
vibration which in turn magnetizes into my life the desires
I have been focused on.)

Many people misinterpret the principles behind the Law of
Attraction, and think they can “fool” the Universe by
pretending that they are joyful. This is not possible, as the
Universe reads your vibration, not what you say or do.

The key points of this article are:

(1) The Law of Attraction is always operating
(2) The Universe “hears” your vibration/energy, not
your words
(3) Knowing about this Law allows you to have more
power in your life and feel/ be less of a victim
(4) You DO have control over your vibration if you make
choices about your thoughts and focus
(5) Meridian Tapping is one of the fastest and easiest
ways to change your vibration.

So when you use Tapping to release any negativity and
conflict in your energy system, you will naturally be
vibrating in a more positive, uplifting space. Then the
LAW of ATTRACTION, which is always working, will bring
you more of the positive things that you have been asking
for. It’s a perfect match.

Think about all the pieces of Tapping --- (1) choosing a
specific problem, (2) affirming that you deeply and
completely love and accept yourself no matter what, and

(18)(3) tapping on the points in your energy system and relieving
the stress, tension, and conflict that has been stored there.
What a wonderful way to raise your vibration!

What do you want to attract in your life? Professional
success, money, love, friendships, joy, peace, spiritual
depth, happiness? It’s all available, but you need to know
how to control your “vibration” which is in direct
communication with the Universe. We need to use the
Law of Attraction to our advantage since it’s working 24
hours a day for us anyway.

In his recently released serious diseases DVD series, Gary
Craig described how the hurtful or traumatic events in our
lives drain and reduce the effectiveness of our immune
system over time. This makes perfect common sense.
When we have negative feelings and don’t find ways to
relieve or express them, we eventually run our immune
systems down and we end up in a compromised
physiological place. Then we are a favorable “host” for the
flu bug or cold virus circulating in our environment. The
same is true for our vibration. When we run ourselves
down by focusing on negative thoughts, painful
experiences, or upsetting what if’s, we lower our vibration,
which the Universe then answers. (Remember the image
of a slow moving boomerang…)


Using the theory behind the Law of Attraction is NOT a
system of blame! It is an explanation of responsibility and
an opportunity to take back control of your life and stop
being a victim. We have all attracted negative things into
our lives from time to time, some more than others. When
people argue, “but I didn’t want that bad thing to
happen…” you can bet that at some point, and definitely
over time, they were inadvertently focusing on negativity,
resentment, and probably fear. We all do it, we all attract
negative things into our lives, and we are all afraid much
of the comes with being human. However, we
have many more tools at our disposal now to reduce
the fear, transform the powerlessness, and increase
our genuine joy. It’s an individual decision whether we
want to pick up and practice using these tools or not.


It is also important to note that the Law of Attraction
mechanism is carried out by the Universe in a “big picture
way.” You don’t have a resentful or fearful thought at
10:00 in the morning, and get a flat tire at noon. It’s
about your overall vibration on particular subjects, your
accumulated vibration, and this is something you can
change and influence in a very short period of time. So
consider being patient, believing that what you want is on
its way to you, and work on raising your overall vibration.

Everyone oversimplifies the issue and manages to turn it
around again into victimhood. Why did the universe
send this to me??? They ask…Because they were pulsing,
vibrating, communicating that same level of vibration that
was returned to them, on some subtle level in their energy
system by focusing on resentment, pain, hurt, anger or
feeling powerless. We all do it, we all have done it, and
we all will continue to do it in our lives. But now we can
choose to do it less, relieve the feelings, take back our
power, and harness the incredible power of the Law of
Attraction. Remember, this “law” works as often and as
predictably as gravity, so it’s up to you what targets you
want to offer it. The Law of Attraction has perfect aim.

“I wouldn’t have asked for the flu” you protest… No, you
wouldn’t have and neither did I last winter, but I did
communicate resistance, tension, fear, and irritation for a
long time before I weakened my immune system enough
to allow myself to react to the flu bug. In other words, I
had to be ready, or a favorable “host” for it. (I also still
“expect” to get sick at some point in the winter…another
vibration I can work on changing.)

Remember, WE ALL DO IT. If any of you are hearing
blame, you are not hearing me and what I am saying
in this article. We all use the Law of Attraction in our
daily life, why not use it for our benefit, rather than to hurt us
or slow our progress down?

If you want more in your life to be grateful for, focus on
the appreciation you already feel for what and who you
have in your life. Try the gratitude list or gratitude walk I
talk about in my newsletters, or my gratitude tapping
sequences from other articles. This all you need to
attract outrageous success and abundance into your
life: (1) Law of Attraction, (2) Meridian Tapping, and
(3) An Attitude of Gratitude.

Try a marathon of gratitude tapping and measure how you
feel afterwards, and what tail-enders surface. Start by
addressing the genuine mood or feeling state you feel right
now, then move into appreciation and gratitude.

Karate chop point: Even though I feel a little down right
now, I choose to focus on positive emotions…Even though
I don’t feel very positive right now, I accept who I am and
how I feel…Even though I’m wallowing in self-pity right
now, I accept all of me and how I feel.

EYEBROW: I’m always afraid of what might happen

SIDE OF EYE: What if something bad happens to me?

UNDER EYE: I feel the fear in my vibration every day

NOSE: I can feel the fear no matter what I do

CHIN: I don’t feel safe unless I’m feeling worried

COLLARBONE: I’m afraid to let go of my fear

UNDER ARM: I don’t know how to feel any other way

HEAD: What if I can’t let go of my fear?

EYEBROW: I’m always afraid of what might happen
SIDE OF EYE: What if something bad happens to me?
UNDER EYE: I feel the fear in my vibration every day
NOSE: I can feel the fear no matter what I do
CHIN: I don’t feel safe unless I’m feeling worried
COLLARBONE: I’m afraid to let go of my fear
UNDER ARM: I don’t know how to feel any other way
HEAD: What if I can’t let go of my fear?

(21) After you have relieved the sensation of chronic fear in
your mind and body with Meridian Tapping, move
towards more positive and appreciative thoughts and

EYEBROW: I love feeling grateful
SIDE OF EYE: I choose to feel good no matter what
UNDER EYE: I feel appreciation for being alive
NOSE: I love who I am and how I feel
CHIN: I’m grateful for my life
COLLARBONE: I appreciate so much in my life
UNDER ARM: I’m grateful for the clarity in my life
HEAD: I love feeling so joyful

EYEBROW: I love feeling good
SIDE OF EYE: I appreciate feeling so grateful
UNDER EYE: I appreciate who I am
NOSE: I love who I am becoming
CHIN: I’m grateful for all my feelings
COLLARBONE: I appreciate the guidance I am getting
UNDER ARM: I’m grateful for who I am
HEAD: I love feeling such joy

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