Friday, September 30, 2011

Optimal Life health : Patricia Lin interviews Stuart Tan

This has allowed us to look closely at how people really feel and what kind of nutrition and lifestyle factors increase your chances of being super-healthy --both physically and psychologically.

We define health as not only the absence of illness, but also the presence of psychological health ( a high IQ, sharp mind, good mood and motivation) :

physical health (the ability to climb a mountain);

and biochemical health (optimal levels of blood sugar, homocysteine and cholesterol, for example). We wanted to achieve optimal health for one and all.

Taking the first step of LEAP oF FAITH

What's their secret?

Interview With Stuart Tan: Surviving the 2011 Recession

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This is an exclusive interview with Singapore's top personal development trainer, Stuart Tan. He shares his insights on the looming recession and how people can better prepare themselves for the tough times ahead.

Key topics include:

-How people can identify opportunities amid problems that may surface during the recession
-What qualities are needed to remain resilient in difficult times
-Why some people are able to triumph over others and profit or excel during these times

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