Wednesday, September 7, 2011


water deficit in body intake and depression in its early stages is like the brown grass disease of the brain cells. It is a direct outcome of not drinking water on a regular basis in quality and quantity, worse, of drinking caffeinated beverages in place of plain water.

Caffeine is a drying agent to the body and dehydrates the body. Nine trillion brain cells need water all the time. The human brain is 85 percent water and needs every drop of it to perform its most complicated functions. Depression is much like the wilting stage of brown grass, but sadly, you cannot dig up the brain cells and plant new gene-improved models in their place, at least not yet. You will have to make do with what you have -- water it.

And because jargon-peddling is the way of "knowledgeable professionals," the simple shortage of water, and the material resources it would bring with it for the needs of the brain, has been responsible for the creation of psychiatry as a field among the medical disciplines. The difference between psychology and psychiatry is in the way the patient is treated. In the one discipline they talk you out of your concerns, and in the other they medicate you into conformity.

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