Monday, March 26, 2012


One of my best friends is a brilliant medical doctor.  When I first showed him the small growth on my arm he was not concerned. Though we were in the same weekly Bible study together , my seminar schedule and winter month clothing kept the danger "growing" on my arm hidden from his eyes for months. The first time my doctor friend saw me on a warm spring day in short sleeve shirt I was in trouble. With one look he took me aside and said , "Larry, this is a basal cell carcinoma, you need to get it removed immediately before it metastasizes or it could kill you." The following Monday morning, before I could make an appointment for surgery, Alex Loyd called and asked if we could meet to discuss the Hebrew basis for the results he was getting with what would come to be called " The Healing Codes".
We met for lunch. If anyone  other than Alex had been telling me about energy healings, I would have run. Energy medicine sounded wrong to my western ears and my religious programming.  After listening for a long time, I rolled up my sleeve and asked, "Are you telling me that I can get rid of this basal cell carcinoma by running my on energy back in to my body?" Alex, said, " I can only tell you the amazing results that some of my clients have experienced." My reply was, " I need a couple of days to pray and study Hebrew root words, I can't do this until I come to peace about it." Two days later, with clear insights on the physical results of "stress" in the spiritual heart, I called Alex and the rest is history. What I experienced next was absolutely amazing --- to the point that I have been telling people all over the world about  The Healing Codes in my "Rediscovery of The HEART" seminars ever since. I could tell a difference in the tumor in three days, I watched it get smaller and smaller day after day, it was completely gone in four or five weeks. That was over eight years ago --- still to this day not a trace of the tumor has returned. I cannot recommend this process too highly. It is , in my opinion, a major breakthrough that heals any issue at its core. What the origination of the computer has done for business, The Healing Codes can do for health and healing. --Larry.

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