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Gut and Psychology Syndrome : Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride (Part 2)

 DM= Dr. Joseph Mercola
NC=Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride

NC: There are supplements. Some of them are the same, but there are some which are a supplement and which do not colonize the human digestive system. They go through it. They transit through the microbes. But with every transit through the digestive tract, they do a lot of good work.
For example, soil bacteria. The bacteria which not really live in the soil, that‟s Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus licheniformus, and some other species of fungal growth. Naturally, they are not supposed to live to colonize in the digestive tract of humans. They go through us. But they have a real ability to kill pathogens, to clear them out, to stimulate the immunity, and do good work in the digestive system. That‟s why I like probiotics which contain some soil species of bacteria – not only Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria, not only human strains.

DM: The bacillus actually makes the vitamin K2 also, isn‟t it?
NC: Absolutely. They produce B12, vitamin B6, vitamin K2, biotin, and some other useful nutrients for us. There is some research that seems to focus on this, from a couple of microbiologists in Russia. They argue that soil bacteria are supposed to be the resident bacteria in the human digestive system, but that is sort of different accounts in microbiological science. The majority of microbiologists agree that they‟re transitory. They‟re not supposed to live in the digestive tract of humans.
Coming back to the GAPS Introduction Diet, we have mentioned that we remove fiber. We have mentioned that we put a lot of probiotic microbes into the digestive system. They are the ones that orchestrate and manage the whole healing process in the digestive tract. Without them, there will be no healing.
The third factor: the GAPS Introduction Diet provides large amounts of all those building blocks for the gut lining to give birth to baby enterocytes to rebuild its integrity and to build new layers of healthy cells, which will grow, spread, and heal and seal the damage and leaky digestive lining of the person.
These three factors ensure that the gut heals much quicker if you follow the introduction diet. That is why people who follow that particular stage of GAPS Nutritional Protocol found that their food allergies disappear much quicker. We have many people who have healed themselves and have removed their food allergies and intolerances completely. Now they can eat foods which they could not even touch before.
The same happens to people with inflammatory bowel conditions and other severe digestive disorders, and to any person who got serious digestive symptoms – diarrhea, ulcer, constipation, abdominal pain, abdominal cramps, reflux, indigestion, and any other symptom coming from the digestive system and indicating and signaling to the person that the digestive system is in trouble.
What we do on the first stage of the GAPS Introduction Diet, all we use is homemade meat stock, homemade bone broth, and soups with well-cooked vegetables.
We use vegetables which have lower amounts of fiber. We remove all the fibrous bits from the vegetables, and we cook them very well. Because when we cook vegetables, their cellular structure gets broken down, and they are much easier to digest. They become more of a feeding and nourishing food rather than a cleansing food.
Raw fruits and vegetables are indigestible for the human digestive system. They don‟t feed us; they cleanse us. Mother Nature gave them to us with an intention to clean our bodies and to detoxify us, but not to feed us. They do not feed.
But as we cook the vegetables and as we ferment the vegetables, we break down their cellulose structure. They become less of a cleansing detoxifying food, but more of a feeding and nourishing food. We have soups with well-cooked vegetables. We have meat and fish, which have been cooked in water for a long time so their protein structure is unraveled, soft, gelatinous, and is much, much easier to digest.

DM: Can I interrupt you here? It‟s an important point. There is a large group of people who are firmly convinced to the value of raw foods and its nutritional components. When you cook it or process the food, you diminish some of the value of the food. I understand that from the fiber component, you made it really clear. I‟m just curious about the nutritional content, because it‟s an important concept that many of these vegetables in the raw state really can‟t be digested and their nutrients can‟t be utilized.
Do you believe that the benefits and the availability of nutrients are actually increased for many of them when you cook them, as opposed to eating them raw?
NC: I‟m glad you asked this question, Joe, because there is a huge amount of misinformation in this area. We live in the world of nutritional misinformation. [Laughs] You are bombarded by it everywhere, starting from your TV, glossy magazines, books, and finishing up with the government‟s food pyramid.

DM: Of course. [Laughs]
NC: No wonder people are confused and bewildered by all these huge amount of misinformation everywhere. Let‟s clear that misinformation. Mother Nature provided us with two groups of foods, natural foods.
Obviously, we‟re not talking about processed foods here. Processed foods have been created by our food industry to serve the food industry. They do not serve the human body. These foods do not feed us. They do not cleanse us. They do not serve your body at all. They just pollute us, because they have been processed to increase their shelf life and to make them more possible. Let‟s remove those foods out of the equation altogether.
We‟re talking about natural foods, which Mother Nature has created, in the shape and form that Mother Nature had created them. We‟re talking about meat, fresh fish, fresh eggs in their shells, fresh dairy, fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain, whole beans, whole nuts, and whatever other plant foods there are. Mother Nature has provided us with two groups of natural foods. One is plants, and we are talking about fruits and vegetables, grains, beans, and nuts. The other group is animal products. We‟re talking about meat, milk, and eggs. These are the two groups.
There is a great distinction between these two groups of foods. The animal foods, the fish, eggs, and dairy products are the foods that Mother Nature gave us to feed our cells. They are the feeding foods. They are the building foods. They build your bones, muscles, brains, immune system, and all the other organs in your body. They are the building and the feeding foods. They feed you and build you up.
Plant foods, Mother Nature gave us as cleansers. They do not feed us. They do not nourish us. They do not build your bones. They do not build your brains. They do not build your muscles. They do not build, nourish, or feed anything. They are cleansers. They were given to us by Mother Nature to keep our bodies clean and to detoxify us.
Both are important. It is important to be fed well, and it is important to be cleansed well.
Only yesterday I had a patient in my clinic. She was a beautiful girl who is very tall – about 185 centimeters tall – but she weighs only 51 kilograms. She‟s severely malnourished. Her menstruations have stopped a year ago. She‟s a pale and a very malnourished-looking girl. This is a person that is very conscious of what she eats. She loves cooking. She excluded all the junk and all the processed foods from her diet. She was always healthy, until she changed her diet a year ago.
She listened to the government food pyramid. She listened to what the T.V. says. She listened to the glossy magazines, and to all the other misinformation in the world. She decided to be healthy. She decided to become a vegan. For a year, she lived on fruits and vegetables, grains (whole grains that she cooked at home), whole beans, nuts, and all other plant foods she prepared raw and natural. She ran into great trouble. She washed herself away.
I have explained to her, “What you have been doing for a year is that you have been cleansing yourself, because you have been eating only cleansing and detoxifying foods. You are not feeding yourself. So you cleansed yourself, and cleansed, and cleansed, and cleansed, until you became washed out. Now, it‟s time for you to feed yourself, because plant foods do not feed us.”
The natural cultures all over the world through the millennia have understood this. That is why they developed methods to make plant foods more of a feeding food and digestible for the human digestive system. The methods that they have developed to make plants more digestible, more feeding and buildings are cooking and fermentation.
That is why grains were always fermented or they were cooked. Fruits and vegetables were fermented and cooked. When we ferment and cook plant foods, we break down their structure. They become less of a detoxifier. They clean up your body much, much less. They don‟t clean your body sometimes at all, but they move into the group of feeding foods. They become more of a nourishing and more of a feeding food.

DM: Where would vegetable juicing fit in that scenario? Does the processing of it convert it more to a feeding and nourishing food?
NC: No. The juices do not nourish us. Again, they cleanse us.

DM: Okay.
NC: Of course, this distinction is not 100 percent. There is some overlap. Animal foods have some cleansing ability, without a doubt. For example, raw egg white is one of the champions in chelating toxic metals in the body. It‟s a wonderful chelator of toxic metals, as long as you consume it raw from pastured eggs (where chickens are running around in the pasture). The same with plant foods – they have some feeding abilities and some building abilities, but it is negligible compared to the animal foods.
So, animal foods feed us; plant foods detoxify us. Why does that happens? It‟s because the energy on our planet comes from the sun. Everything on our beautiful planet gets recycled.

DM: Yes.
NC: The only new input of energy that comes to the planet comes from the sun. In other words, a group of things on this planet that can capture the energy of the sun and convert it into solid matter: these are plants. Plants have photosynthesis, so they are able to capture the very energy of the sun and convert it into solid matter that can be eaten.
Then Mother Nature created a group of herbivorous animals, which can consume the energy of the sun in the form of plants, consume the grasses, the plants, and the plant matter. In order for this group of animals to be able to break down the plants, digest them properly, and convert them into another form of solid matter into meat, milk, eggs, and fish, Mother Nature provided them with a very special digestive system. Herbivorous animals have got several stomachs called rumen, and these stomachs are filled with bacteria with microbes. It‟s not the cow that digests the grass; it‟s the microbes in its stomach – in the rumen – that breaks down the grass for the cow.
The interesting thing is the cow actually chooses the same mouthful of grass about 200 times. The zoologists would calculate it. She would chew one mouthful of grass for a little bit, break it down, then send it down into the rumen. The bacteria in the rumen will work on it, extract what they can out of it, and then they will send it back to the mouth. She‟ll regurgitate it. She‟ll munch it again just for a little bit, send it back into the stomach. That happens 200 times with the same mouthful of grass.
Another fascinating fact that I have discovered recently is that most carbohydrates in the plant matter, in the grasses, and in other plants that the herbivorous animals swallow are converted by the bacteria in their rum into short-chain fatty acids. They absorb all the carbohydrates largely as fat.
Herbivorous animals – cows, elephants, zebras, giraffes, deer, and other herbivorous animals – they are on an extremely high-fat diet. That is why they are so huge. It‟s the bacteria inside their digestive system that break down all these plant for us.
We humans don‟t have a rumen. We only have one small stomach, and we have no bacteria in that stomach, if you‟re healthy. A healthy stomach in a healthy human is the least populated area of our digestive system. The numbers of bacteria, they‟re counting hundreds, which is a very meager number. In fact, human stomach produces acid and pepsin. These two things are only fit to break down one group of foods effectively, and that is animal foods. They are fit to break down meat, animal fat, fish, eggs, and milk.
They‟re not fit to break down plants at all. That is why the plant world is indigestible for human beings. Most of them, when we consume them in a raw state in particular – in their natural state – they go all through our digestive system, and they finish up practically undigested in the bowel where the bacteria – that‟s our equivalent of the rumen – work on them, break them partially down, and convert them again into soft-chain fatty acids. We absorb them as fat, and that‟s the boost to our human metabolism. But if you try to live entirely on these plant foods, you will run into trouble as vegans do.
In the laboratory, our nutritional scientists have been working on plants for a long time. When we break down plants in the laboratory, we find that they‟re full of nutrition. They have large amounts of protein, fats, carbohydrates, this and that vitamin, [inaudible 52:04]. Then this information is published in tables in the nutritional literature and popular literature. That lures the vegetarians and vegans to a full sense of security. They look at all these tables and they say, “Oh gosh, look at all these wonderful nutrition I‟m getting from munching on my carrots and spinach.”
But the trouble is these tables are misleading. They‟re downright deceptive, because in the laboratory where we use all sorts of methods and chemicals to extract nutrients from plants – methods and chemicals, which the human digestive system does not possess. A calf possesses those methods and a sheep possesses those methods because they‟re herbivorous animals, and they have a rumen. We humans don‟t possess that. The human digestive system cannot extract all the goodness out of those plants. They‟re indigestible for us, so they do not feed you. They were designed by Mother Nature as cleansers, as detoxifiers.
If you are a person who is overweight, very toxic, and feels overstuffed altogether, then for a period of time to follow a vegan diet is a good idea for this person, because they don‟t need to be fed anymore. They need to cleanse. So, for a couple of weeks, a couple of months even, just cleansing, cleansing, cleansing through a raw vegan diet is a good idea. They will wash out all these toxins from the body, they will cleanse, and they will feel great while they‟re doing that.
But when the body finishes with cleansing, when it‟s cleaned out, it will give the person a signal: “Right now I‟m ready to be fed…” And that is the time when you need to start feeding yourself. In order to feed yourself, you have to consume animal products. You have to eat meat. You have to eat fat – animal fat. You have to eat fish. You have to eat eggs. You have to good-quality dairy products, because these are the foods that Mother Nature provided us with in order to feed us.
If you look at all the traditional cultures around the world that developed their own indigenous diets for a millennia depending on where they live, there is no such thing as a vegetarian diet. It does not exist in nature, and it does not exist in the traditional tribal culture of humanity on this planet.
We human beings evolved as being omnivores. We evolved to eat everything that we can find in our immediate environment, animal foods and plant foods. People – depending on where they evolved, where they live, whether they lived in the tropics, Greenland, or Iceland – they would eat what they have locally. They would eat everything, including meat, fish, and all the plant matter.
Vegetarianism comes from a Western religious culture. It is a religious byproduct – vegetarianism and veganism. It was first explored by monks who lived in isolation in monasteries. These were usually male communities or men who have to live together. Their sexual energy became a problem for these people. They were looking for something that would reduce their sexual activity or sexual desire. They found that excluding animal products or meat and becoming vegetarians work very nicely. Indeed, in order for us to produce sex hormones, we need cholesterol, because they‟re made from cholesterol. We require vitamin A and vitamin D. We require a lot of protein. In order to produce sex hormones, they have to eat meat, eggs, and animal fat.
If you don‟t want to produce sex hormones, if you want to be infertile, and if you don‟t want to have any sexual desire, then the vegan diet is the right diet that you should follow.

DM: [Laughs]
NC: That‟s what these monks have found, and that became their practice.
Then in the 1800, there was a group of religious people. They were Puritans. At the center of that group was [56:11]. That‟s where the whole thing came from. He was a Puritan, quite an extreme Puritan. Puritans believe that all sexual activities or intimacy between a man and a woman is immoral and against God and should be greatly discouraged.
In order to do that and to get rid of sexual urges – the way they put it – they have studied the diets of these monks in isolated monasteries and communities and adopted that diet. They wrote some very compelling books and articles. They started evangelizing this way of life to people in order to reduce sexual urges and sexual activity. That‟s where the vegetarian diet was born for the first time. That was how the vegan diet was born. That is the history of vegetarianism in human society. That‟s where it‟s coming from.
So, if you want to reduce your sexual activity, if you don‟t want to produce children, and if you don‟t want to have any sexual energy at all, then perhaps the vegan diet is the
right diet for you to follow. But if you want to have a normal life, belong to this world, have a family, and have children – then do not follow that kind of diet.
Cleansing is one of the wonderful things that nutritional science has propagated and expounded on. There are many books now that are showing that a period of a vegan diet can eliminate Type 2 diabetes, and can eliminate many [inaudible 57:49] conditions, and all sorts of ailments and disorders.
Because if a person is toxic, overstuffed, and overweight, then a period of cleansing – just pure cleansing – is extremely beneficial for these people. Indeed, their blood sugar does go down, their diabetes does disappear, their blood pressure does normalize, and many other wonderful things happen to their body when the body is given a chance to cleanse and to remove toxins.
But then when the body finishes with that cleansing, it needs to be fed. Following a vegan diet or a vegetarian diet like that for a long period of time is unsustainable and should not be contemplated.
What‟s important for these people with all these disorders and all these degenerative conditions such as cancer, heart disease, autoimmunity, and other degenerative conditions are not caused by natural foods. They are caused by all processed foods, by the activity of our food industry. These foods will not cleanse the body. They do not feed the body. They just pollute the body and cause disease. Removing those foods forever is the best way to go if you don‟t want to have any disease in the body.
It is very important for people to listen to their bodies and to talk to their bodies and figure out, “What do I need right now? Do I need to cleanse right now, or do I need to feed myself right now? In what state my body is in? Maybe I need a mixture, some sort of somewhat on the middle ground between the two, depending on what‟s happening in my body. ”
If we have an anorexic, Joe, for example, or a malnourished person who follows some vegan diet or a vegetarian diet for a while, the last thing you want to do is cleansing them. They have been cleansing already for far too long. They‟re washed out. You need to feed the person. Feed and feed and feed, until they have restored their energy and weight, and have become far more energetic. Then they can bring more of a balance into their diet of cleansing foods and feeding foods.
But if you have an overweight, blurry person with high blood pressure and diabetes, perhaps the last thing that person needs right now is feeding.

They need to be cleansed. Following a vegan or a cleansing diet for a couple of months is a good idea for that person. Once the cleansing is accomplished, then we bring back in the feeding foods and we find a balance and a middle ground between feeding and cleansing.
One of the oldest and most effective ways of cleansing the body and removing all sorts of degenerative problems is fasting. It is a very old European tradition to fast. It‟s biblical. It‟s actually proposed in every religion. Every religious practice has a period of fasting. Because what does fasting do? It cleanses. It allows the body to move away from feeding and building and actually attend to all that backlog that the body puts on the back burner of cleansing, of detoxifying, and of removing various toxins out of the body.
So, a period of fasting can be tremendously beneficial and tremendously healing. People have healed themselves from all sorts of incurable degenerative conditions with fasting. But of course, you can‟t fast forever, can you? You have to start eating at some point.

DM: I‟m wondering if you could recommend periods that you‟d advise for people to consider fasting. Also, maybe comment on some of what experts are recommending, which is called intermittent fasting, where the process is just not eating anything after dinner until maybe noon or late afternoon of the following day and you go into a 12 to 16 hours of fasting.
NC: What I would like to say here is that there are no prescriptive rules, and do not listen to anybody who tries to prescribe for you when you should fast and when you should eat. No scientist, no doctor in the world, and no laboratory can actually prescribe for you personally on what you should be doing. The only authority that you should listen to is your own body, because Mother Nature took billions of years into designing your body. It took an awful long time to work everything out to the finest detail in your human body.
Human bodies are the most marvelous designs in this world. It is a beautiful, beautiful creation. It has a very ancient built-in wisdom. It knows what it needs at every moment of your life. The nutritional composition of things that your body needs depends on what your body is doing at the time. If you‟re distracted, if you‟re under stress, if you‟re working to pass the exams, and if you‟re studying, your body will need one set of nutrients. If you‟re lying on the beach, you‟re resting – it‟s warm – and you have nothing to do in particular, your body will need a very different set of nutrients. Your mind cannot figure out what exactly your body need at any particular moment in your life. Only your body knows that.
How does your body tell you what it needs at every particular moment? If your body, for example, right now needs so much protein, carbohydrate, fats, B12, manganese, and zinc, how is your body going to give you all that complicated information? Even if your body had a way of telling you all that, how are you going to get that set of nutrients in order to serve your body properly?
Well, Mother Nature is kind, and it doesn‟t ask anything so complicated of us. Instead, it gave us senses. It gave us a sense of smell, a sense of taste, and a sense of pleasure from food.

Life has to be about pleasure and desire. These two senses – the desire for things and the pleasure – are not sinful. I know that our religious and political conditioning that we have been subjected to for centuries have pronounced these two words as sinful and as something to resist. That is very wrong. These emotions were given to us by Mother Nature with a very special purpose, because that‟s how the body communicates to you what it needs right now.
So, whenever the time comes to eat or you have a minute to eat something, ask yourself a simple question, “What do I desire right now? What would I love to eat right now?” The answer will pop into your brain immediately. Your body will tell you immediately, “I want this right now.” That will be in complete harmony with the set of nutrients that your body needs right now depending on what it‟s doing, what the weather‟s like, what the season is like, and hundreds of other variables that the body is working with.

DM: Should there be a caution here, because for some people, especially in their disease conditions, those desires are going to be unhealthy foods.
NC: Absolutely.

DM: They might desire ice cream, pizza, or a number of different poor choices.
NC: Yes, I couldn‟t agree with that more. We‟re talking about natural foods, which Mother Nature has designed. Mother Nature has not designed pizza. Mother Nature has not designed ice cream. Mother Nature has not designed chocolate bars, and Mother Nature has not designed soft drinks. It did not.
Mother Nature has designed your body during billions of years and during the same period of time in a far world. It was designing the food on this planet.
Make no mistake. Your body knows the nutritional composition of all natural foods on this planet, but your body does not have the knowledge of what pizza is made from. It hasn‟t got the knowledge of what ice cream is made from, and it hasn‟t got the knowledge of what other things are made from.
The food industry is aware of that, so they put addictive substances into processed foods. There is a whole industry. There are thousands of chemicals specifically designed to make foods addictive. So you cannot stop eating them, and you become an addict. Many people who subsist on processed foods in our modern world, are addicts. They‟re addicted to pizzas. Their addicted to particular cookies, snacks, junk foods, or drinks, because they‟re addicted to chemicals, which are addicting to them.
These foods have no right to carry the noble name “food.” They‟re not food. Everything in these foods are processed and mutilated. The proteins are mutilated. The carbohydrates are changed, their chemical structure. The fats have been mutilated. The vitamins and enzymes have been killed. These foods do not feed you. They do not cleanse you, and they do not serve your body in any positive way or whatsoever. They just pollute your body, and they cause disease. Nobody should be eating these foods. Nobody…
So, when I‟m talking about listening to your body, I‟m not talking about any of those foods. I‟m talking about natural foods. Perhaps depending on what your body is doing, the answer may be right now that you want to have two fried eggs, a sausage, bacon, and a salad. Later on, perhaps your body will just say, “I just want an apple with a little bit of yogurt. I just want a handful of nuts, or I just want a salad, that‟s all.” It depends on what your body is doing at that time.
It is a very large subject. I have written an article, which is called One Man’s Meat is Another Man’s Poison. It explains the subject in great detail. You will find it on my blog: doctor-natasha.com. That‟s where it‟s published. You can find the link on my website as well for this article, http://gaps.me. Please read that article.
Because we need use other senses as well. We need to use the sense of smell. We need to use the sense of taste, and we need to use the sense of satisfaction from food. Because if you provide your body with the right kinds of foods that it needs right now, it will give you the maximum satisfaction. You‟ll feel satisfied. You can forget about the food for a while, and get onto something else in your life. You‟ll have no cravings after that particular food, because you have satisfied your body with the nutritional content that it needs right now.

DM: Thank you for clearing it up, because it‟s a question I know that many would have after listening to this. It‟s a really important distinction, so thanks for explaining that.
NC: Exactly. I‟m saying it for people to understand. Shall we come back to the GAPS Nutritional Protocol that we have been talking about? [Laughs]

DM: Sure!
NC: Coming to the GAPS Introduction Diet, we have the first stage. If you have a raging diarrhea, if you have a child who‟s producing this loose, foul-looking, foul-smelling stools, if you have a tummy bug – a child or yourself picked up a tummy bug– and you have vomiting and diarrhea, if you picked up some traveler‟s diarrhea or something like that, go on the first stage of introduction diet. That will clear your diarrhea in one or two days quite quickly.
If it‟s very severe and if your gut is being a vector in your body for clearing some toxins out, because many toxins in the body are removed through the bowel, particularly toxic metals such as mercury, lead, aluminum, and other toxic metals, which may be stored in your brain or in your bone marrow… But when your body starts clearing them out, it will pull them out of the brain, pull them out of the bone marrow, transport them into the bowel, transport them across the wall of the bowel inside the rumen of the bowel, and then expel them in your stool. When they are transported through the wall of the bowel, they cause so much irritation and so much inflammation that the natural reaction of the bowel is to pull water and salts in and cause diarrhea to expel these toxic stuff out quickly and effectively.

Diarrhea is a cleansing physiological response for the body. It is not bad. It is good for you. If you have a consistent diarrhea, it means that your body is cleaning something out; it is dealing with something. Just trust the process, trust your body, and think, “What is it in my body that my body‟s trying to clear out? Maybe I should stop consuming something. Maybe I keep putting in some toxins that my body‟s clearing out through this vector, through the bowel, through the diarrhea.”

When you stop consuming that toxic substance, the diarrhea stops. In the majority of people, when they go on the first stage of introduction diet, the diarrhea clears quite effectively and quite quickly, particularly, if you introduce at the same time fermented foods.
What we introduce on the first stage of the GAPS Diet is yogurt, which is a dairy product. We ferment yogurt at home. It has to be fermented at home, because commercially produced yogurt doesn‟t follow the same instructions. The milk is not fermented long enough to remove all the lactose. The home-fermented yogurt is lactose-free. So, for people who cannot digest lactose, this product is lactose-free, because it‟s fermented for 24 hours. It has a different texture, look, and flavor – the home-fermented yogurt – so don‟t expect that it will look like the commercial one. I just know that this is an excellent product. It‟s a delicious and a beautiful product.
I do recommend that you go for organic milk to ferment, because non-organic milk contains all sorts of chemicals, which can continue causing diarrhea in your body and continue causing irritation in your digestive system. It is essential that it‟s organic. Going even further to the best quality of milk, I do recommend that you get raw, unpasteurized milk from a natural breed of cow such as Jersey cow, which is on organic, natural pasture – on grass, in the fresh air, and under the sunlight.
The trouble is that the majority of milk that is sold in the supermarket doesn‟t come from natural breeds of cows. These are not the cows that Mother Nature has designed. These are cows that were designed in the laboratories by scientists in order to produce huge, unnatural amounts of milk. The milk that they produce has a very different chemical structure than the natural milk. It‟s a completely different product. It causes all sorts of disorders, problems, and illnesses.
I have a stack full, at least at full height at home, of scientific studies that link commercial milk that is sold in supermarkets (from these Frankenstein cows) to the causation of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune conditions, and all sorts of degenerative problems or childhood disorders. Indeed, all these studies have been done on these Frankenstein milks from these Frankenstein cows, which are then processed further. So the milk is wrong in the first place, and then it‟s processed, pasteurized, homogenized, possibly even more heat-treated, and so on.

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