Monday, March 26, 2012

Sharings from Dr Chris Teo,Research on effectiveness of herbs and alternative therapies for cancer

Research on effectiveness of herbs and alternative therapies for cancer

Cervical Dysplasia Regressed After Two Months on Herbs

Lan is a 48-year-old lady. About a year ago she bled when having sex. In addition, for the past 5 to 6 years she had  white (and sometimes yellow) discharge. She had regular Pap smear in Singapore. But on 13 September 2011, the result showed she had low grade squamous intraepithelial lesion, encompassing mild dysplasia (CIN 1).  The cellular changes presented were consistent with Human Papilloma Virus. The doctor suggested that Lan perform a biopsy. She refused. Lan came to seek our help on 25 November 2011.
Breast Cancer: This is how they do it in the Philippines!

To our surprise, on 1 March 2012, JA and her daughter showed up at our centre – without any prior appointment. They flew in from Manila, Philippines, to present his wife’s case (let’s call her Jo). I must say this is the first time that we have someone who came personally from the Philippines – generally we helped patients from Philippines via e-mail, which is quite unsatisfactory.
Jo is a 78-year-old lady. Sometime in 2001, she discovered a thumb-sized lump in her right breast. She went to consult a doctor who palpated her breast and said she had a Stage 2 breast cancer. No ultrasound, no mammogram or biopsy was done. Right away the doctor prescribed the following …
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