Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Heart Transformation Program

The Heart Transformation Workshop Provides You the Power of Love to the Power of Ten
You will spend two days working on issues of the heart, “heart junk” as Dr. Alex calls it. You will be immersed in the techniques of the healing codes coupled with the power of the Q Codes. The weekend is more than the Q Codes. It is the application of the Q Codes to issues in your life with forty other people’s energy working on them with you. You can not imagine the power that comes with such intensity. Yes, you could learn the Q codes at home once a self study package is released, but you will NEVER get the power that you will get from this weekend. You will NEVER get the chance to really kick the butts of your issues the way you will this weekend. We have seen it work with people getting remarkable results. And you take with You the "Q Codes". They are yours forever.
So, how are the "Q Codes" increasing the results so dramatically?
The simple answer is that they are greatly increasing the amplitude (power) of the codes.
Theoretically, two things are needed to heal anything: Frequency (specificity) and Amplitude (power). The frequency would be like the correct nutrient, tool, or information to accomplish a task. The amplitude is are the needed dosage, muscle strength, or application of the information.

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