Thursday, March 15, 2012

Natural Salt : The Eternal Medication

"...have salt among yourselves and live in peace." - Jesus

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Salt is a vital substance for the survival of all living creatures, particularly humans, and especially people suffering with asthma, allergies, and autoimmune disease. 

After many years of natural salt being bad-mouthed by ignorant health professionals and their media parrots, the importance of salt as dietary supplement is once again being acknowledged and recognized. I was one of the early voices bringing about this change. You, dear respected reader, also can make this change, share and spread the word of truth.

Water, natural unrefined salt, and potassium found in fresh fruits and vegetables, regulate the water  content of the human body. Water regulates the water content of the interior of the cell by working its way into all the cells it reaches. It has to get there to cleanse and extract the toxic waste of cell metabolism. Once water gets into the cells, the potassium content of the cells holds on to it and keeps it there -- to the extent that potassium is available inside the cells. Even in the plant kingdom, it is the potassium in fruit that gives it firmness by holding water in the interior of the fruit. Our daily food contains ample potassium from fresh produce and fruits, but not salt from its natural source. That is why we need to add natural salt to our daily diet.

For every one kilogram of your present body weight, you need at least 32.53 milliliter water. And for every 1250 ml of water intake( for body weight of 30 kg), use 1/4 teaspoon of natural salt in your daily diet.

Good to Share Healthy Wealth  Empowering Network

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