Thursday, March 22, 2012

Some even call it ... the water cure!

Tears from heaven as rain fills our stream
 Shower and baths, that help keep us clean
Water  for drinking's when good health begins
Baptized in water will even wash away sins

Each time you wash or just walk past the sink
Don't forget that your body ... needs a big drink
Water help -cures sickness but no one will tell, and
Doctors don't say much cause it makes you well

Water is free and the cost is just right
Drinking eight or more glasses a day until night
You'll feel much better what stories you'll tell
Health issues disappear and you will be well

It's a big secret so don't say a word
Unless you love others then tell the unheard
Water is the answer to help you endure
Some even call it . . . the water cure !

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