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Share "Biotape" :Pain Free for Life

While reading newsletters at link (Newsletters) on March 13, I came across another website .... about this invention- brand name "Biotape" .
In a gist:-

1.The underlying root cause of pain is broken, cut, or suppressed endogenous electrical signals between cells in living tissues.Endogenous substances are those that originate from within an organism, tissue, or cell. To "heal" pain, the broken circuits must be reconnected. This is a 180 degree paradigm change from "managing" pain by blocking  the pain signal (symptom) with harmful painkiller-drugs. Chronic pain disables more people than cancer or heart disease and it costs people more money than both.

2.Biotape is a membrane, chemically inert, a highly conductive, silver membrane to be applied (stick on) over the site of pain. Once the silver membrane is applied, it acts (electrically) like a living part of the body. Apply to relieve pain "immediately" . Pain Healed "Immediately"

3.If electrical nerve signals are blocked, cells will die or degenerate, causing muscle wasting. All muscular movements are controlled by electricity. the human heart works electrically. The existence of minute endogenous electrical potentials in the human body is not in question.

4."Biotape, 6th Generation Biotape prices, 10 foot roll US $77.00; 3 ft roll costs US$26.40; Conductive headband (for chronic headaches) US$22, one size fits all. (Click to view picture)

5.Dehydration is the number one cause of non-injury and non-impact pain. For Biotape to work at its peak, it is vital the human body be fully correctly hydrated. Patients are required to drink at least one litre (1000 ml) of non-chlorinated water for every 40 kilograms of body weight. A pinch of rock salt in the water assists conductivity and the simple rule of thumb is to stick the Biotape where it hurts.

You can follow the watercure protocol, click for details here .

Forward and share this information freely. Have a painless days ahead. Healthy Wealth sharing

 When Biotape Doesn’t Relieve Pain

Dehydration is the number one cause of non-injury pain and also the major cause of chronic pain that does not heal. Electricity will not go through dry tissue. When the electrical connections between cells fail, you hurt just the same as if you were hit by a hammer. We cannot tell you how much water to drink for the following reasons:

The part of the brain called the Thalamus produces a hormone called vasopressin that is stored in the Pituitary gland. Vasopressin is released to tell the kidneys how much water to hold on to. If a patient is producing enough vasopressin, they will be hydrated even if they don't drink a lot of water. Children produce enough vasopressin so they are almost never dehydrated.  If adults don't produce enough vasopressin, they will be dehydrated no matter how much water they drink, even a gallon a day.  Most adults and virtually everyone with chronic pain do not produce enough vasopressin, and everyone that does not produce enough vasopressin is dehydrated.

Dehydration is the major reason why Biotape does not relieve pain even in people who drink a lot of water. This is why we recommend adding natural sea salt that does not contain anti-caking agents (which clumps and does not "pour when it rains.") to your drinking water. The right kind of salt, that absorbs moisture from the air, will also pull water into the cells. The wrong kind of salt, that does not absorb moisture from the air, causes edema (water collecting in the extra cellular spaces leading to edema and heart failure). See the letter below:

Other factors that may lower the effectiveness of Biotape are: pain medications, drinking distilled or reverse osmosis water (such water without minerals will not conduct an electrical signal), diuretics (that cause dehydration), drinking caffeinated and alcoholic drinks, An acidic diet.  Unresolved chronic infections such as shingles or from cavitational or root canal infections in the mouth (See: A Healing Miracle from Pain Caused by a Root Canal at ) Pain from muscle breakdown from taking cholesterol lowering statin drugs,  (See: )
Anti depressants can be the cause of chronic pain and block the effects of Biotape.
I am also convinced that aluminum from: antiperspirants, baking powder, from pop in aluminum cans, aluminum cookware, and some hand lotions, is a major cause of fibromyalgia pain.
(See: )

Darrell Stoddard, Founder - Pain Research Institute 
Good to Share Healthy Wealth 

A Two Cent Life Saving Miracle
Importance of Salt and the Right Kind of Salt

Mr. Stoddard
I want to personally thank you for saving my life. There are very few good doctors with any integrity left. It is all about the money.  I forgot if I got your website from Kevin Trudeau's Book or Bottom Line Health it does not really matter. It is only important that I found you. Two years ago, it seemed as though it happened over night but my symptoms were gradually becoming more noticeable over time, starting in my teens I thought it was just old age creeping up on me. First it started with knee injuries then my upper back and neck started really bothering me at 41 years of age. I had been in a car wreck 5 or 6 years prior to these symptoms I thought it was result of the wreck, sometimes this does not show up for several years. The headaches were miserable. Always in my neck , back of the head and top of the head. It seemed like I went for a solid year and had a headache everyday. I went to Orthopedic, Chiropractor, Neurosurgeon, and General Doctor. Had and MRI done that said I had a mild bulging disk in my neck C6, slight herniation at T3 and T4 and a mild herniation at T8,T9. T3 and T4 were off the midline.T6 was the worst of all as far as inflammation and being out of place the MRI said nothing about it but the chiropractor had to constantly pop it back in. You could see it on x-ray. I was going to a chiropractor 2 times a week some of the things the chiropractor told me made some sense. He told me to quit drinking coffee and cokes and drink water. He wanted me to start working out which I know a strong back does help. However none of these specialists really helped me very much. They really did not listen to what I was telling them as with most doctor's they are only treating symptoms and not getting to the rout cause and getting rich in the process. I kept telling them just the slightest of activity and my back would be out of place and my head was about to explode, I told my Chiropractor I would roll over in bed and jump out of place and that my neck was constantly popping and felt like I had grit in it. It felt like I was sleeping on a concrete pillow at night I could never get comfortable. I also told the neurosurgeon this he said he could bring a dozen 45 year old men off of the street and none of them would be any worse off than I was. I knew this was not normal I felt helpless. I tried several other natural remedies, CMO for one it did nothing, then I ordered your Biotape it did nothing however you sent me two packages of sea salt, I thought nothing of it and threw it on the counter it set there for three weeks. Then one day I decide to follow your instructions and start taking this with non-chlorinated water. Within 4 or 5 days I could tell a noticeable difference. Not only did it seem like my back was better but my energy level was out the roof, the headaches started getting less and with less severity. I not only started researching sea salt but other aliment remedies. All of the major aliments cancer, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes are all tried together in my opinion. However when I started taking your sea salt I read an article on the web about 24 different things sea salt along with water were essential for. Three tipped me off as to what my problem was. One was slobbering all over your pillow at night, 27% of your bones are made of salt and a salt deficiency was the leading cause of osteoporosis, and salt deficiency would lead to irregular heart beats but would regulate high blood pressure. I had all of these symptoms. I was on the verge of serious health problems. I was severely dehydrated. Luckily I did not destroy my back during this period because I work extremely hard everyday. I have been taking sea salt for about 3 months I am almost completely healed it is amazing and so are you. Thank you so much. My mom had the worst case of arthritis I had ever seen she has past away. Neither my mom nor I ever ate much salt because doctors are constantly telling us it is bad for us and table salt may be. However I only wish I could have found you sooner I watched her suffer the last 15 years of her life and now I know the answer. My mother was a coca cola addict that may have been my biggest challenge if I could go back in time. I always told her I thought the cokes were a lot of her problem, then I had no research to back it up it was only a guess. I know now she was severely dehydrated. For me personally I will never drink soft drinks or coffee again maybe an occasional cup of decaf. It will only be non chlorinated water and a pinch of sea salt a couple time a day. If I had not received this miracle from you, I would either be insane or dead. The good Lord left us the answers we have just been brain washed by big medicine and all of these man made products that are killing us even the water out of our own taps. You and your associates are truly miracles from God. Godly people have integrity.

Thank you so much,  Alan G. Burley

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