Thursday, April 26, 2018


What would you rather eat?

1/8 cup nutrient extracted flax seed in a NUTRIBLAST 


60 cups of broccoli


100 slices of whole wheat bread.


Think about eating a bunch of red grapes. You pull a handful off the stems, rinse them off, pop one by one in your mouth, and spit out the seeds.  If you were juicing these same grapes, the juices would catch the skins and seeds i the strainer basket. But did you know over 100 research studies on grapes have shown that the highest levels of nutrients reside primarily in the stem, skin and seeds of the grapes rather than in the juicy middle section?

That's right!  Most of those health benefits we hope to gain come from a category of disease-fighting anti-oxidants called polyphenols. Flavinoids, phenolic acids, and resveratrol — the most beneficial polyphenols in grapes —are most concentrated in th eparts we discard. It's time to stop throwing this vital disease-reversing nutrition in the trash! The NUTRIBULLET ENABLES ITS USERS TO ACCESS SUPER NUTRIENTS THAT WOULD OTHERWISE GO TO WASTE.

It's like this: to consume the same amount of cancer-blocking enzymes found inside 1/8 cup of extracted flax seed, we would need to eat roughly 60 cups of fresh broccoli or 100 slices of whole wheat bread. Or, we could add 1/8 cups of flax seeds and some berries in the NUTRIBLAST,  and enjoy a delicious Flax Berry Smoothie in just second!

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