Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The Edger's Cycle

The more you study those with the Edge the more you notice a constant cycle which drives them to ever-greater things. I believe it looks like this.

Dissatisfaction --> Solution --> Action --> Success --> Dissatisfaction --> ....It really doesn't matter where this cycle starts but often it starts with being dissatisfied.


Edgers (those with the edge) are dissatisfied, believing there has to be a better way. James Dyson invented the cylinder vacuum cleaner because he was dissatisfied with the poor suction from traditional bag based machines. Charles Kettering was motivated to create the starter motor because so many people were being injured (and even killed) using a crankshaft to start a car.

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Edgers are notoriously dissatisfied.

And it goes beyond physical invention. The desire to improve ways of working, administrative tasks, quality of life, justice, the internet and the law have all come from a dissatisfaction with the 'old' ay of doing things. For a notoriously dissatisfied Edgers, there is no holy cows.


Being dissatisfied is a common trait. We all feel dissatisfied at one time or another. What begins to set

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